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Mobile App Promotion: 10 Ways to Promote Your App for Free

Mobile app promotion is an engaging activity that occurs throughout the lifespan of your mobile application.
Mobile App Promotion - 10 Ways to Promote Your App for Free

Today, the competition between companies regarding app development and customer reach has increased to many folds. Every other entrepreneur wishes to provide the best services and build a loyal customer base. But to do so, one needs an excellent marketing strategy and a value-adding mobile application.

In fact, it is very necessary to plan the best strategy as the competition is quite fierce.

This blog will give a list of the top ten free approaches to mobile app promotion. The best part is that all the promotional strategies we will discuss are free and straightforward to implement.

Understanding the Concept of Mobile App Promotion

Mobile app promotion is an engaging activity that occurs throughout the lifespan of your mobile application. Expert App developers engage with current or future app users to create efficient mobile advertising app strategies that boost client conversion and user engagement. Targeting your consumers at every level is the primary goal of mobile app advertising.

One of the most significant advantages of mobile app promotion is that it allows you to learn about your competitors. Advertising the application also provides the opportunity to align customers’ needs and market trends, ultimately increasing company profits.

How to get free mobile app promotion for new applications?

People with limited budgets and resources must have been worrying about promoting their apps to engage more potential customers. However, you do not need to be concerned if you have a few dollars to market your software. There are several methods for promoting a free app.

However, you will have to put more effort instead of spending a lot on optimising your app visibility. So, here are some of the best techniques for mobile app promotion that are available for free.

10 ways to promote mobile app

    1. Advertising through social media

      App advertising requires the use of social media. Around 91% of companies today use social media marketing as a prime way to promote their product.

      There are two methods for connecting with your audience on social media: paid and organic. We’re just talking about organic promotion techniques since discussing the free strategies.

      Organic social media promotion is having a digital presence, such as a Facebook page and Twitter and Instagram accounts. Create an account and begin engaging individuals in your business and target demographic in your mobile app promotion initiative. Instead of spamming your audiences by being too promotional, attempt to engage with them in a significant way. Try writing about topics they are interested in to participate in the discussion.

      • Enlist Facebook Interest Groups. Research and contact interest groups that are related to your specialty for direct mobile app promotion. Many of these communities allow one self-promotional post every week.
      • Attend Facebook App Developer Communities. You may help enhance your app’s exposure by interacting with your audience. Even if the individuals and groups are not in your particular expertise, they will gladly provide comments on enhancing your application in return for you to use it on them.
      • Advertise on YouTube. YouTube has skyrocketed to become the world’s second most popular search engine. Create a marketing or demo clip that prospective customers may watch to understand further about your app.
    2. Make Contact with Influencers for Mobile app promotion

      Advertising your software may also expand outside your regular sphere of influence. These overseas connections are frequently just what your firm requires. Creating genuine, sincere, and mutually advantageous connections with influencers will benefit from promoting your app. Influencers can affect the purchasing and participation choices of a specific set of people.

      When approaching bloggers or influencers, business owners should be cautious only to deliver information that is particularly applicable to the influencer and their intended audience. Some marketers frequently accept monetary rewards in consideration for influencer marketing. However, we propose that you instead seek out influencers who genuinely care about your organization.

      Your viewers will immediately realize that the influencer has been paid to engage on your account.  Authentic sponsorships will significantly benefit your business and help it gain a larger audience. Notify influencers that you are working on or have completed an app. Enquire if you can contact them to discuss the app’s developments or to provide feedback.

    3. Publish Your App on Product Hunt

      Product Hunt is a site where millions of people explore new applications nearly every day. It is an excellent method to acquire new users to identify your application. The way things work is that you upload your app, and the audience votes on it.

      As much as you get upvotes on your application, your app becomes more visible to its consumers. If the app receives a ranking in the top ten for a day, it will also be added to the next day’s mailing list. This list includes thousands and thousands of prospective users.

      Product Hunt Submission

      Submitting the app to Product Hunt is free, making it a suitable tool for mobile app promotion. However, if you are a new user and do not have many followers on the site, it’s best to have someone else publish it. The Product Hunt refers to it as a “hunt.” When uploading to Product Hunt, you will have several options for describing the software. You will be dealing with many other applications attempting to get installs this way.  So, give it your best shot and exploit all these to their most significant potential.

      • Name: Here, you need to submit the name of your application.
      • Tagline: Here, you need to describe your application in less than 60 characters. Tell your targeted audience what your app is all about.  The most effective taglines are targeted and straightforward.
      • Topics: Choose the two or three most applicable categories for your app.
      • Thumbnail: To retain the brand image, employ your app’s logo or animate it to improve interaction.
      • Gallery: Display the most significant elements of your app. You may use the exact images you are using on the Google Play or App Store.
      • Video: Here, you have to use a clip or an App Sample.
      • Description: If your store description is clear and concise, you may use it here.
    4. Make a Demo Video Clip for Best Mobile app promotion

      If you like to get momentum and get forward of your competitiveness, making a demo video is the way to go. It is an excellent approach to expose all of the app’s features and functions with no investment. Marketers may share the sample video on all social platforms and even the App Store, increasing the likelihood that potential customers would install the app.

      Videos are an excellent method to show off all your attractive and well-designed software has to provide. Make a short 30-second commercial dictating Why, How, and What for the demo video. Spectators may lose all interest if the video goes on for too long. Set a team to work on putting together the whole video. The aggregate intelligence of more than one person will assist you in completing projects efficiently with minimal errors.

      It is essential to remember that the demo video is not intended to remain in its current form. Like the rest of your material, your videos should be refreshed on a weekly and monthly basis. When you have finished generating your sample video, ensure to promote it on your social media pages and other channels. Your sample video may be shared on your Instagram, blog, and YouTube channels.

    5. Create Guest Blogs and Make Best Use of Guest Blogging

      You should look for the high authority blogs in your industry and try to publish a blog on some of the sites. With guest blogs, you can offer your expertise and gain a few quality backlinks for your websites. As much as you get the backlinks, there are more chances to rank higher on Google. It will help you generate leads in the long run.

      Undoubtedly, you will want to generate your original content to market your application. However, you may also include guest blogging to give your material a ‘signal boost.’ Guest blogging is posting your material on other websites to drive more traffic. Using more popular sites or blogs with a larger readership is a terrific approach for efficient mobile app promotion.

    6. Make A Landing Page for Your App

      A landing page, often known as a teaser page, is an innovative and efficient approach to enlighten and entice your customers. Add necessary information such as the app’s name, icon, screenshots, and a call-to-action button. It would be best if you also considered providing a feature video or good app evaluations.

      It will allow you to better express the advantages of your software, answer any queries your target consumers may have, and provide recommendations that will increase your trust. Developing a landing page will also help search engines find your app. It may be a fantastic tool in marketing.

    7. Answer Quora Questions

      Quora is a trendy set of questions site that receives a large amount of traffic from individuals seeking responses every day. A few of those queries are about what your app performs, and you may direct some of those individuals to your app’s website by addressing them and referencing them.

      The idea is to give information while also promoting your app. Therefore, you should only answer topics on which you are knowledgeable and not in a manner that is simply an advertisement for your app.

      When utilizing Quora, you should keep the following things in mind:

      • Always respond to the question first, then promote your app. It is not the platform to explicitly advertise.
      • Promote your app in places where it sounds plausible. Make it apparent that you are linked with it while you’re doing it.
      • Address a few queries every week to increase your chances of gaining traffic. Subscribing to subjects allows you to find new questions.
      • Your rivals may respond to the same queries that you do. Though you cannot do anything regarding this, you should make sure your responses are constantly better.


  1. Include the App in Your Emails

    You must include your new app in every part of your advertising, including all of your emails. As a business, you send out many emails, and failing to include your app in each of them is a wasted chance. Any email from tech support or an invoice and payment email should contain a footer with one sentence promoting your app.

    Include information such as what the software can perform and a hyperlink to the installation file. Emails haven’t lost their allure as long as they’re utilised correctly. Make the most of your app links by adding them to newsletters, customer service communications, and email signatures.

  2. App Store Optimisation

    People perform lots of searches each day (53% on Google Play and 47% on the Apple store). Thus, App Store Optimisation is a critical component of your app marketing strategy since it influences the success of all other promotion tactics. If you want the consumers to install your app, ensure that it is optimised. The app must appear in the top targeted keywords and outperform competing brands to maximise your app successfully. You may improve the visibility of your app by optimising its logo, title, summary, and images in app stores.

  3. Get Your App Listed on App Review Websites

    If you have ensured that your app is completely optimised, it is time to contact app review websites and requests that they showcase your app on their website. However, this necessitates that your software shines in design, usefulness, responsiveness, and bug-freeness.

    Moreover, request that your users offer you feedback on Google Play or the App Store. Good reviews influence purchase choices and instantly affect app store algorithms. They boost your trust and placement in search engine results.

Final Thoughts:

Creating an effective mobile app does not ensure success. You must devote time and energy to marketing it. Fortunately, you don’t have to stretch your advertising budget because several free app promotion strategies are available.

Receiving favorable client feedback and registering your app on relevant platforms will improve your business image by increasing your trustworthiness. Now, since you get the best ways to advertise an app, put a few of the ideas to the trial to obtain effective results.

For the best app promotion results, you should reach out to professionals at SolGuruz, a leading mobile app development services provider that creates and delivers high-quality apps and promotional strategies.

Contact Us for the best marketing experience and high customer reach potential!


How much will it cost to promote an app?

There are different app marketing packages available in the market in which you can add ASO as a part. They mainly vary from $1000 to $25000/ app.

How to make money by promoting apps?

There are not one but many ways to make money by promoting an app, like coming up with a paid version of the app, getting a sponsor, involving promotional services, showing ads, etc.

What are the ways of making an app go viral?

In order to make an app go viral, one needs to focus on its uniqueness, rewards, social features, ongoing optimisation, and ease of use.

What mistakes are important to avoid during app promotion?

When brands promote mobile applications, they sometimes follow certain practices that negatively affect their mobile app promotion plan. Here are the main things you should do while advertising your app to avoid mistakes: A) Optimise the app store content B)Use social media-based promotions as a marketing tactic C) Urge your users to leave app reviews D) Respond to all reviews, comments, and suggestions about your app in a proper manner E) Create the marketing strategy and promises around functions you can offer

What is one of the easiest ways to drive more app installs through promotion?

One of the best methods for mobile app promotion is using install ads for mobile apps. These are small-scale clickable ads that users display on App Stores, search pages, Gmail, and YouTube. Such ads increase the bulk amount of app installs within a small time frame.

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