Online Travel Portal’s Journey: A Case Study

We built a versatile and advanced travel portal for our client who wanted to serve their customers by offering online tours and travel packages.




Web, Mobile Apps, Backend, Cloud

Project length

>12 months


UX/UI Design, Web Development, Backend Development, CMS, Android, IOS

Project Overview

The client belongs to the tours and travel industry. As a travel brand, the client wanted to offer their clients the best online travel booking experience for which they wanted to build a versatile and secure travel experience platform. We provided them with the best online website development and mobile app development services, including robust backend and intuitive frontend experience.

Project Goal

Our client's goal was to create one of the best and most advanced travel experience platforms online, offering holiday package booking, flight and train booking, and hotel booking services. The goal was clear; our client wanted to deliver an extraordinary experience to their website visitors and users by providing them with the best travel booking services.

Project Challenges

Any project has its individual and different challenges. We faced a few while developing a versatile and robust travel booking portal for our client.

  • Complex functionality integrations: Travel portals offer different functionalities such as user registration, package, and hotel search, booking features, payment gateways, online chatbot, and more.

  • UX Experience: Travel portals must deliver the best user experience to keep users engaged and flexible while booking their tickets, rooms, or holidays online.

  • Data Security: We must protect our client's data from any cyber threats as the clients must submit confidential information while booking their tickets, hotels, or packages online.

  • Performance Optimization: Travel websites need to deliver excellent performance as they include pictures and video galleries, for which we had to work on decreasing the website load time while increasing the performance.

SolGuruz Online Travel Portal’s Project Challenges

Solution We Came Up With

Here are the most feasible and reliable solutions we delivered to our clients, overcoming the challenges.

SolGuruz Online Travel Portal’s Solutions
  • Our team spent much time researching and understanding the functionalities of the online travel portal to deliver an excellent development approach.

  • We followed a user-centric design approach incorporating easy navigation to help the end users experience ease while accessing the application.

  • We offered industry-standard security practices incorporating encryption protocols in our website portal to deliver high-end data security. 

  • Efficient server management, code optimization, and content caching helped us offer excellent performance of the overall website.

Our End-To-End Development Process

We at SolGuruz follow a detailed website development process to deliver excellence. Let's dive deep into the process.

Demand and Ball-Park Quotation Phase

Here, we understand the client’s initial and long-term job requirements to give a valid yet reliable quotation mentioning cost and timeline.

UX/UI Design

Our development team starts settling for the application's core by defining a user-perspective UX/UI interface to attract maximum engagement.

Development and Testing

We follow the agile development process for building a thoughtful and reliable app, followed by rigorous app testing practices to launch a fully functional website.


We optimize the software with 100% configuration to launch it in the LIVE market by setting up servers, data management, and other infrastructure components.

Key Points That We've Added

Here are some of the most essential key points that we have incorporated into our online travel portal.

User-Centric Design

Visual Appeal

Clear and Intuitive Navigation

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Design

Seamless Booking and Payment Process

Integration with External APIs

Search and Filtering Functionality

Destination Highlights and Inspirations

Trip Planning and Itinerary Management

Social Proof and User Reviews

Localized and Multilingual Support

Performance Optimization

Style Guide

We practised the following style guide to make our client's travel portal look different and elegant.


Euclid Flex







Let us help you understand the wireframe of the online travel portal we have built, spending many hours researching, designing, and developing. We planned like a story by focussing on the engagement and performance.

Online Travel Portal WireframeOnline Travel Portal Wireframe	2Online Travel Portal Wireframe	3Online Travel Portal Wireframe	4

Interface Design

Here are the UI design elements of the online travel portal that we built for our client. We spent much time designing the most intuitive and engaging UI.

Landing Page

  • Clean and Minimalist Layout

  • Engaging Hero Image/Video with Captivating Copy

  • Clear Call-to-Action (CTA) for User Navigation

  • Search Bar for Destinations and Packages

  • Featured Destinations or Offers Section

  • Testimonials or Customer Reviews Section

  • Newsletter Signup or Social Media Integration

  • Navigation Menu for Easy Access to Other Pages

Online Travel Portal Landing Page
Online Travel Portal Details Page

Details Page

  • Comprehensive Details about Selected Destination/Package

  • High-Quality Images and Videos for Visual Appeal

  • Itinerary Overview with Dates and Activities

  • Pricing Information and Inclusions/Exclusions

  • Reviews and Ratings Section for Social Proof

  • Related Packages or Destinations Recommendations

  • Booking CTA with Date Selection and Guest Details

Explore Page

  • Dynamic Filters for Destinations, Activities, Budget, etc.

  • Grid or List View for Displaying Multiple Packages

  • Sort Options (e.g., Price, Popularity, Rating)

  • Quick View Feature for Package Highlights

  • Pagination or Infinite Scroll for Browsing Convenience

  • Hover Effects for Visual Feedback on Packages

  • Clear Navigation to Details Page for Each Package

Online Travel Portal Explore Page

More Screens

Online Travel Portal More Screens

Security Practices Implemented

There are various aspects of security taken care of. They include Network security, Data security, Cloud Security, Application Security, and Endpoint security.

Data Encryption

Encrypted the data both in transit and at rest by using methods like full disk encryption and Encrypted web connection(HTTP protocol with SSL certificate.

oAuth 2.0

oAUTH2.0 helps prevent maliious attacks orchestrated by unauthorized users and makes sure that system is accessed by only authorized and authenticated users.

AWS Firewall

Configured Firewalls on AWS instances and databases to allow limited access.

Source code obfuscation

Implemented Source code obfuscation practices to make the source-code in unreadable format, and so it would be difficult to temper or reverse engineer the released app’s executable file.

Automated Backup and Rollback

Configured cloud instances to take backup at regular intervals and so a particular version can be rolled back when required automatically.

Tools & Tech Stack

Angular Js

The Conclusion

We offered a meticulous blend of user-centric design and advanced technology while building this online travel portal for our esteemed client. This project is one of the unwavering commitments in our project journey. We are happy to set new standards for ourselves and our clients with this fully-featured and secured travel portal. 

SolGuruz has helped us develop a customized web platform and mobile app for us. Throughout the project, we’ve worked with them to keep improving it using a classical design and development cycle. First, we define the requirements and create a functionality matrix. Then, we provide those requirements to their technical team and discuss the functionality and design for them to take it from there. Besides SolGuruz’s technical knowledge, their flexibility in managing evolving business requirements is impressive.

Andrew Joseph

CEO, Travel Experiences Company

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