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Do you want to build scalable and high-performance web applications? We help you build apps with NodeJS taking the leverage of its vast ecosystem modules.

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Nodejs Web Development Company

Our Custom NodeJS Development Services

Let us help you build the best-performing web apps using the following NodeJS development services.

Custom Node.js Development

SolGuruz excels in building custom Node.js applications tailored to meet the unique requirements of businesses. Our team of experienced Node.js developers leverage the event-driven, non-blocking I/O model of Node.js to create highly scalable and efficient applications. We utilize the vast Node.js modules and packages ecosystem to deliver secure, performant solutions aligned with client-specific needs.

Node.js APIs Development

SolGuruz specializes in developing APIs using Node.js. We have expertise in designing and building RESTful or GraphQL APIs that facilitate seamless communication and data exchange between different systems or applications. Our developers ensure efficient request handling, proper authentication and authorization mechanisms, and robust error handling to create reliable and flexible APIs.

Real-time Chat Application Development

SolGuruz has in-depth knowledge and experience in developing real-time chat applications using Node.js. Leveraging technologies such as Socket.IO and WebSockets, we create interactive and responsive chat applications that enable instant messaging, group chats, and real-time updates. Our solutions ensure smooth communication and synchronization between users, offering a seamless chatting experience.

Hire Node.js developers

SolGuruz provides the opportunity to hire skilled Node.js developers on a dedicated basis. Our service allows businesses to augment their teams with experienced professionals who possess expertise in Node.js development. By hiring our dedicated Node.js developers, clients can benefit from focused attention, seamless collaboration, and efficient project execution.

Streaming Apps Development

SolGuruz specializes in developing streaming applications using Node.js. Whether it’s live video streaming, audio streaming, or real-time data streaming, their developers utilize Node.js’s event-driven architecture and non-blocking I/O to create high-performance streaming solutions. These applications ensure efficient data transmission, low latency, and smooth playback for an enhanced streaming experience.

Microservices Architecture

SolGuruz helps businesses adopt a microservice architecture using Node.js. We break down monolithic applications into smaller, independent services that communicate with each other via lightweight protocols such as HTTP or message queues. This architecture allows for improved scalability, easier maintenance, and better flexibility, with each microservice developed using Node.js.

Web Portal Development

SolGuruz offers web portal development services using Node.js. We develop feature-rich, scalable, and secure web portals that provide a unified interface for users to access information, services, and resources. Our developers ensure seamless navigation, intuitive user interfaces, and robust backend functionality to create engaging and efficient web portals.

Serverless Architecture

SolGuruz assists businesses in adopting serverless architecture using Node.js. We leverage serverless frameworks such as AWS Lambda or Azure Functions to develop event-driven functions that execute specific tasks. By eliminating the need for server management, serverless architecture offers benefits such as scalability, reduced costs, and increased development speed.

Node.js migration & Upgradation Services

SolGuruz provides Node.js migration and upgradation services to help businesses transition from older versions of Node.js or other frameworks to the latest versions. Our experts analyze existing applications, assess compatibility, and perform seamless migration or upgrade processes to ensure a smooth transition while maintaining data integrity and application functionality.

Node.js Maintenance & Support

SolGuruz offers comprehensive maintenance and support services for Node.js applications. We provide ongoing monitoring, bug fixing, performance optimization, and security updates to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of Node.js applications. Our team of experts is available for timely assistance and support to address any issues or challenges that may arise.

Node.js Consulting Services

SolGuruz offers comprehensive Node.js consulting services to empower businesses in harnessing the full potential of Node.js for their projects. Our team of expert Node.js consultants brings deep technical knowledge and extensive industry experience to provide valuable guidance and strategic advice on leveraging Node.js effectively.