Empowering Wellness - The Bakoomba Fitness Portal Journey

We invented a fitness web application that can set goals, track daily workout sessions, and guide motivationally for staying healthy and fit. From daily workout sessions to tracking calorie intake, we designed Bakoomba as your personalized fitness trainer.

SolGuruz Fitness Portal Program Detail Screen




Web & Backend Development

Project length

2 months


UX/UI Design, Web Development, Backend CMS Development

About the Project

In this modern age, staying healthy is important to cope with daily routine and stress. Our client belongs to the fitness industry and wanted to design an application to help busy people manage workout sessions from home. If designed correctly and with specific measures, fitness apps can help people avoid gym fees as the web app covers everything about your body.

About the SolGuruz Fitness Portal Project

The Problem

Our team faced a few challenges while designing Bakoomba in the web backend, such as cross-browser compatibility, performance optimization, data security and privacy, performance on low-bandwidth connections, and other UX challenges. We wanted to build a fitness app that streams the videos easily, even during the low bandwidth or connection hours. For us, the continuous streaming of the videos without creating an obstacle during the user's workout was highly crucial.

The Solution

We utilized the CSS frameworks and libraries that helped with consistent styling and behavior amongst the different browsers. To help with performance optimization, our team focused on optimizing the images and browser caching. We also made our app available offline to help fitness freaks perform their workout sessions during low bandwidth or no connectivity by allowing them to download their favorite fitness workouts for offline streaming. Nevertheless, we managed the users' data security by implementing the end-to-end data encryption policy.

SolGuruz Fitness Portal Program Detail Screen

Our End-to-End Development Process

We at SolGuruz follow a detailed software development process to deliver excellence. Let's dive deep into the process.

Demand and Ball-Park Quotation Phase

Here, we understand the client’s initial and long-term job requirements to give a valid yet reliable quotation mentioning cost and timeline.

UX/UI Design

Our development team starts settling for the application's core by defining a user-perspective UI/UX interface to attract maximum engagement.

Development and Testing

We follow the agile development process for building a thoughtful and reliable app, followed by rigorous app testing practices to launch a fully-functional app.


We optimize the software with 100% configuration to launch it in the LIVE market by setting up servers, data management, and other infrastructure components.

Design Style Guidelines

We used the following color palette and typography to design and develop the fitness web app.


User Panel

We designed a very friendly user panel that helps users with quick registration and login with a personalized dashboard. As per the workout preferences, the user gets automatic suggestions for streaming the fitness videos. Users get every program's description and goal-setting criteria for better fitness management.

Fitness Portal User Panel Login Screen
Fitness Portal User Panel Home Screen
Fitness Portal User Panel Program Details Screen
Fitness Portal User Panel Video Screen

Admin Panel

Admins can create new workouts, edit the existing workouts, and delete the workouts that are least watched or streamed by the users. We designed a very friendly admin panel to help the app owner manage the earnings and workout sessions with useful app insights and analytics.

Fitness Portal Admin Panel Workout Screen
Fitness Portal Admin Panel Section Screen
Fitness Portal Admin Panel Exercises Screen

Security Practices Implemented

There are various aspects of security taken care of. They include Network security, Data security, Cloud Security, Application Security, and Endpoint security.

Data Encryption

Encrypted the data both in transit and at rest by using methods like full disk encryption and Encrypted web connection(HTTP protocol with SSL certificate.

oAuth 2.0

oAUTH2.0 helps prevent maliious attacks orchestrated by unauthorized users and makes sure that system is accessed by only authorized and authenticated users.

AWS Firewall

Configured Firewalls on AWS instances and databases to allow limited access.

Source code obfuscation

Implemented Source code obfuscation practices to make the source-code in unreadable format, and so it would be difficult to temper or reverse engineer the released app’s executable file.

Automated Backup and Rollback

Configured cloud instances to take backup at regular intervals and so a particular version can be rolled back when required automatically.

The Conclusion

To ensure a seamless workout session streaming, we finally overcame all the challenges by implementing advanced web backend solutions. Our final product was bug-free, swift, and with an offline usage policy. We are happy to see millions of people leading their fitness path successfully with the Bakoomba fitness application.

The app was delivered ahead of schedule, leaving the client impressed with SolGuruz efficiency. The vendor ensured a seamless customer experience by always addressing queries and requests promptly. Moreover, they worked flexibly to accommodate any ad hoc tasks and followed a professional approach.

Arinzon Pascle
Arinze Pascal

CEO, Bakoomba Fitness

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