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SolGuruz Product Roadmap and Sprint Planning

Product Roadmap & Sprint Planning

These critical components of agile software development enable efficient project management and collaboration. The product roadmap is a strategic plan that outlines the software's vision, goals and features over time, providing a clear direction for the development team. Sprint planning involves breaking down the roadmap into smaller, manageable tasks and prioritizing them for each sprint.


Agile Way: Daily Status Update

The daily updates involve a brief discussion between team members, including the project manager, developers, and other stakeholders, on the progress made in the previous day, any impediments faced, and plans for the day.

The agile way ensures that everyone is on the same page, allows for the timely resolution of issues, and keeps the project moving forward in a coordinated manner.

Daily Scrum Calls and Weekly Demos

Adhering to some strict and mandatory updates that the clients and team must acknowledge during the quick stand-up meetings.

Daily Scrum Call

We call it daily stand-up calls addressed in the morning to get updates on the project’s progress, address any concerns, and plan for the day ahead. We encourage the client to join the call to facilitate communication, transparency, and collaboration across the project.

Weekly Report

Weekly Demo to Clients

SolGuruz Daily Scrum Call

Coding, Reviews and Merge

These critical phases of software development involve writing, reviewing, and integrating code changes into the software product in a continuous integration manner.

Manual Code Review

Our team of experienced developers typically conducts a thorough examination of the code, using a set of predefined guidelines or checklists to identify potential issues. This process involves identifying syntax errors, logic errors, security vulnerabilities, performance issues, or other problems that could negatively impact the software’s functionality or performance.

Static Code Analysis

Automatic Deployment via Pipelines & Jobs

SolGuruz Manual Code Review