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Crafting ExcellenceSolGuruz is Crafting excellence in every software development projectsin Every Project

Our diverse and talented team works together to create a positive impact in our industry and beyond.

99% Platform Stability, 100,000+ downloads


AI-Powered Language Translator App

Developed Cross-Platform App in Flutter, 125,000+ downloads


Improved UI/UX design and overall performance


Natural Diamonds Web App

Helped client in developing a B2B Diamond platform


Real Estate Web Portal

Real Estate Portal

Increased in sales by improving UI/UX design and overall platform stability and performance improvements


Lab Grown Diamonds Web

Revamped the platform with brand new UI/UX design and development


Real Estate Mobile app

Real Estate Mobile App

Developed a real estate mobile app with helping the client in doing Property Research and Analysis


Fitness Portal

Bakoomba - Fitness Portal

Helped the client by onboarding more trainers and fitness enthusiasts


Looking for Custom Development solutions?

Looking for Custom Development solutions

Looking for Custom UI/UX Design solutions?

Looking for Custom UI-UX Design solutions