Angular Vs React : Which JS Framework to pick?

How to choose the best frontend development framework between the two top javascript frameworks for web development : Angular vs. React.

By Paresh Mayani

Last updated on: May 6, 2024

Angular Vs React - Which JS Framework to pick

Choosing the right tools for developing client applications and websites can be a difficult task owing to the vast variety of front-end development frameworks. There are a wide array of reasons that support both Angular and React, making both of them the most recommended frameworks for businesses and enterprises. Here, we have covered various aspects of Angular Vs React to help you gauge the features and shortcomings of both, so that you can make the right choice.

Let’s take a high-level view of the JavaScript Frameworks and Web Technologies survey 2022 published by StackOverflow. As per the report, Node.js and React.js are the two most JavaScript frameworks used by professional developers and those learning to code. Angular is popular among Professional Developers than those learning to code (23% vs 10%).

JavaScript Frameworks and Web Technologies Survey 2022 by Stackoverflow

What is Angular?

Angular is a well-structured JavaScript framework that uses a superset of JavaScript called TypeScript, which compiles down into JavaScript and gives us features of the future for today by optimizing code to be used for browsers. It is a disciplined MVC framework that has everything needed to build powerful, large-scale applications.

What is ReactJS?

React is a framework created by Facebook with a component-based architecture that helps develop fast and scalable solutions for front-end web development. React uses JSX, an XML-like language built on top of JavaScript and comes with amazing support tools for progressive web app development.React is a wonderful tool to use while creating interactive applications for mobile, web, and other platforms.

Before diving into the technical details, we must first briefly touch upon the history of the two frameworks so that we can understand their evolution over time.

History of Angular

When AngularJS was released in 2010, it was received incredibly well, and it quickly climbed its way to becoming one of the most popular web frameworks. It still remains one of the top Javascript frameworks.

Angular, released in 2016, is what Angular 2+ is referred to as. It was significantly different from AngularJS and started to primarily use TypeScript. A new version of Angular is seen every 6 months, with the latest version being Angular 14. (June, 2022)

History of ReactJs

ReactJs was created by Facebook in 2011. It was released as an open source JavaScript-based library in 2013 to aid app development processes. It was subsequently employed for developing single-page and large-scale applications by a massive list of tech giants. Web development experts at Twitter, Netflix, Airbnb etc. chose ReactJS to give a better experience to their users.

Key Features of Angular

SolGuruz - Key Features of Angular

  • Testing Process : The testing process is an integral part of the Angular framework.This allows you to smoothly test multiple units of an application.
  • Easy Debugging : Testing and debugging is possible using a single tool.
  • Two-way Data Binding : Through a two-way binding feature, the Angular framework ensures the model state is automatically changed if any change is made. Thus, modifying the app data changes the UI as well.
  • Multiple Platforms : Angular is a cross-platform language that supports multiple platforms such as Desktop applications for various operating systems, Native applications and Progressive Web applications.
  • Code Consistency : Angular CLI provides command line tools to start building fast, add components and tests, and then instantly deploy.

Key Features of React

SolGuruz - Key Features of React

  • Virtual DOM : The virtual DOM re-renders the entire user interface every time there is a modification in the web application. All the components are not updated; only those that have actually changed are updated.
  • Lack of Built-In Features : ReactJS is referred to as “lightweight” as it isn’t as opinionated as other frameworks. React allows you to choose the routing library, state management library, etc. tailored to your own needs.
  • Component-Based architecture : The UI of a React-based mobile or web application is divided into multiple components.
  • Unidirectional Data Flow : One way data binding ensures the user interface elements cannot be changed without updating the corresponding model state.
  • JSX : ReactJS uses JavaScript XML, which is a markup syntax that combines HTML syntax with JavaScript.

Advantages of Angular

  • Most errors are caught during the compilation process in TypeScript.
  • Cleaner code and structure
  • Framework handles routing, so moving from one view to another is easier
  • Provides modern web-platform capabilities for apps with high performance

 Disadvantages of Angular

  • Slower with interactive elements
  • Integrating with third party tougher
  • Switching from old versions to new versions is difficult

 Advantages of React

  • Better user experience
  • Easier to launch
  • Code Stability
  • Allows third party libraries

 Disadvantages of React

  • Tough to integrate with MVC frameworks

 Angular vs React: Side By Side comparison Table

Parameter Angular REACT
Nature Type-script based framework Component-based library
Data-binding Supports both. One-way data binding only.
UI loading Speed Slower Faster
DOM Real DOM; it updates the full tree structure of HTML tags Virtual DOM; updates only necessary parts of the code
Initial release 2010 2013
Architecture Full MVC (Model, View, and Controller) framework. JavaScript library (only View)
Scalability Easily scalable. More scalable than Angular.
Preferred Projects Large-scale and long-term applications Heavy front-end applications.
Dependency Injection Supports dependency injection Global state provided for components
Mobile Solution No official support but various third-party frameworks available React Native
Usage Examples Google, HBO, PayPal Facebook, Netflix, Uber

 Angular Vs React : Detailed comparison

  1. Popularity: Angular vs React

    Popularity - React vs Angular

    React has 192K stars and 39.5K forks on GitHub while Angular has 82.7K stars and 21.8k forks.

    Using npm-trends of React Vs Angular, we can see the downloads of Angular Vs React over the past five years.
    NPM Trends - React vs Angular

    Using Google Trends, we can see the trends on the job market for Angular Vs React over the past year. Here, we can see the number of Google searches to hire ReactJs Developers compared with the number of Google searches to hire Angular Developers :

    Google Jobs Trend - React vs Angular

    Thus, we can conclude that React is more popular than Angular in recent years.

  2. Community support in React and Angular

    On GitLab and GitHub, React gets more community support than Angular. The 2022 StackOverflow Developer Survey suggests that the numbers of developers working on ReactJS projects are higher than the number of developers working on Angular projects.

    Thus, React has more community support than Angular.

  3. Documentation in Angular Vs React

    Angular has a long and well-organized and in-depth documentation. Many features are built-in due to Angular’s efforts to solve more problems than React. React’s documentation is not detailed and much shorter.

    However, due to the ongoing nature of Angular’s development process, the documentation is slower. React has relatively faster documentation.

  4. Essential Toolset

    Angular uses Angular CLI to build the project and Angular Universal for the server-side rendering.

    React uses Create React App to bootstrap projects and uses Next.js for server-side rendering.

    Considering Angular Vs React, developers can fully test Angular using a single tool only unlike React.

  5. UI Component

    Angular comes with a number of material design components in-built that are very useful for UI configuration.

    For React, UI components are dependent on the UI tools developed by the community. There is a large range of UI components provided by expert ReactJs developers in the community.

  6. Componentization

    Componentization allows easier scalability as needed.

    Both frameworks are component based.

    React supports both class and stateless functional components.

    The best way to render a view depends on the type of class in Angular.

  7. Languages: React vs. Angular

    React uses JavaScript ES6+ language integrated with JSX. JSX has a XML/HTML-like syntax. Typescript is not natively supported by React.

    Angular utilizes JavaScript or Typescript. Typescript is compact so debugging is easier.

  8. Architecture: Angular Vs React

    Angular is a Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework that is less flexible than React.

    React is a lightweight, UI component library that does not have many crucial in-built features that Angular has. Thus, React applications often require the implementation of additional libraries.

  9. State management in Angular vs.React

    State management for React is handled by libraries such as Helmet, Redux, and React Router.

    Angular can make use of NgRx and RxJS libraries.

  10. Templates: Angular Vs React

    Templates and logic are discussed at the end of every element in React for users to understand easily. The templates and syntax in Angular are complicated and are tough to understand.

  11. Productivity and Development speed in Angular vs.React

    Angular CLI helps design functional applications quickly using single-line commands and built-in features. React developers need to choose the third-party library appropriately for quick application development.

  12. Mobile App Solutions: Angular Vs React

    Angular does not provide any official support for building mobile applications. However, expert Angular developers use third-party frameworks like Cordova, Ionic, and NativeScript.

    React provides a native UI experience and allows the creation of elements in code written in Kotlin and Java.

  13. Testing in Angular Vs React

    Testing and debugging in Angular for an entire project using a single tool.

    React, however, requires a variety of tools for testing.

  14. Data binding in Angular Vs React

    Angular uses a two-way binding feature such that modifying the app data changes the UI as well.

    React uses a one-way data binding feature such that UI elements cannot be changed without updating the model state.

  15. Learning curve in Angular Vs React

    Angular has a steep learning curve and the entry barrier is high as it demands knowledge of various concepts like  dependency injection, RxJS etc.

    Expert Angular developers usually have strong backgrounds in languages like Java, C and C++ as TypeScript shares a lot of common features with them.

    React only requires a firm grasp of JavaScript.

    For Angular Vs React, Angular has a much steeper learning curve as compared to React.

  16. Talent availability and Hiring demand

    We can use the Angular Vs React statistics from The State of JS 2021 Survey to conclude that React is more popular than Angular.

    Talent availability and Hiring demand - Angular

    Talent availability and Hiring demand - React

    Thus, it seems like finding Angular developers is tougher than those who code in React.

    Deciding between Angular Vs React for your project depends on your personal preference.

When to choose React: Use Cases

ReactJS is ideal for projects that need :

  • multiple events
  • customized app solution
  • shareable components

If your project has a complex UI and your team is only familiar with HTML, CSS and Javascript; you should choose ReactJS. React is perfect for single-page applications with multiple components.

When to choose Angular: Use Cases

Angular is perfect for projects that are :

  • of low/medium complexity
  • gearing towards better productivity
  • feature-rich and large-scale

If your project requires ready-made solutions and your team is skilled in languages that are similar to TypeScript (Java, C); you should choose Angular. Angular is better for complex, enterprise-ready applications.

Angular Vs React: Which is better?

After comparing every aspect of both Angular Vs React, we have come to the conclusion that each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

They are both powerful tools, and the comparison between the two depends on the developer’s needs. Both can be used for mobile and web applications.

So regardless of what you choose between Angular Vs React, you should select a great web development partner. For a quality product, hire Javascript developers that can assist you on your Angular or React project.

How SolGuruz can help with React development and Angular development?

If you choose React for your project, you will have to hire ReactJS developers from a ReactJS development company.

If you choose Angular for your project, you will have to hire Angular developers from an Angular development company.

A great, pocket-friendly option for you on your application creating journey is to hire expert Angular developers  from a Top-Rated Angular development company.

We at SolGuruz have expert frontend developers who can help to evaluate your frontend architecture or help you implement the frontend using Angular or React.

If your project needs a framework that is neither Angular or React, you can hire VueJs developers or you can hire NextJs developers.

SolGuruz even has expert VueJs developers and expert NextJs developers who can assist you on projects that use VueJs or NextJs.


Is React taking over Angular?

Angular is mostly used by enterprises whereas React is used for smaller systems. While React’s popularity has significantly taken over Angular’s recently, Angular is used by tech giants like Microsoft and Google. React seems like the faster and simpler platform to get started with while building web applications.

Is learning React easier as compared to Angular?

React is easier to learn for JavaScript beginners. Angular is easier to learn if you have a C# or Java background.

How is React different from Angular?

React is simple and has a syntax that is easy to understand for beginners. Angular offers flexibility and a wide range of features. React renders pages at a faster rate than Angular. Applications made using React usually require extra modules and components while Angular usually provides full-fledged solutions.

Which is better: React or Angular?

They are both powerful tools, and the comparison between the two depends on the developer’s needs.

Angular vs React: Which is the Top JavaScript Framework in 2023?

Due to its usage of virtual DOM and optimized rendering, ReactJS is currently more popular than Angular in 2023.

What are the use cases of React?

React is perfect for single-page applications with multiple components. It is used in cases involving multiple events, customized application solutions and shareable components.

What are the use cases of Angular?

Angular is better for complex, enterprise-ready applications. It is used in cases that are of low/medium complexity, are gearing towards better productivity and are feature-rich and large-scale.

Which is a top Angular development company in India?

If you are looking to hire Angular developers who have extensive knowledge and expertise in Angular web development, SolGuruz is a renowned solution in this field that you can trust for the service.

Which is a top React development company in India?

If you are looking to hire ReactJS developers who have extensive knowledge and expertise in React web development, SolGuruz is a renowned solution in this field that you can trust for the service.

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