Latest Mobile App Development Trends in 2024

Discover the latest mobile app development trends for 2024, ranging from Generative AI to Super Apps, and develop trendy mobile apps.

By Satendra Bhadoria

Last updated on: May 6, 2024

Latest Mobile App Development Trends

“An estimated 9.59% annual growth rate in total revenue (CAGR 2022-2027) is anticipated, translating into a projected market volume of US$673.80 billion by 2027.” Statista.

Isn’t it eye-opening! This is how apps are revolutionizing the mobile app development world. However, the majority of popular apps adhere to the most recent mobile app development trends.

With 5G boosting connectivity, all the other trends are more relevant and adopted than ever. Whether you speak of Instagram, Microsoft Bing, or Coinbase, the list of mobile applications goes on. The rate at which mobile apps are budding is impeccable, but the ones that are following the latest mobile app development trends are sustaining the market.

Relevancy is the key: the more relevant features, the more successful the app. With more people following the same tech, it is a trend. The technology sector couldn’t be untouched by the trend culture, and hence, we have mobile app development trends with 5G and AI leading the way.

AI in social media is currently in the trend; Snapchat, Instagram, and other social media are also introducing AI in their platform. It is either in the form of filters or stickers or Avatars, but AI is acing the mobile app development trends.

Another noteworthy trend that is well implemented is blockchain technology. It is implemented by NFTs, which is a new trend that is ideal for those looking to expand their businesses digitally. Likewise, there are many apps that are useful and entertaining as well. Don’t worry if you are unaware of such trends. We are here to serve your platter with details of several mobile app development trends that are going to rule the market in 2024.

How have consumers and mobile app developers gained a lot due to the evolution of smartphone or mobile app development?

A. POV: Consumers
There are different types of apps available, like informative apps, payment apps, and gaming apps. So, consumers have almost the whole world within their grip in the form of mobile app development. Say, for example, the payment apps. So now, no one needs to visit the banks for requests or make payments. You can enjoy the benefit of online banking sitting at home with the help of banking mobile apps.

B. POV: Mobile App Developers

Due to the demand for so many mobile apps, there is a huge demand for application developers. So, every mobile app developer is earning a lump sum in the current scenario.

Well, there are many more mobile app advancements or inventions that are yet to come from mobile app developers to surprise the dedicated users of smartphones. And so, the employment of software developers is also going to increase manifold.

The list of mobile applications following the latest mobile app trends is endless. But here, a few mobile app industry trends have been discussed.

Top 22 Mobile App Development Trends in 2024

We have seen how the evolution of smartphones has been beneficial and has set the grounds for mobile app development. Now, let’s see the latest mobile app development trends that can shape mobile app development in the future.

  1. Artificial intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML)
  2. Gen AI-Powered Mobile Apps (LLM Models, Generative AI)
  3. AI-Powered Chatbot Apps
  4. Predictive Analytics using Generative AI
  5. Super Apps
  6. Extended Reality (XR)
  7. Folding display
  8. Wearable Technology Impact on App Development
  9. Micro-Interactions for Personalization
  10. 5G/6G Network
  11. Cross-Platform App Development
  12. Blockchain or NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)
  13. Cloud Integration / Computing
  14. Accelerated mobile pages – An era of PWA
  15. M-commerce / Mobile Wallet / Contactless Payments
  16. Geolocation-based apps
  17. Biometric Authentication / Face ID
  18. Enhanced Mobile Security
  19. Voice Recognition / Voice User Interfaces (VUIs)
  20. AI-Powered Live Translation Apps
  21. On-device AI
  22. AI Voice Generator Apps

Let us start the journey now!

  1. Artificial intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML)

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    AI we have known for quite some time now. We know how it processes our commands and directions to produce a result. With the help of Machine Learning, the results are finetuned according to our preferences, likes, and interests. The more we interact with, the more information it gathers, and the collective intelligence of the machine gives out a more refined output.

    Natural Language Processing (NLP)

    is a subsidiary of AI that helps machines in processing human language. The achievement of technology is when a human direction is fed into an AI, which gives a human-like response. The use of natural language processing makes this feasible.

    AI is going to automate tasks, making our lives easier and giving us more ideas.  AI is helping scientists preserve Amazon’s biodiversity by helping identify deforestation patterns.

    There are various apps using AI to help customers implement their day-to-day tasks. OpenAI has become synonymous with AI after the launch of ChatGPT. There are many benefits to developing an OpenAI mobile app. If you plan to develop one, then you could either consult a custom mobile app development company or hire mobile app developers.

  2. Gen AI-Powered Mobile Apps (LLM Models, Generative AI)

    Gen-AI Powered Mobile Apps (LLMs and Generative AI)

    The most known application of Gen AI is “ChatGPT,” which OpenAI has made synonymous with AI. Large Language Model(LLMs)

    Gen AI has reconstructed the mobile app development trends. The different Generative AI development services help automate the tasks and fine-tune the user experience with mobile applications.

    2024 is going to see the implementation of Gen AI in different sectors such as healthcare, real estate, human resources, finance, education, and whatnot.

    In a research about the future use of Gen AI, Gartner found, “By 2027, nearly 15% of new applications will be automatically generated by AI without a human in the loop.”

    A machine-learning neural network that feeds on continuous data. The model uses self-supervised or semi-supervised learning. The language-feeding data model is called the Large Language Model. ChatGPT-4 and Google Bard esp. PaLM2 are prominent examples of famous LLMs. Hire dedicated mobile app developers who are skilled enough and implement the latest mobile app trends like Gen-AI to make it competitive.

    Empower your iOS mobile apps with Generative-AI

  3. Folding display

    Can you imagine a smartphone that can be folded to fit in your small pocket and turn into a bigger screen when needed? Well, it is no longer our imagination, but users have already started experiencing it.

    The Samsung Galaxy has launched a range of devices in the market with similar folding display features. Now, the market is brimming with multiple major brands launching their folding display devices.

    This technology is going to come with vast opportunities and improved user experience in 2024. But what about the mobile app developers? Because mobile apps need to be compatible with the folding display system. So developers need to be advanced and concentrate more to overcome the difficulties in designing mobile apps. Hire Mobile app developers from our team to manage such problems more efficiently and skillfully.

    But a great opportunity for consumers to enjoy the folding display mobile apps in 2024.

  4. AI-Powered Chatbots

    AI-Powered Chatbots Apps

    Because of their capacity to offer consumers personalized and engaging dialogue experiences, one of the most significant advances in mobile app development trends these days is the use of chatbots. The striking feature of chatbots is they chat with the user in a human-like language, providing information and support.

    Chatbots are becoming increasingly sophisticated and effective as a result of developments in machine learning and natural language processing (NLP). As a result, consumer satisfaction with mobile app experiences rises, and interactions become more dynamic.

  5. Predictive Analytics using Generative AI

    Predictive Analytics Using Generative AI

    A vital tool to predict business behaviors or trends to help businesses make data-driven decisions. While predictive analytics uses previous data to make predictions, generative AI generates unique outputs based on identified patterns. Together, these technologies enhance corporate operations in a variety of sectors. Sectors like real estate mobile app development can gain momentum by implementing such new technology. It is beneficial for mobile app development for business as it aids early pattern predictions and developing a mobile app loaded with the latest trends.

  6. Super Apps

    An ecosystem of apps combining a vast array of functionalities for users. It is a one-stop solution app packed with multiple mini-apps. Just one app for all your needs, whether you want to order food online, book a doctor’s appointment, or book a hotel for the next trip. Everything comes under one roof.

    Alipay,” launched by Jack Ma, is a prominent super app example. This concept was first floored in China and slowly took over the world. Then came Gojek, TATA Neu, Paytm, and the list goes on. Super app is a powerful concept to incorporate and enhance mobile app user acquisition of the app and increase the ROI.

  7. Extended Reality (XR)

    AR filters and gaming interfaces, like those in Pokémon Go, are two examples of how extended reality technology is widely used in mobile apps.

    Furthermore, virtual and augmented reality are already widely acknowledged as the new marketing tactics used by companies. This facilitates the introduction and improvement of new product owners’ offerings through the use of XR to maximize attention and conversion.

    Statista projects that by 2027, the Extended Reality market will generate $52 billion in revenue.

  8. Wearable Technology Impact on App Development

    Apple launched the Vision Pro, giving a new dimension to wearables. The spatial computing component has been a total game changer in wearable devices, and it has had a significant impact on mobile app development. 2024 has seen a sharp increase in the whole wearable range, including fitness bands, smartwatches, smart jewelry, and headsets(AirPods). The rapid change in consumer lifestyle has paved the way for wearable market growth, which is estimated to grow at 14.6% between 2024 and 2030.

  9. Micro-Interactions for Personalization

    You are skillfully swiping the reels on Instagram and feeling satisfied. Little did you know that it is micro-interaction at play.

    The satisfaction when you get likes on Facebook, the gratification you get when you subscribe to a channel on Youtube, hitting the bell icon while hearing the bell sound, or while accepting a connection, you get a swoosh sound on LinkedIn, all these are micro-interaction examples. And you thought they were sound effects. Yes, the sound effects are given to personalize and promote a user-friendly environment.

    This is going to be a rage in the mobile app development category in 2024 since all the popular social media apps are implementing this mobile app trend. It is better when you are getting it than getting it done from the experts is smart. A custom mobile app development company that understands your choices. Whether a swipe is more meaningful or a “bell” sound will be more effective while implementing the micro-interactions for the app you desire.

  10. 5G/6G Network

    Well, we have all been waiting for the 5G Network for a long time. In 2023, the 5G network rolled out and provided high-speed and better connectivity.

    If you compare 4G with 5G, you can notice that there is a hell-and-heaven difference between their speed. Yes, you can enjoy a 100 times faster network with 5G mobiles. The latency of 5G is lower than 4G, coming to 1 millisecond, which makes it faster.

    What if you get 4000 streaming options? Does it sound impractical? It will soon be the most practical thing to happen with the 5G network. Streaming loads of high-definition videos without any lag or buffering  This is not yet the end, as AR & VR 3D objects are going to be handled with this new network easily. There is a long list of mobile applications that 5G is boosting and speeding up. Last but not least, you would have improved IoT and connectivity services.

    Soon, we will see the advancement, and 6G will be out with 1/1000th latency of 5G. With higher speed, greater connectivity, and lesser latency, 6G will transform the AI-powered world. 6G is the fuel for the AI applications transforming the world.

    What do you think about where the 5G network will find its best place?

    Healthcare is where high-speed connectivity will be beneficial in medical equipment. Cloud computing companies are also gaining with this mobile app development trend boosting the internet connectivity. This network system can also help to operate vehicles without any driver. Another is the mobile phone application development industry that is reaping the benefits of 5G for mobile devices.

    Get a High-Performance App With High-Speed Connectivity

  11. Cross-Platform App Development

    What if “you could enjoy an app that is developed using a single codebase that further maintains consistency across IOS and Android devices?” Great, right?

    It is possible with cross-platform mobile app development technology. Well, several well-known brands like Pinterest and Facebook have already started incorporating cross-platform technology in their app development system. This has been done in the hope of better performance and customer satisfaction. And there has been a good response from the users.

    What is its future?

    The flutter technology from Google has started working on a Cross-platform app development concept. Therefore, it is anticipated that soon, there will be a powerful positive change in the world of app development with the support of Flutter.

    Other than Flutter, mobile app developers will continue using Xamarin, Ionic, and React Native technologies for cross-platform development.

    This platform is expected to bring fast, high-quality development of mobile applications.

    Hire flutter developers from SolGuruz to build the MVP Version of your app and turn your ideas into reality.

  12. Blockchain or NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens)

    In the context of Blockchain, we are bound to discuss NFTs. NFTs are nothing but authorized digital certificates that help you transfer the ownership of cryptocurrencies to others. This technology is further essential to keep the transfer of ownership transparent to both parties. Suppose you want to sell a specific cryptocurrency like Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.; this blockchain token helps to maintain all the records digitally.

    Do you wonder where to get NFTs? Then, you need to search for the digital collectible marketplace for the purchase and sale of NFTs. Well, there are several digital collectible marketplaces like Quidd, OpenSea, Veve, and many more. These digitized marketplaces are also known as the Amazon of NFTs. Besides NFTs, buying and selling digital art are also feasible in this marketplace.

    And NFTs are not only trending but are in high demand in the future by companies of different sectors for their smooth business transactions.

    Also Read: Non-Fungible Tokens – The next big change in technology

  13. Cloud integration/computing

    When cloud technology was first developed, people used to enjoy its hosting services only. But now, it has become the place where data storage and accessibility have become fast and hassle-free.

    Technology has evolved, showing its vast opportunities and possibilities.

    Endless mobile apps based on cloud-integrated technology are yet to get flooded in 2024.

    We all often face the disturbance of our phones while running the apps due to the internal memory of the phone getting much of the workload or hampered. But with more advancements in cloud technology in 2024, it is not going to be around for a while as this technology will help you run your mobile apps on the cloud. So, there remains no question of the wastage of the phone’s internal memory.

    So get ready to enjoy the mobile applications without installing them. On the other hand, developers are already excited and have started developing apps in the simplest yet effective way using cloud technology. This results in low cost as well from the mobile app developers’ side.

    What about the future of cloud technology?

    Companies that make use of multiple cloud systems, to a great extent, find this cloud technology very beneficial for their long future. Besides, this cloud technology is beneficial in the calculation of cloud quantum.

  14. Accelerated mobile pages – An era of PWA.

    There are no more desktops, but most users use mobile devices to browse web pages. When the lag time increases, causing delays in loading the web pages, users tend to leave the mobile apps.

    So, it demands technology that can help users browse the pages very fast and without facing any obstacles. This is going to soon be possible with the accelerated web pages technology, where you can load and access the pages in very little time and enjoy great results. This technology will prove an excellent opportunity for the website owners as well because there remains a scope of enhanced traffic on the site with this system.

    There will be exceptional support from Google to the AMP websites to attract traffic to these sites. Besides driving traffic, there will be a possibility of listing your site in the first position. This is not yet the end. You can even make your site SEO-friendly with the use of AMP technology.

    This is already considered to be the most effective, promising, and unbeatable trend in 2024 in the mobile app development sector.

  15. M-commerce / Mobile Wallet / Contactless Payments

    Today, the traditional system of buying and selling goods has become modernized to a great extent. The pandemic situation has even triggered such modernization to the next level with the support of M-commerce. Because now everyone can trade goods and services via wireless devices.

    What more can it help?

    The industries that accept orders via voice or in one click look forward to more such m-commerce apps in 2024.

    No need to carry any cash or offer account details to anyone. Mobile wallet apps are here to help you with the smooth flow of transactions.

    So, which app are you using? It doesn’t matter whether it is PayPal, Google Pay, or anything else. You can start transactions immediately after linking your account details with the apps.

    2024 is expected to come up with more mobile wallet apps.

    What are its uses in the future?

    The mobile wallet apps are going to come up with a more secure payment system that can facilitate near-field communication payments.

  16. Geolocation-based apps

    These are trending mobile apps that enable people to know their current location with the support of a location-tracking system. Besides, these geological mobile applications offer other services interrelated with a location, like making campaigns for marketing, etc.

    The changes in user behavior concerning location are also detected with these mobile app development companies.

    These apps are already running well, but mobile app development companies are looking for more exposure to geological apps in 2024. The target is to satisfy consumers by providing personalized locational information and to offer end-to-end satisfaction.

    What can be the future of geological mobile applications?

    These apps are highly expected to be integrated with gaming and AR-related online products. Choose mobile app developers for hiring needs to implement this new technology development in your virtually real applications. Geolocation makes VR apps more realistic.

  17. Biometric Authentication / Face ID

    The security system has become an integral part of society and is going to be essential in the future. Nothing can compete with biometric authentication in that respect. With biometrics, there is no need to remember any type, number, and so on.

    Suppose you want to unlock any bank account, then the app will try to recognize your face or fingerprint. This is the current scenario. But in the future, it is expected to go away along with the recognition of your voice, behavior, iris, and handwriting.

    The methods that biometric apps use maintain uniqueness, consistency, and stability.

    Where can future applications of this biometric authentication be?

    Biometric authentication is undoubtedly a blessing for immigration companies. Besides, online banking systems and cloud companies are looking forward to enjoying the benefits of biometric apps to their fullest.

    For any application that wants to implement a passwordless system, biometric authentication is a mobile app development trend that will transform the mobile application development industry.

  18. Enhanced Mobile Security

    Companies should focus on setting high requirements for trends in mobile application development. They can utilize the following techniques to increase user engagement and security:

    Verification using Biometrics – Secure transactions are made possible by the integration of facial or fingerprint identification.

    End-to-End Security – Encrypting data during transmission helps stop malicious parties from intercepting it.

    Dual-Factor Verification – An additional degree of security is added via additional verification layers.

    Individualization – Customize the purchasing experience according to the user’s preferences and previous actions.

    Loyalty Initiatives – Using loyalty points and rewards promotes recurring business—smooth Navigation. User engagement is increased with an intuitive design, which makes product search and checkout simpler.

    Engaging Material – Augmented reality and interactive product demonstrations are two ways to improve the buying experience.

  19. Voice Recognition / Voice User Interfaces (VUIs)

    “Hey, Google,” “Siri play a song,” or “Alexa open Amazon” are common household commands. With voice recognition-enabled devices, even a child can give commands, and just like that, tech becomes a child’s play. And what’s more, after a while, it suggests the music or videos you might like. AI at its best. No wonder 2024 will see a rise in voice-controlled devices revenue, which is forecasted to grow to 10.51 billion USD by 2028.

    The prime reason for the Voice User Interfaces being so relevant is they are adding to making the world more and more digital and hands-free, delivering a seamless user experience. With increasing usage in the voice e-commerce industry, 2024 might see a rise in voice shopping and product review insights, which makes it an exciting avenue for mobile app development for businesses.

  20. AI-powered Live Translation Apps

    AI-Powered Live Translation Apps
    AI-powered language translator apps that utilize AI to process the results. Talking about translation, implementing live AI to translate language queries is the new futuristic approach to language translation. AI translation is a new mobile app development trend that is utilizing AI to automate tasks to reduce costs and save time.

    One of the challenges while building an AI translation app is to overcome the difficulties of language complexity and its nuances. The different categories in which the AI real-time translation app can work are text-to-text, text-to-speech, and vice versa—even multiple language translations like French to English, Swedish to English translation app, Hindi to English translation app, and other languages.

  21. On-device AI

    On-device AI
    On-device AI eliminates the need for external cloud servers to process the input and output responses. On-device machine learning makes information exchange possible locally.  The traditional AI approach relies on external cloud servers for information exchange. This poses a risk of data leakage and data security.

    On-device AI has the advantage of allowing the local AI model to continue providing personalized responses without transferring the data back to the cloud, hence improving data privacy.

  22. AI voice generator Apps

    AI voice generator Apps
    You may create AI voices for audio and video content that sound human with the aid of the greatest AI voice generator. You may translate books and films, make audiobooks and social media material, and even pick up a new language by conversing in real time with AI.

    One of the most famous pranks on social media and other platforms took off as the year 2023 ended and will be a popular one in 2024, using an AI celebrity voice generator. Making prank calls or pranks using an AI celebrity voice generator. The different variations include using American president AI voice generator like Joe Biden AI voice generator, and Donald Trump AI voice generator to prank your friends.

Wrapping Up

This blog was a detailed discussion about the several trends of mobile apps that are residing in 2024. Some of the most popular mobile app development technologies are implemented to promote mobile apps. We have already experienced much of the mobile app developments, but mobile app developers are going to amaze you with a lot more. So, take your business a notch higher with the latest mobile app development trends!

Do you want to unlock the full potential of your business idea? Then, try to explore a custom mobile app development company that has experience in mobile app launch.

SolGuruz is a custom mobile app development company with experience in developing AI-powered apps and providing generative AI development services. With a client-centric approach, we are here to implement those mobile app ideas or plans into your apps. You can hire dedicated mobile app developers who are experienced and can help you integrate the latest technologies or ideas into your mobile apps. If needed, we can even start from scratch to make some trendy mobile apps.

Elevate Your Business With Mobile App Development


What is cell phone app development?

The process of developing mobile apps that run smoothly on mobile devices is cell phone app development or mobile app development. These mobile apps make human lives more convenient. The prominent features used in these apps become popular trends and are called mobile app development trends.

How do you get the latest mobile app development trends in the mobile app?

Hire mobile app developers who are experts and skilled. Another prerequisite is the knowledge of the latest mobile app development trends and experience in implementing the technology. Additionally, you should have a good understanding of how to promote mobile apps.

Which mobile app development trend will dominate in 2024?

AI is going to lead the way in mobile app development trends. Some other most popular mobile app trends are Gen-AI LLMs and Super apps. Apps for folding devices are also leading the market. Mobile app industry trends will pave the path for future advancements.

As a Co-Founder and COO at SolGuruz, Satendra is a thought leader who brings extensive experience in product management to the table. With a proven track record of working closely with startups and enterprises, Satendra is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals by developing and implementing effective product strategies. At SolGuruz, we believe in delivering a combination of technology and management. Our commitment to quality engineering is unwavering, and we never want to waste your time or ours. So when you work with us, you can rest assured that we will deliver on our promises, no matter what.


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