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Supercharge Your Website and Mobile App Experience: Get a Complimentary UI/UX Audit in 48 Hours!

Supercharge Your Website and Mobile App Experience: Get a Complimentary UI/UX Audit in 48 Hours!​

Backend Development Company

Are you worried about your web or app's server-side management? We have a team of robust backend developers who will help with data storage, business logic, user authentication, server-side scripting, and other functionalities. Entrust your software's scalability and performance concerns to us and experience seamless functionality without a hitch!

Backend development company | Backend Development Services
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Our Backend Development Services

Are you ready to empower your digital ambitions with our robust backend development services? Here are the services that we offer.

Backend APIs Development

We specialize in crafting robust and scalable backend APIs tailored to meet the specific needs of your business projects, ensuring smooth communication between your applications and databases. Our API solutions are designed for flexibility and adaptability, accommodating future enhancements and integrations effortlessly.

Web Application Backend Development

SolGuruz excels in developing powerful and efficient web application backends, providing a strong foundation for your front-end interfaces and ensuring a smooth and responsive user experience. Leveraging the latest web technologies, we create backends that prioritize speed, security, and a user-centric approach.

Mobile App Backend Development

Utilizing modern and advanced technologies, we design and implement backend systems for mobile applications, enabling secure data storage, efficient processing, and seamless integration with front-end interfaces on various mobile platforms. Our mobile backend solutions are optimized for performance, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience across devices.

Hire Backend Developers

Tap into our team of talented backend developers to boost your project's success. Our experts bring in-depth knowledge of backend technologies to seamlessly integrate with your existing team, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation of your digital projects. Collaborate with our dedicated backend team, and let's bring your vision to life together.

Custom Backend Development Solution

We are here to upgrade your digital infrastructure with tailored backend solutions, ensuring a unique and efficient backend that aligns perfectly with your business needs. Our expert backend developers craft custom backend development solutions that empower your applications for optimal performance and scalability.

Legacy Cloud Migration Services

Upgrade your older systems effortlessly by moving them to the cloud. This unlocks perks like more flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. We ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruptions, prioritizing the safety and integrity of your data. Expect minimal downtime and maximum benefits as we make the most of cloud infrastructure for your operations.

Custom Backend APIs Integration Services

Bring your systems together seamlessly by incorporating custom backend APIs. This helps your different applications talk to each other smoothly while following industry standards and best practices. Our integration services not only streamline your workflows but also improve the exchange of data, creating a more connected and efficient digital environment for your business.

Database and API Performance Optimization

Boost the performance of your databases and APIs with our database and API performance optimization services. We identify and fix any speed bumps to ensure quicker response times and an overall snappier system. We keep things running smoothly with proactive monitoring and optimization strategies, making sure your system is always at its best.

Backend Maintenance and Upgradation Services

We've got your backend covered! Trust us to keep things running smoothly with our thorough maintenance and upgrade services. We address issues pronto, install security patches, and make sure your tech setup stays current for peak performance. Our proactive approach means less downtime and fewer disruptions, so you can focus on what you do best.

Technical Backend Audit

Conduct a thorough examination of your backend infrastructure with our technical audit services, identifying vulnerabilities, optimizing resource utilization, and providing recommendations for enhanced security and efficiency. Our audits offer actionable insights, empowering you to make informed decisions for a robust and future-proof backend.

Enterprise Backend Services

At SolGuruz, we grasp the challenges of navigating large-scale business projects. Instead of building services from scratch, our expert developers help you seamlessly manage complex backend concepts within extensive frameworks. We simplify the process, ensuring you can maintain backend services with ease and clarity. No complex terminologies, just efficient solutions.

Web and Backend Development Platforms

With passion, love, and curiosity- we help you build websites for the following platforms.
Hire us for the following web and backend development services.

Angular Development Company | AngularJs development services
Angular Development
SolGuruz offers end-to-end Angular development services to build dynamic, responsive, intuitive web applications. Our team of experienced Angular developers uses modern tools and frameworks to develop scalable, secure, and high-performance web applications that meet your business requirements.
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React Web Development Company | ReactJs web development services
ReactJs Development
SolGuruz specializes in developing web applications using React JS, one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. Our team of ReactJs developers has expertise in building scalable, modular, and high-performance web applications that provide an exceptional user experience.
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VueJs Web Development Company | VueJs development services agency
VueJs Development
SolGuruz offers VueJS development services to build dynamic and responsive web applications. Our team of VueJS developers uses the latest Vue.js framework to develop scalable, secure, and high-performance web applications that meet your business requirements.
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NextJS Development Company | NextJs web development services
NextJs Development
SolGuruz offers Next.js development services to help businesses create fast and scalable web applications. Our team of skilled developers specializes in building modern, responsive applications that provide an exceptional user experience. We provide various services, including customizing existing applications, developing robust APIs, and building new applications from scratch.
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WordPress Development Company | WordPress development services agency
WordPress Development
SolGuruz provides comprehensive WordPress development services, from custom theme development to plugin development. Our team of WordPress developers has expertise in building responsive and SEO-friendly WordPress websites that provide an exceptional user experience.
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Webflow Web Development Company | Certified webflow development services agency
Webflow Development
SolGuruz offers end-to-end Webflow development services to build high-quality, custom websites. Our team of experienced Webflow developers uses the latest Webflow platform to create websites that are visually stunning, responsive, and user-friendly. With Webflow, we can build websites quickly without compromising on quality, making it an ideal platform for businesses of all sizes.
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NodeJs Web Development Company | Nodejs backend development services
NodeJs Development
SolGuruz specializes in developing scalable, high-performance backend systems using Node.js. Our team of Node developers has expertise in building server-side applications, RESTful APIs, and real-time applications using the latest Node.js frameworks and tools.
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Popular Backend Development Databases We Use

Here is the backbone of the industry-leading databases we use to build the backends.


Harness the strength of SQL, a time-tested relational database, providing a solid foundation for structured data storage and seamless query execution. Trust in its consistency and robust transaction management for data integrity.


Get ready to acquire MongoDB's strength, which supports transactional databases and search analysis and assists you with a simple and flexible document data interface through one of its unified query systems.  


Witness the power of the latest technology, modern devices, and specialized help to accomplish the most elevated levels of MySQL. The unique database has been popular in recent times because of the adaptability, security, dependability, and uptime that this database has offered.


PostgreSQL stands as a robust, open-source relational database system boasting a steadfast commitment to continuous enhancement, earning itself a robust reputation for dependability, integrity, and stellar performance. It has emerged as a highly favored database solution in contemporary times, championed by users seeking excellence in object-relational databases.

Vector Database

Designed to store and retrieve high-dimensional vectors efficiently, these databases enable rapid processing of complex data structures crucial for tasks like similarity search and recommendation systems. With their ability to handle vast amounts of vector data, vector databases contribute to the optimization of machine learning algorithms, enhancing the overall performance and scalability of AI applications.

How Does Our Backend Software Development Process Work?

Cracking down our easy and efficient backend software development process into six steps.

Discovery and Requirement Analysis

This is a crucial phase where our team discovers your project requirements, analyses your business's primary objectives, and outlines the optimal solutions.

Strategic Planning

During this phase, we design the optimal solutions based on the discovery and requirement analysis that we had after brainstorming your project needs.

UI/UX Design

We then focus on creating a user-friendly and seamless UI/UX design that helps enhance the overall engagement of your application/website.

Frontend and Backend Development

We start with the front development by writing the code for the user interface, incorporating the design elements, and implementing the client-side logic to enable user interactions.

For backend development, we write the server-side code to handle data processing, business logic, and server communication. We also set up databases and integrate them with the backend application.

Testing and Quality Assurance

To ensure that we deliver a seamless product or app, we conduct various testing types, such as unit testing, integration testing, and system testing. Later, we address and rectify any issues discovered during testing

Deployment & Post-Launch Support

Our commitment doesn't end with development. We monitor the system for any post-deployment issues and address them promptly. Our backend team provides ongoing maintenance and support post-launch, ensuring your backend operates smoothly.

Get Accurate Cost Estimates for Backend Development Services

Connect with SolGuruz to get an approximate backend development estimate for building an easy roadmap further!

looking to hire dedicated backend developers team | Get Accurate cost estimation for the backend development services

Why SolGuruz as Your Backend Development Company?

From unparalleled expertise to innovative solutions, there are endless reasons to choose us as your backend development company.

Prioritizing Security

At SolGuruz, we are committed to delivering applications and services that are thoroughly embedded and consider the Security-First Approach for all of our clients.

Technical Proficiency

Our team of experts has vast experience and exposure so that they can delve into the challenging quests of the client and come up with unified solutions.

Commitment to Transparency 

Team SolGuruz prioritizes project privacy, ensuring transparency and integrity. We deliver projects precisely, treating the client's ideas as their exclusive property, ready for launch at their discretion.

Streamlined Project Management

Efficient project management of the product through our services is a prime example showcased by Team SolGuruz, which is unparalleled and is done most innovatively to get your project running accurately.

Leveraging the Latest Technologies in Custom Software Development

We are here to elevate your backend development expertise by offering the following benefits.

Generative AI / ChatGPT OpenAI integration

At SolGuruz, we recognize the growing significance of Generative AI in today's technological landscape. To stay ahead of the curve, we offer innovative solutions to ensure that your applications align with your vision for developing artificial intelligence. Our integrated APIs play a crucial role in automating content creation tasks, thereby enhancing the overall user experience and optimizing the performance of your APIs.

Prompt Engineering

Our approach to Prompt Engineering involves developing tailored prompts or code designed specifically for individual applications. Our dedicated team of developers meticulously works on your prompts to create backend applications that precisely meet your unique requirements, ensuring optimal utility for end-users.


RPA serves as a powerful backend development tool, streamlining repetitive commands and minimizing manual errors to boost overall application efficiency. Our expert team is committed to delivering exceptional results, with application developers working diligently to meet objectives. They are adept at adapting to different environments and collaborating effectively to ensure accurate and efficient application development.

Benefits of Choosing SolGuruz for Backend Development Services

We are here to elevate your backend development expertise by offering the following benefits.

Optimizing the Infrastructure Expenses

We are a dedicated company that works through the most cost-effective technology methods by following the exact steps required to create an application that works effectively and accurately but is low on cost. 

Elevate Application Reliability Standards

After an in-depth discussion, the team SolGuruz finalizes the databases and technologies curated through a strategic plan to keep the failure rate marginalized.

Fortify Cybersecurity Measures

Our team runs applications through distinct tests so that any cyberattack can be ruled out and your application runs smoothly. This process also helps bring out the most secure, reliable, and trustworthy applications for our clients.

Reinforce Fault Tolerance Capabilities

At SolGuruz, we strive hard to ensure that all of our web and mobile apps undergo rigorous quality checks so that output is thoroughly defined and strengthened against fault tolerance. The quality team cross-checks with the output, defining required optimization and ensuring no ends are untied.

Does your backend require maintenance or upgradation?

We have got the best expertise and experience when it comes to evaluating backend and cloud infrastructure.

Industries that Must Invest in Robust Backend Development Services

We are here to fuel digital success with our backend expertise in vast industry segments.

Backend Development Frameworks and Tools We Use

Spring Framework
Apache Struts
Symfony framework

Engagement Model for Backend Development

Make a difference in your business by leveraging the experience of our backend experts at SolGuruz. Here are the flexible engagement models to choose from.

Part Time
Hourly Basis

Recent Successful Case Study Projects

Here are some of our active portfolio's most talked-about successful stories.

A B2B Diamond Buy/Sell Portal, with a Diamond CRM Solution.
Designed and Developed a brand website, helping clients with putting their brand online and doing business overseas.

Answers to Some of The Questions

Backend Service Development involves the creation and optimization of the server-side components of a web application. This crucial aspect encompasses the server and database, where logic is executed to carry out various tasks. Backend development incorporates essential features and functionalities that reside on the server. Commonly used programming languages for backend development include Node.js (JavaScript), Django (Python), Spring (Java), and several other frameworks.

A Prime example of back-end development at work is purchasing a boarding pass on a site. All that you see on the site is the front end. After you enter your solicitation for flight choices, the back-end takes over by sending the solicitation to the data set to look into the flight data, then, at that point, assembles a page that rundowns all the flight choices and sends this page back to you. When the information arrives at your PC, the data is passed to the front-finish to be shown on the site.

For backend service development, commonly used programming languages include: 

  • JavaScript (Node.js): Popular for its versatility, Node.js allows server-side scripting and is efficient for handling asynchronous operations. 
  • Python (Django, Flask): Known for its readability and ease of use, Python is widely used with frameworks like Django and Flask for backend development. 
  • Java (Spring Boot): Renowned for its platform independence, Java is commonly used with the Spring Boot framework to create scalable and robust backend services. 
  • Ruby (Ruby on Rails): Loved for its simplicity and productivity, Ruby on Rails is a framework that simplifies and accelerates backend development. 
  • PHP (Laravel): Widely used for web development, PHP, especially with the Laravel framework, is a popular choice for creating efficient backend services. 
  • Go (Golang): Known for its performance and efficiency, Go is increasingly used for building scalable and high-performance backend systems.

The cost of the backend services varies depending on the sort of specific applications requested by the client. Factors like industry niche, third-party integrations, technologies used, selected platforms, and team size matter in determining the cost of backend development services. 

We keep a check on the entire project through the project cycle. During this project cycle, we ensure clients get insight as we achieve milestones so that we always remain on the same page.

A web server is programming and equipment that utilizes HTTP (Hypertext Move Convention) and different conventions to answer client demands made over the Internet, while a Backend Server refers to the server-side server, which is liable for taking care of a web application’s rationale and information handling. It serves as a dynamic substance, which is created on the fly in light of a client’s solicitation. This incorporates recovering information from a data set, handling client information, and sending the reaction back to the client’s internet browser

The backend comprises three sections: the server, the application, and the data set. These continuously run behind the scenes, regardless of whether the client sees or associates with them.

Certainly, Back-end development improves upon the website performance, because when back-end codes are written effectively, the backups become more prompt and adequate.

Different factors add to the cost of hiring a backend developer. This includes the sort of specifications you may require, the deadline or emergency you have, and the hiring model that you may choose. 

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