Remote Team Extension

We help you expand your team without expanding your office. Our remote team extension services maximize your business resources and productivity without huge investments.

Remote Team Extension services

Why Remote Team Extension for Your Business?

Essential remote team extension benefits that help your business projects grow.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness

Using the remote team extension model, your business can save on office extensions, including rent, equipment, and other overhead costs.

Get the Best Talents On-Demand

Get the Best Talents On-Demand

Access the top talent on-demand, regardless of location, to ensure your projects are staffed with the most qualified and experienced professionals.

Helps You Focus on Core Activities

Helps You Focus on Core Activities

Outsource non-core activities to remote teams to free up resources and enable your business to focus on core activities that drive revenue.

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Flexibility & Scalability

With remote team extension, you can quickly scale your team up or down as needed without the constraints of physical office space.

Access To The Latest Technologies

Access To The Latest Technologies

Stay ahead of the competition by accessing the latest technologies and tools through your remote team without the need for large capital investments.

Faster Time to Market

Faster Time to Market

Leverage the 24/7 availability of a remote team to speed up development and deliver products faster, giving your business a competitive edge.

Why Choose SolGuruz for the Staff Augmentation

Defined Processes

Defined Processes

Our defined process involves identifying needs, defining requirements, selecting candidates, onboarding, managing the development with the standard and scalable architecture and coding processes, managing performance, and evaluating results.

Interview and Select Developers

Clear Communication

We ensure clear communication between the client and the staff augmentation team to ensure that project goals and objectives are understood and met.

Transparent Execution

Transparent Execution

We provide transparent execution by keeping you informed of the progress of the project and any significant changes to the project scope or timeline.

Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

We provide access to a pool of professionals with domain-specific expertise, ensuring that you can find the right talent with the required knowledge and skills.

Hands-on Tech Skills

Hands-on Tech Skills

Our staff augmentation team has hands-on technical skills, ensuring they can hit the ground running and contribute to the project from day one.

Perform the Quality Assurance

Industry Practices & Standards

Our team is knowledgeable about current industry practices & standards, ensuring they follow them and comply with regulatory requirements.

Faster Time to Market

Time zone Complied

Our team complies with time zone differences, allowing you to leverage their resources around the clock and speed up development times.

Choose the Right Team for Your Project with SolGuruz!

We help you hire the best dedicated remote team for critical business projects.

Choose the Right Team for Your Project with SolGuruz

Available Team for the Staff Augmentation

Below teams are available to help you grow your business with our remote team extension services.

SolGuruz UX-UI Designers Team

UX/UI Designers

Hire UX/UI designer team to develop user-centric and flawless web and mobile app designs.

SolGuruz Web Developers Team

Web Developers

Create an engaging website matching optimal technical optimization by hiring our web developers team.

SolGuruz Backend Developers Team

Backend Developers

Hire our backend developers team to create fast, efficient, & secure server-side web applications.

SolGuruz Mobile App Developers Team

Mobile App Develpers

Create the best native applications for Android & iOS devices by hiring our mobile developers.

SolGuruz Cross-Platform App Developers Team

Cross-Platform App Developers

Hire our cross-platform team to build robust hybrid applications for your business projects.

SolGuruz Quality Assurance Team

QA & Support Team

Our team helps test apps for bugs & provides ongoing support to ensure smooth functioning.

SolGuruz Process for Hiring Remote Team

Businesses can hire our remote team and succeed in their ongoing projects. Here is a simple yet agile process for remote team extension.

Sign the NDA

Sign the NDA

Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement ensures the confidentiality of your business information and data.

Discuss Your Requirements

Requirement Analysis

We work with you to understand your business needs and requirements, including the skills and expertise required for the project.

Get Our Flutter Devs Onboard

Share the Candidate Profile

SolGuruz will provide candidate profiles matching your requirements and business needs.

Interview and Select Developers

Schedule Interview

You can then schedule interviews with the shortlisted candidates t assess their skills and experience.

Budget Finalisation and Contract process

Budget Finalization & Contract Process

Once you select your preferred candidate after the final interview, we will finalize the budget and contract terms.

Finalise the Maintenance Contract and Sign it

let's Begin the Work

Once the contract is finalized, our team will work on your project and provides regular updates and progress reports.

Hire Developers

Enhance 10X Productivity by Hiring Our Remote Team

Answers to some of the questions

Remote team extension is a service that allows businesses to extend their team with remote professionals who work remotely but collaborate seamlessly. SolGuruz provides access to a pool of skilled professionals who can work with you on your projects from anywhere in the world.

Any business that needs specialized skills or additional resources to complete its projects can benefit from remote team extension services. SolGuruz’s services are particularly useful for businesses looking to expand operations, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

SolGuruz’s remote team can provide various services, including software development, mobile app development, web development, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, UI/UX design, CMS Development, Emerging Technologies, and more.

SolGuruz ensures the quality of work delivered by its remote team by carefully selecting and vetting each candidate based on their skills, experience, and work history. Additionally, SolGuruz provides regular performance reviews and progress reports to ensure the work meets the desired quality and standards.

We use modern collaboration tools like Slack, Trello, Zoom, Bitbucket, Github, Gitlab, Clickand others to ensure seamless communication and collaboration with the remote team. This allows for real-time communication, regular updates, and prompt resolution of any issues or challenges that may arise.

SolGuruz’s pricing structure varies depending on the specific services and project requirements. However, we offer flexible pricing models, including hourly and fixed-price, to accommodate various business needs and budgets.