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Open source is not just a concept for SolGuruz; it’s a passion. We wholeheartedly embrace the open-source philosophy. We’re driven by the belief that the power of collaboration and the freedom to innovate are vital drivers of technological advancement. Our endless love and passion for open-source fuels our commitment to work on client projects and actively contribute to the global open-source community.
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We Strongly Believe In Giving Back To The Community

At SolGuruz, technological progress goes hand in hand with giving back to the community. Our commitment to community engagement is rooted in the understanding that knowledge grows and technology thrives when shared. We voluntarily and spontaneously participate in open-source projects, develop reusable components, and open-source them.

Our Community Contributions

SolGuruz is a proud and active contributor to the open-source community. Our team members are passionate about not only using open-source tools but also actively participating in the development and improvement of these projects. From bug fixes and feature enhancements to creating entirely new solutions, our contributions span various open-source platforms and repositories.











Stack Overflow

Yes, we are fueled with passion and commitment, and the entire journey begins with our CEO, Paresh Mayani. We can name him the rockstar at Stack Overflow as he has been associated with it as a helping contributor (and one of the top 10 contributors for the Android tag) for more than 13 years. From helping the developers, to inspiring them with his knowledge and vision, Paresh has delivered an unwavering support to the Stack Overflow Community. It is indeed one of the best examples that he has set on the behalf of SolGuruz.

For more than 15 years, we have been in the Software-Game, and we have always pushed our boundaries to conquer the impossible.

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GDG Ahmedabad Community

No, we cannot sum that Paresh as a CEO is only a coding master, because he is definitely more than that in every sphere that exists! He is more about the community lover, explorer, and supporter than a coder! With all his optimism and love for coding, Paresh kickstarted the Google Developers Group (GDG) at Ahmedabad in 2012. Today, the community soares with more than 10K active members. A whopping figure of 150 events is what he has delivered till date, making GDG Ahmedabad one of the most successful and active developer’s groups. As a whole, these events have both tech and non-tech talks on diverse topics including Android, Flutter, Startup Tips, Entrepreneurship, and more. His ability to continue it with so much enthusiasm is the prime example of his love towards the Open Source community.

Our Open-Source Projects

We don't talk, we act. Below are our latest Open-Source projects, thoughtfully designed to address real-world challenges and promote innovation. These projects are available on Pub.dev, npm, GitHub, and more. SolGuruz believes in sharing valuable resources with the community, advancing technology, and creating a better future for all.

Byte-Sized Brilliance: Open Tech Talks For All

We believe in sharing our knowledge and experiences via Tech Talks. In this section, we offer access to recorded tech talks delivered by our team members. These talks cover various topics, sharing insights, best practices, and expertise gained through years of experience. This is the SolGuruz way of giving back to the community and providing a platform for learning and growth.

Events We Attend

Here is how we unlocked the digital potential!!