Mobile App User Acquisition : Best Practices, Strategies, Tools, and Tips

Want to know the best practices, strategies, tools, and tips to follow for mobile app user acquisition? Read this article for more details.

By Paresh Mayani

Last updated on: January 18, 2024

Mobile App User Acquisition - Best Practices, Strategies, Tools, and Tips

As per the findings, there are 2.22 million apps in the Apple app store and 3.48 million Android apps worldwide. Moreover, the market is still growing, leading entrepreneurs to fight for users’ attention.

Unfortunately, in the modern era, only a user-friendly solution alone cannot bring a high number of downloads. Only those entrepreneurs are able to grab enough attention that they have the right user acquisition strategies, tips, and tools.

In this article, you will find some never-read ways of acquiring users for your app. It will even help you identify the right app user acquisition channels. So, make sure you follow these tips, tricks, and practices to have a better future for your app. Also, only hire app developers who are the best in the market and have years of experience to make a greater impact.

What is App User Acquisition?

App user acquisition is a process of attracting new users to a platform, app, or other services. The acquisition process is based on strategies that guarantee to make apps visible and discoverable. Thus, generating more downloads.

The ad campaigns are data-driven and focus on converting leads immediately across various platforms. The primary sector where brands focus these strategies is on social media channels, with additional third-party tools.

Strategies and Best Practices for Mobile app user acquisition

Here are some of the most effective ways to plan result-oriented strategies. It will help you reach the target user strategically. Let’s dig into it.

Strategies and Best Practices for Mobile app user acquisition

  1. App store optimization

    According to statistics, around 561 million apps get downloaded every day, so the competition to make your audience open your app is fierce.

    The strategy is to optimize your app name, subtitle, description, and keywords to make it more discoverable to people. Moreover, it can do better if you also focus on usage metrics, ratings, and reviews.

    However, the process is not easy, and people make many mistakes while optimizing. So, look out for them and keep the following tips in mind:

    • Upload a video of the app in the store to rank better
    • Read the review section of your competitor’s product. You can find interesting variations of keywords relevant to the app and the selling point of your app over theirs.
    • Remember to measure your (App Store Optimisation) ASO KPIs like the conversion rate, visibility, mobile growth, monetization, etc.

    However, if it is all new to you, you can talk to your app development agency to assist you with it.

  2. Influencer Marketing

    One of the best ways of winning the trust of your audience is by word of mouth, especially from the person they trust. This is what influencing marketing is all about.

    You can reach out to an influencer with a large established target audience interested in your genre to promote your app. This increases credibility and brand awareness in a big way too. However, be careful of:

    • Picking the right platform: Celebrities are available on all platforms, but you have to decide which platform your audience will spend more time on and accordingly approach it.
    • Let there be a story: Plan out with your influencer what the app’s story will be and how it will create value in your consumers’ lives. This shows that you care about your audience.
    • Choose influencers carefully: Think of the influencer as the extension of your brand. So, be selective of your decision and make sure the influencer fits your audience and brand appropriately.
  3. Organic ways of user acquisition

    Organic ways of app user acquisition serve as an effective way for marketers to attract customers without allotting a high marketing budget. It involves creating your website, engaging in social media, attracting traffic, and funneling users to increase organic growth.

    These are the processes that you will get complete assistance with when you hire Flutter developers. However, you must know the details to get maximum reach.

    In fact, if organic campaigns are used in conjunction with paid ads by the company, it can boost up to 150% of app installs. This clearly shows the importance of diversifying ways of reaching users and an effective strategy.

    • Content marketing: Make sure to regularly create videos, blog posts, infographics, and eBooks on topics your customers are most interested in. The blog section should not contain just any information. Remember to maintain the quality and unique value for visitors.
    • Attracting traffic: Don’t just go for quantity. Instead, look for quality in attracting traffic. You can create buyer personas by figuring out details like gender, age, educational background, income, job title, interest, and location for this purpose. This will help aim for the right audience.
    • Create smart banners: How to direct prospective buyers from your website to your app? The best way is to create smart banners, including links that directly take your visitor to the app page or to the option of installation.
  4. Paid advertising

    Marketers usually have a separate budget set for paid marketing strategies. It is a great way to bring the app to the eyes of a large audience. Moreover, it also contains several touchpoints that further engage existing users. Some of the most useful forms of paid advertising are PPC campaigns, social media ads, cross-promotion, etc. However, while designing them, you have to take care of the following points:

    • Separate the different funnels: Creating different ads and putting engaging points in them is all good but do not forget to position a separate CTA bar. This is because the customers must always know what to do next. So, after you nurture them, they should download the app.
    • Multiple landing pages: Designing multiple mobile app landing pages helps convert the visitors to whoever visits your ads. But do not forget to mention the app’s value and features to entice visitors to click, download, and install the app.
    • Target audience: To develop a personalized ad, one must know everything about their audience’s behavior, interests, demographics, and other factors. However, do not shortlist too much. According to a Facebook recommendation, one must keep their target audience up to a limit of 100K. If you need assistance in it, you can ask your app development partners to guide you.

Some essential tips on how to acquire new users and increase app user acquisition?

Some essential tips on how to acquire new users and increase app user acquisition

Now that we know what strategies work best, the next step is to acquire new users. This is why we have come up with an important list of tips on how to acquire new users. So, make sure to abide by it to carry an effective app user acquisition process:

  1. Utilize all data

    To acquire more customers, you need to figure out the main requirements of your target audience. Besides this, you must figure out the niche market to focus on with your marketing initiatives to accurately capture leads. Here, proper measurement of these two aspects is necessary, and that is possible through measures like Performance Index reports.

    It is a useful system to check an advertising model or trend direction with the user base. Check all statistics and data, understand the main sources of CTRs, and target your marketing schemes accordingly.

  2. Focus on targeted advertising

    One of the most useful tactics to gain more users is to focus on targeting promotion. For doing this appropriately, you must define your target audience properly first, focusing on the most basic details. Some points to assess your demographics accurately are:

    • Age limits
    • Geographical location
    • Family structure
    • Professional qualifications or career path
    • Preferences of the user- both dislikes and likes
    • Main pain points of the user and how your app can profit them

    Here, you can center on market segmentation strategies, focusing on different approaches like retargeting old consumers. To note, this may seem more customer retention-centric than app user acquisition, but that is not so. Consumers that churned years prior from a company are not existing customers, so you have to re-target them as new potential customers.

  3. Testimonials are useful

    Another tactic you should adopt is displaying the testimonials of your current customers to your potential new customers. Most consumers currently put more precedence on reviews of previous users and trust them more than the company promises. Statistically, 97% of users decide on their purchasing choice based on the customer reviews they read.

    So, you should showcase testimonials, like reviews, interviews, and case studies about your app. Users are more likely to trust these details.

  4. Hold giveaways

    Another usable tactic to gain new customers is to offer them deals they feel interested in, like free products or freemium benefits. Giveaways are a useful tactic as brands can offer products as a “winning prize”, which increases customer satisfaction. People are more likely to participate in your giveaway due to the possibility of earning free gifts at discounted prices.

    Common types of giveaway styles many companies handle are contests and sweepstakes. Choosing the winner in the former case is judgment-oriented while selecting the winner in the latter method is a random choice. To acquire new users, contests are more effective as it engages their interest more.

  5. Host events

    Currently, many consumers are showing more interest in experiencing the companies and their offers instead of traditional ads or online reviews. Statistically, around 89% of businesses are competing with other firms based on customer experience. This rate was 36% back in 2010.

    Events are useful platforms that allow consumers a view of the brand and give them the chance to form an opinion through real-time impressions. Here, in-perform events with the customers or online webinars are suitable examples with high customer acquisition potential.

Tools that will add to the app user acquisition rate

Knowing the tips and strategies for better app user acquisition won’t do alone. You need to find the right tools to approach your target audience. Taking your chances in trying different tools and channels to reach your audience can bring you much attention.

Here below, we will inform you about choosing the right tool and bringing business. Follow these to experience some amazing results:

  1. Social media

    Social media is one of the popular tools to reach your target audience and for good reasons. Moreover, if used right, it can increase the download rate up to multiple times.

    In fact, using social media tools like Facebook, developers can find several ways to increase their installation rate. Not to mention it automates the process of installing the app through campaigns. However, hire iOS developers and Android developers according to the app system to avoid future issues.

    Also, remember to hire mobile developers who are pros at linking your app with different social media networks. So, users can share the app’s content with just a click.

  2. PR & Press

    Another commonly overlooked tool to acquire customers is PR and press coverage. You can expect better app awareness rates and user installs and drive app promotion through mediums like websites, bloggers, journalists, and partnerships. For this, consider the media outlets that would find an interest in your app and would advertise it to the right audience.

    Choose the right outlets for the press release and PR promotion so they can target the early adopters. On this note, also consider the main audience base of the bloggers and journalists you reach out to. Also, set a unique PR selling point to attract more viewers.

    Another tactic you can use here is creating a media kit with more information on your app, statistical data, the app ranking, app structure details, and other related details. With the support of this tool, expect low CPI and high-quality leads.

  3. Website

    The most important tool of all is your website. However, it is not a process that every company has to follow. Rather make sure it’s a good website with the capability to reinforce leads, support customer problems, and generate leads. In addition, the information you feed on the site should clearly point towards a value proposition. If done correctly, the app will sell itself to the right audience. However, since it’s not an easy process, it is always advisable to hire top mobile developers.

  4. Email

    One of the best tools for app user acquisition for companies is through emails. To note, consumers open around 70% of emails via smartphones. So, targeting email for user acquisition would be effective as the likelihood of driving customer reach is high.

    Through emails, brands can share their product updates, advertise the content of their business, promote upcoming events, or offer discounts. Moreover, companies can improve customer satisfaction by providing them with personalized attention, like custom offers, personalized birthday emails, or individualized content suggestions.

    Here, utilize tactics like deep links to bring users to specific pages directly while they are using the app. Create mobile-oriented email layouts with CTA buttons.

  5. Video Ads

    Videos are an effective tactic for app user acquisition, as per 71% of marketers. Most consumers use video-streaming apps and services through their mobile devices. So, they are likely to see video ads and convert them into leads or share the videos. Here, you can add the videos to the landing page on mobile and increase conversions or offer rewards for watching videos.

    The benefits you can offer include virtual currency, lives, or more streaming time on the mobile app. Statistically, users who convert after watching video ideas have 3 times higher retention rates than those who converted through non-video advertisements.

Transform Ideas into Exceptional Apps


With the right measures and approaches, brands and developers can expect a higher potential of capturing user attention. Properly evaluate your audience and market and understand the main needs to focus on. Choose marketing approaches, tools, and platforms to promote your content thereafter.

In case you require professional support with your app development process that would bring in more users, we can provide you with the help you need. At SolGuruz, the team of professional developers has the skills to complete complex app development processes and the right knowledge of market/customer trends.

Are you planning to start the process soon? Get in touch with our professional developers. We provide affordable mobile app development services that would bring in more customers and profits!


In the app user acquisition process, who should be the target?

The answer to this question can be easily solved by demographics. When you concentrate on the demography, you will get every insight of the customers, their age, issue, location, and time spent on the app.

What are the factors to focus on when working on App Store Optimisation (ASO)?

Make sure you are mindful of your app icon, title, and description. Also, give relevant screenshots for prospective users to understand what the app is all about. Lastly, ask your users to give ratings and reviews as this matters the most in ranking.

Do play store algorithms matter in user acquisition?

Yes. The Play store algorithm manipulates whether users are discovering your app or not, which further influences app user acquisition rate. However, you can use this algorithm for your benefit by focusing on keywords. Use only relevant keywords for your app and add them to the relevant category for ranking better.

How do frequent app updates affect app user acquisition and monetization?

Frequent updates show that you are constantly making an effort to improve your app to deliver what users wish. This helps maintain retention of traffic and a greater influx. So, it positively affects your acquisition process, monetization, and (App Store Optimisation) ASO too.

What are the monetization methods available for apps?

Some of the effective monetization methods for apps are affiliate marketing, advertising, freemium model, app data monetization, and implementation of virtual currencies.

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