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We Offer Application Maintenance Services

SolGuruz is here to help you focus on your business’s core areas as we take care of your app’s maintenance.

What Is App Maintenance

What is App Maintenance

App maintenance is the ongoing process of updating and improving a mobile application to ensure it functions properly and meets user needs. It involves tasks like bug fixing, updates, security patches, performance optimization, and user support. Regular maintenance of your mobile application is crucial for staying competitive, providing a positive user experience, and avoiding technical issues or security vulnerabilities. 

We Offer Website Maintenance Services

SolGuruz is here to help you focus on your business’s core areas as we take care of your website’s maintenance.

What IsWebsite Maintenance

What is Website Maintenance

Website maintenance refers to regular activities and updates to ensure a website functions properly and provides a positive user experience. This includes tasks such as fixing broken links, updating content, optimizing performance, ensuring security, and making design improvements. Regular maintenance of your website is important for keeping it up-to-date, secure, and relevant to users, as well as for improving search engine rankings and overall user engagement.

We Offer Backend Maintenance Services

SolGuruz takes care of your app and website’s backend maintenance so that you can focus on your business’s core areas.

What Is Website Maintenance

What is Backend Maintenance?

Backend maintenance involves monitoring, updating, and optimizing the server-side components of a software application or system. This includes managing the database, ensuring server performance and security, and upgrading software as necessary. Regular backend maintenance is crucial for ensuring a system runs efficiently, securely, and reliably, avoiding downtime, improving performance, and preventing security vulnerabilities.