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Supercharge Your Website and Mobile App Experience: Get a Complimentary UI/UX Audit in 48 Hours!​

Hire Generative AI Engineers

Are you ready to leverage the unlimited possibilities that Gen AI can deliver to your business? We have the best Generative AI team to help you build next-generation solutions that are easy to integrate and apply in your industry.

Hire Generative AI Engineers | Gen AI engineers are available for hire
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Hire Generative AI Developers for the Following Services

Are you willing to hire generative AI engineer services? We have mastered our team in delivering excellent Gen AI solutions for the following Generative AI Engineering Services.

Generative AI Consulting

While you look forward to excellent and adaptive strategic guidance and customized solutions for generative AI development services, our team has the best Gen AI consultants to assist you. Hire remote generative AI developers from SolGuruz and benefit from the in-depth consultations for aligning Gen AI technologies in your business.

Data Analysis

We have employed the most intelligent and strategic-minded Gen AI developers who can help your business with enhanced data analysis, leveraging generative AI services' capabilities. Hire generative AI developers from our team as they excel in comprehensive data analysis, fueling and optimizing the Gen AI and Large Language Models.

Domain-specific Generative AI Model Development

Are you willing to integrate OpenAI and custom generative AI models to meet your business's exact demands? Hire remote generative AI developers from SolGuruz as we help craft domain-specific Gen AI models that have optimal relevance and applicability to your industry needs. Also, our models are designed with the industry challenges kept in mind.

Generative AI Solutions Development

From planning the Generative AI concept to designing and developing the custom solutions, we have a team of bespoke generative AI developers at SolGuruz. Hire AI engineers to create out-of-the-box generative AI solutions that meet your organization's specific needs, enhancing innovation and efficiency.

Generative AI Integration

As the name suggests, Generative AI Integration connects AI models with all other databases and applications. This service from our developers assists you with integrating multiple applications at once without disrupting regular operations. Hire AI developers to harness the power of Gen AI without disrupting your current operations.

Upgrade and Maintenance

Upgradation and Regular Maintenance is what comes as part and parcel of any app development. At SolGuruz, we understand this better and work out how to resolve challenges as and when they happen, along with incorporating improvements to make the process smoother and better. Hire remote generative AI developers to stay at the forefront of generative AI advancements.

Hire Gen AI Engineers from SolGuruz to Build

Are you ready to transform your business with the power of next-gen AI? SolGuruz is your dedicated Gen AI partner in hiring top-tier Gen AI engineers to build innovative solutions.


Our Gen AI engineers elevate customer engagement with intelligent and conversational chatbots that enhance user experience and streamline communication. SolGuruz crafts chatbots that not only understand user queries but engage in meaningful conversations, enhancing your brand's communication and customer satisfaction.

Predictive Analytics

We have harnessed the power of data to make informed decisions. Our Gen AI engineers excel in creating predictive models that drive business insights and optimize performance. Our engineers create robust models that leverage data insights, providing you with a strategic advantage by forecasting trends, optimizing operations, and maximizing performance.

Voice Assistants

Transform user interactions by integrating sophisticated voice assistants that understand and respond with unparalleled accuracy. Our Gen AI engineers integrate advanced technology to enable voice-controlled interactions, creating a more intuitive and hands-free engagement for your applications and services.

GPT Integration

Leverage the capabilities of OpenAI's GPT models to create applications with natural language understanding, making your systems smarter and more intuitive. Our Gen AI engineers seamlessly incorporate OpenAI's powerful language models, allowing your systems to comprehend and generate human-like text and revolutionizing the way your applications interact with users.

Large Language Models Integration

We help you break new ground with large language models that can comprehend complex information and provide contextually relevant responses. Our Gen AI engineers bring the power of advanced language comprehension to your applications, enabling them to handle complex tasks and provide contextually relevant responses.

AI Companion App Development

We develop personalized AI companion applications that enhance user engagement and provide tailored experiences. Our Gen AI engineers create tailored experiences, providing users with intelligent and adaptive companions that enhance usability, satisfaction, and overall interaction with your platform.

Get Our Generative AI Engineers at Work in 72 Hours

Did we end your search for customized AI solutions? There is ample which we have to offer.

Get Our Generative AI Engineers At Work In 72 Hours​

Our Generative AI Development Process

We have listed the objectives and activities we perform here under our generative AI development process.

Project Discovery

Process Objective: In this stage, we discover the client's needs and goals for the generative AI model. Discovering and studying the project completely.

  • Meet with stakeholders to gather requirements.
  • Identify the problem that the AI model will address.
  • Define success criteria and key performance indicators (KPIs).
Strategy Building

Process Objective: We develop a fool proof strategic plan for creating the generative AI model based on the gathered requirements.

  • Analyze the feasibility of different approaches (e.g., GANs, Transformers).
  • Define the scope and limitations of the generative AI model.
  • Plan for data acquisition and preprocessing.
Design and Development

Process Objective: We create the generative AI model based on the chosen strategy.

  • Design the architecture of the generative model.
  • Develop algorithms and implement the model.
  • Integrate necessary frameworks and tools.
  • Ensure scalability and efficiency in the design.

Process Objective: Here our team ensures that the generative AI model meets quality standards and performs as expected.

  • Conduct unit testing to verify individual components.
  • Perform integration testing to ensure components work together.
  • Validate the model's output against expected results.
  • Address and fix any identified issues or bugs.
Deployment and Optimization

Process Objective: We deploy the generative AI solution for real-world use and continuously improve its performance.

  • Deploy the model to the target environment.
  • Monitor the model's performance in real-world scenarios.
  • Implement optimizations to enhance efficiency and accuracy.
  • Fine-tune parameters based on user feedback and changing requirements.
Integration and Support

Process Objective: We offer seamless integration of the generative AI model into existing systems and provide ongoing support.

  • Integrate the generative AI model with relevant systems and applications.
  • Provide documentation and training for end-users or stakeholders.
  • Establish a support mechanism for addressing issues or updates.
  • Monitor and update the model to adapt to evolving needs.

AI Models, Our Developer Works With

Let's discuss the AI tools, programming languages, and frameworks we use to develop your AI business applications.

GPT-4 Model
LLaMA 2 Model
PaLM 2 Generative AI Model
Claude Generative AI Model
GPT-3 Gen AI Model
GPT-3.5 Generative AI Model
Whisper is a Generative AI Model
Embeddings Gen AI Model
Moderation Gen AI Model
Stable Diffusion - Generative AI Model
Bard - Generative AI

AI Tools & Frameworks We Deal With

Tesseract OCR
Visual StudioCode
Google Colaboratory
Cassandra database
hugging face

Skills to Look for When Hiring Generative AI Developers

Whensoever it comes to hiring generative AI Developers with us, each candidate of ours can swear the generative AI development qualifications by the following:

Advantage of Hiring Generative AI Developers from SolGuruz

While you hire generative AI engineers from SolGuruz, be assured of leveraging the following skill set of our engineers.

Machine Learning Proficiency

Machine Learning Proficiency

Our generative AI developers possess comprehensive knowledge and skills in the principles and techniques that drive advanced AI applications.

Generative Modael Experience

Generative Model Experience

Our Gen AI developers have a proven track record of working with generative AI models, highlighting hands-on experience and a deep understanding.

Programming Language Mastery

Programming Language Mastery

Our developers hold proficiency in programming languages, leveraging technical expertise to develop and optimize machine learning and generative AI solutions.

Data Processing & Augmentation Acumen

Data Processing & Augmentation Acumen

Our Gen AI engineers have immense data processing knowledge to enhance the quality and diversity of datasets used in machine learning and generative model training.

Analytical & Research Prowess

Analytical & Research Prowess

Our Gen AI developers display strong analytical and research skills, enabling the critical evaluation of complex problems and the development of innovative solutions.

Interview and Select Developers

Communication Excellence

We are proud to have a team with exceptional collaboration and communication skills, emphasizing the ability to work effectively in an interdisciplinary work environment.

Steps to Hire Generative AI Engineers from SolGuruz?

Let's help you onboard our generative AI developers in four easy steps!

Discuss Your Requirements

Help Us Discover Your Project

Schedule a call with our design team. Discuss your basic requirements and allow our team to schedule the interview and selection process.

Interview and Select Developers

Interview and Select Gen AI Engineers

We deliver the ultimate freedom to you in conducting the interview session for selecting the best generative AI developers for hire.

Sign the NDA

Sign the NDA

To maintain confidentiality regarding the project, we follow the practice of signing the NDA between two parties.

Get Our Flutter Devs Onboard

Get our Gen AI Engineers Onboard

Once the selection is completed from your end, it takes 72 hours to onboard the offshore generative AI developers.

Hire AI Generative Engineers With Our Flexible Engagement Models

Hiring generative AI developers is not always a full-time job; hence, we give you a choice through our flexible engagement models.

Part Time
Hourly Basis

Recently Developed AI Products at SolGuruz

As your generative AI development company, we can offer innovation and customization at the next level. In addition to that, we have expertise in the following AI development services:

A B2B Diamond Buy/Sell Portal, with a Diamond CRM Solution.
ShiftSquad is designed to help the healthcare industry with easy and quick recruitment of nurses and other healthcare professionals.

Choose Us As Your AI Development Partner

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Words From Our Clients Who Hired AI Generative Engineers From SolGuruz

We are grateful for our amazing customers! See what they have to say about our services.

The app was delivered ahead of schedule, leaving the client impressed with SolGuruz’ efficiency. The vendor ensured a seamless customer experience by always addressing queries and requests promptly. Moreover, they worked flexibly to accommodate any ad hoc tasks and followed a professional approach.


Arinze Pascal

CEO, Bakoomba Fitness, Florida

SolGuruz has developed a functional, user-friendly application that has garnered positive user feedback. The team has decreased the application’s crash rate from 60% to 6%. They’ve presented progress to the client’s board, managed the project effectively via ClickUp, and communicated via email.

Aditi Fozdar_

Aditi Fozdar​

COO, Jalso Music, India

The product developed by SolGuruz is very appreciated by end customers, and the client is very pleased with their work overall. The team is very communicative and knowledgeable, and they deliver on time and within budget. Additionally, they’re very flexible to constantly changing requirements.

CEO, Travel Experiences Company, Switzerland

SolGuruz’s efforts were met with positive acclaim, thanks to their attention to detail and agile methods. The team was highly receptive to questions and feedback, and internal stakeholders were particularly impressed with the vendor’s personable approach and flexibility.

CEO, AI Content Solutions, Spain

The client got exactly what they needed, leaving them completely pleased with SolGuruz’s services. The team instituted a smooth workflow by being highly attentive to the client’s needs. Moreover, the team boasted exceptional communication skills and was always willing to lend a helping hand.

BDM, Diamond Wholesaler, South Africa

SolGuruz launched the website, which received positive customer feedback. Their team was committed to helping the client achieve their goals, providing the necessary resources to complete the project on time. They also divided the project into multiple sprints to ensure proper testing at each step.

Co-Founder, Practice Fast, Michigan

Answers to Some of The Questions

Generative AI engineers help develop applications that assist in managing work at ease. Simply put, jobs such as Data Scientists, Machine Learning Experts, AI researchers and algorithms engineers are a few examples of roles that Generative AI Engineers perform in routine.

Generative AI offers the capability to comprehend and analyze data, enabling the extraction of strategic insights for decision-making. Implementation of Generative AI not only facilitates the automation of specific tasks but also contributes to enhanced overall business efficiency and productivity. Additionally, you can harness the content-generation prowess of Generative AI technology for various applications.

This set of engineers is equipped with skills such as data analysis, which sorts out piles of data and finds out what goes in our favor and what may go against us. This is an integral piece of information that needs to be verified, and with a specialized job done by Generative AI Engineers, this job is done in no time, and an action plan to boost growth in our business is created accordingly.

Since they are experts in machine-based data learning, they are the best source for building a business by conducting competitor analysis.

They are hired after a distinctive round of interviews wherein technical tests and machine programs verify their technical and machine learning knowledge. Those who clear this set of interviews are hired further.

You have to raise a request through the Contact Us form, and our team will contact you back with a form with more précised information. After a thorough interview and technical test, you can choose the developer or team you wish to work with.

Our clients’ information remains strictly confidential and is exclusively utilized for their specific purposes. It’s important to note that we have utilized the data augmentation feature of Generative AI technology in several projects to create mock data specifically for testing purposes.

The cost of bringing on a generative AI developer depends on a few things, like how skilled they are, how challenging the projects are, the experience of the engineers, and where they’re based. But hey, we’ve got flexible hiring setups that make adding generative AI engineers to your team easy.

Bringing on board generative AI developers at SolGuruz usually takes 1-2 weeks, the quickest you’ll find out there. However, it might take a bit longer if the project is a real brain teaser or if we’re on the hunt for that perfect match. We’re all about finding the right fit for your needs!

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