Diamond Jewellery Website Development

We totally transformed our client’s diamond-selling pattern by taking their business online. Our client finally unlocked the essence of elegance in the digital realm with their first diamond-selling website.







Project Timeline

16 Weeks



SolGuruz Diamond Jewellery Website Development

About Platform

Our client is a luxury diamond retailer for whom we designed and developed a robust digital realm for selling their diamond jewellery online. To cater to a wider audience, we designed a user-friendly and quick-loading diamond website showcasing thousands of diamond products for sale.

SolGuruz About Diamond Jewellery PlatformSolGuruz About Diamond Jewellery Website
SolGuruz About Diamond Jewellery WebSolGuruz About Diamond Development Website

The Challenge

Maintaining a legacy is always challenging when a luxury diamond retailer chooses to transform their selling attributes. Our website development team worked efficiently to define pure craftsmanship while designing the diamond portal for our esteemed client.

  • Transforming Legacy for a Long-Established Brand While Preserving its Heritage

  • Building Customer Interest in Buying Online

  • Payment Security and Trust

  • A Few Technical Complexities

  • Immersive User Experience

SolGuruz About Diamond Development Website
SolGuruz Challanges Diamond Development Website

The Solution

Our web development and business teams had quite a detailed brainstorming and strategic thinking for giving the best shot to an established diamond brand’s online transformation journey. We brought a strategic vision to our UX/UI approach that helped overcome all the challenges.

  • Understanding the Client’s Brand Vision, History, Values, and Vision.

  • Crafting a User-Centric Design.

  • Seamless User Journey for Customer Browing and Shopping Experience.

  • Integrated State-of-the-Art Encryption and Authentication.

  • Sophisticated Customization Module

Design Process

We followed a systematic and agile approach to designing our client’s diamond website. Here is how we strategically defined the website development stage, from problem identification to QA testing.

Diamond Website Problem Identification

Problem Identification

Diamond Website Define


Diamond Website Ideate


Diamond Website Prototype


Diamond Website Development


Diamond Website Test



Here is a detailed timeline of our diamond website development project, defining our process and updates every week.

Diamond Website Timeline

Style Guide

Refer to our diamond portal style guide for a quick idea about the typography and colors.





Spectral SC





Refer to our professional wireframe of the diamond website development project. We follow this pattern for developing a user-centric website.

SolGuruz Diamond Jewellery Website Wireframe

Visual Design

Our website development team poured their heart and soul into making this diamond jewellery portal look visually rich and attractive.

SolGuruz Diamond Jewellery Website Visual Design

Security Practices Implemented

There are various aspects of security taken care of. They include Network security, Data security, Cloud Security, Application Security and Endpoint security.

Data Encryption

Encrypted the data both in transit and at rest by using methods like full disk encryption and Encrypted web connection(HTTP protocol with SSL certificate.

oAuth 2.0

oAUTH2.0 helps prevent maliious attacks orchestrated by unauthorized users and makes sure that system is accessed by only authorized and authenticated users.

AWS Firewall

Configured Firewalls on AWS instances and databases to allow limited access.

Source code obfuscation

Implemented Source code obfuscation practices to make the source-code in unreadable format, and so it would be difficult to temper or reverse engineer the released app’s executable file.

Automated Backup and Rollback

Configured cloud instances to take backup at regular intervals and so a particular version can be rolled back when required automatically.

Tech Stack


The Conclusion

With our client’s trust and support, we built a lavishing diamond-selling platform that is both SEO and user-friendly. Our web development team successfully captivated our audience’s interest, and overall, it was a fruitful experience to overcome a few challenges and define solutions to them.

Paresh and his team helped us with further developing our Diamond website. Always helpful and willing to help without greediness which I appreciate. The team instituted a smooth workflow by being highly attentive to the needs. Moreover, the team boasted exceptional communication skills and was always willing to lend a helping hand. I am looking forward to doing business with them again.

Tomer Levi

BYL Diamonds, Business Development

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