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We Offer Application Maintenance Services

SolGuruz is here to help you focus on your business’s core areas as we take care of your app’s maintenance.

What is mobile App Maintenance

What is App Maintenance

App maintenance is the ongoing process of updating and improving a mobile application to ensure it functions properly and meets user needs. It involves tasks like bug fixing, updates, security patches, performance optimization, and user support. Regular maintenance of your mobile application is crucial for staying competitive, providing a positive user experience, and avoiding technical issues or security vulnerabilities.

Why App Maintenance is required?

Any application designed for excellence and delivering desired results needs time-to-time maintenance despite being the best. For app maintenance services, we perform the following activities.

We Offer Website Maintenance Services

SolGuruz is here to help you focus on your business’s core areas as we take care of your website’s maintenance.

What is Website Maintenance

Website maintenance refers to regular activities and updates to ensure a website functions properly and provides a positive user experience. This includes tasks such as fixing broken links, updating content, optimizing performance, ensuring security, and making design improvements. Regular maintenance of your website is important for keeping it up-to-date, secure, and relevant to users, as well as for improving search engine rankings and overall user engagement.

What is Website Maintenance | Website maintenance services company

Why Website Maintenance is required?

Any website designed for excellence and delivering desired results needs time-to-time maintenance despite being the best. We help with the following website maintenance services.

We Offer Backend Maintenance Services

SolGuruz takes care of your app and website’s backend maintenance so that you can focus on your business’s core areas.

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What is Backend Maintenance?

Backend maintenance involves monitoring, updating, and optimizing the server-side components of a software application or system. This includes managing the database, ensuring server performance and security, and upgrading software as necessary. Regular backend maintenance is crucial for ensuring a system runs efficiently, securely, and reliably, avoiding downtime, improving performance, and preventing security vulnerabilities.

Why Backend Maintenance is required?

Backend maintenance is required to ensure smooth operation, performance, security, and scalability of a website or application by managing and updating the server-side components, databases, APIs, and other backend technologies. We offer:

Deprecated Libraries and SDKs
Deprecated Third-party services
Improvising the Coding Architecture & Standards
Fixing Bugs and Issues
Improvising the Security Standards
Enhancing the Backend Design and Usability
Improving the Backend APIs Speed & Performance
Adherence to Data Protection & Data Privacy Laws

SolGuruz’s Systematic Process for App and Website Maintenance

Below is a simple yet systematic approach to the app and website maintenance process that we sincerely follow.

Sign the NDA Icon

Sign the NDA

Sign the NDA to ensure the idea protection and data privacy

Get the Source code Icon

Get the Source code

Take the source code and set it up the environment

Build the project Icon

Build the project

Setup the project and build it on the staging environment

Analyse the Source Code Icon

Analyse the Source Code

Analyse the Source code for sharing a detailed sheet with the observations, suggestions and improvements

Budget Finalisation and Contract process Icon

Perform the Quality Assurance

Perform QA on the builds and Share a detailed sheet with the observations, what’s working and what’s not working

Let’s begin the work Icon

Finalise the Maintenance Contract and Sign it

We release Alpha/Beta builds for the internal as well as external users,

Hire Developers

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Answers to some of the questions

App and website maintenance are important to ensure smooth functionality, optimal performance, and user satisfaction. It involves regular updates, bug fixing, performance tuning, database management, and UI/UX enhancements to keep the applications up-to-date, secure, and competitive.

SolGuruz offers a comprehensive range of services for app and website maintenance, including code scalability and architecture improvements, UI/UX enhancements, performance fine-tuning, bug tracking and fixing, database management and migration, and features enhancements and new functionality implementation.

SolGuruz conducts thorough code reviews, identifies areas for optimization, and implements best practices to ensure that app and website code architecture is scalable and reliable. This helps the applications to evolve with the business and perform efficiently even as they grow.

SolGuruz’s talented UI/UX designers work closely with clients to understand their target audience, business goals, and brand identity. They leverage cutting-edge design principles, conduct usability testing, and implement intuitive navigation, engaging visuals, and seamless interactions to enhance the overall user experience of apps and websites.

To get an accurate cost estimation for app and website maintenance services from SolGuruz, clients can connect with them through the “Request a Quote” option on our website. SolGuruz will provide a detailed cost and timeline based on the specific requirements and scope of work for the maintenance services.