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FlexiPe BNPL App: Case Study

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We helped our client to realign the market dynamics by driving their growth towards FinTech services with the FlexiPe BNPL app development. This shop now pay later app is a revolutionary idea to help the customers pay their utility bills or shop online using the BNPL feasibility, and they can pay for the same when they get their cheque or pay. 

SolGuruz FlexiPe Online App
SolGuruz FlexiPe Online App_ Case Study

Project Overview



Project length

8-10 months


Web, Mobile Apps


UX/UI Design, App Development, Web Development, Backend, Cloud

SolGuruz FlexiPe Online App Project Overview

The Need

Buy Now Pay Later applications are one of the fast-growing FinTech services that help customers split the cost of retail goods or services into specific installments, with the first payment installment to be paid soon.

Our client wanted to enter the FinTech market with an exclusive BNPL application that can enhance customers' buying desires with the flexibility of payments.

SolGuruz FlexiPe Online App The Need

The Solution

Considering the advanced needs of our client, our mobile development team came up with a feasible and engaging BNPL app solution. We have incorporated the following functions, considering the user-centric approach and data security as a primary factor.

SolGuruz FlexiPe Online App Solution

End-to-End Development Process

We at SolGuruz follow a detailed web and mobile app development process to deliver excellence. Let's dive deep into the process. 

SolGuruz FlexiPe Online App Development Process

Typography & Colour Palette

We have considered the below-mentioned fonts and colors for designing the FlexiPe BNPL mobile application.


Plus Jakarta Sans


Main Colours






UI Design

We have designed an advanced FinTech application focussing on the BNPL feature to help our client attract maximum customers seeking the feature usability while buying new products or paying utility bills.

SolGuruz FlexiPe Online App UI Design Home Screen

Home Screen

We designed an intuitive home screen featuring the latest due payments with the pay now button, search payment options, spend analysis, and other personalized recommendations.

Shop Screen

With flawless navigation, our shop screen displayed a curated selection of products with recently viewed and featured deals, ensuring a great shopping experience.

SolGuruz FlexiPe Online App UI Screen Shop Screen
SolGuruz FlexiPe Online App UI Design Payment Screen

Payment Screen

The payment screen depicts the due payments list, the upcoming payments, and the pay now button to clear the dues on time.

More Options

The more options have a profit edit icon, order history offers and rewards, saved products, settings menu, credit limit & eligibility, add payment method option, address management, help and support, and log out option.

SolGuruz FlexiPe Online App UI Design More Option Screen

More Screens

Here, you can have a glance over the different application screens. Overall, we have maintained great consistency in the design and navigation flow.

Security Practices Implemented

There are various aspects of security taken care of. They include Network security, Data security, Cloud Security, Application Security, and Endpoint security.

FlexiPe Online App Data Encryption

Data Encryption

Encrypted the data both in transit and at rest by using methods like full disk encryption and Encrypted web connection(HTTP protocol with SSL certificate.

FlexiPe Online App oAuth

oAuth 2.0

oAUTH2.0 helps prevent maliious attacks orchestrated by unauthorized users and makes sure that system is accessed by only authorized and authenticated users.

FlexiPe Online App AWS Firewall

AWS Firewall

Configured Firewalls on AWS instances and databases to allow limited access.

FlexiPe Online App Source Code Obfuscation

Source code obfuscation

Implemented Source code obfuscation practices to make the source-code in unreadable format, and so it would be difficult to temper or reverse engineer the released app’s executable file.

FlexiPe Online App Automated Backup and Rollback

Automated Backup and Rollback

Configured cloud instances to take backup at regular intervals and so a particular version can be rolled back when required automatically.

Tools & Tech Stack

The Conclusion

We developed an advanced and secure BNPL application for our client that has proved a game-changer in the retail landscape. We followed a strategic UX/UI approach that has helped increase the end users' engagement and satisfaction. 

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