Top Flutter App Development Trends In 2024

This blog will explain why Flutter has become a trending tool and what are the top Flutter app development trends. What is unique about Flutter, and which popular apps were built with Flutter?

By Paresh Mayani

Last updated on: February 7, 2024

Top Flutter App Development Trends

Which is the most popular framework with a vibrant community and superb with plugins, widgets, animations, and libraries? Got the answer?

Ok, one more hint…

Which is the most accepted cross-platform framework by developers worldwide? Well, now you know, and butterflies are “Fluttering” in your gut.

You guessed it right. Flutter.

If you are thinking of creating your app with Flutter, and if you are a modern-day human being, you understand it is so necessary to stay in trend. You should check out this blog to learn more about Flutter app development trends that can help you stay in the league and win the game. Let’s dive in!

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a relatively new mobile app development SDK allowing developers to create Android and iOS apps. Google created the open-source Flutter framework and portable UI toolkit to make it easier to create stunning, natively built, cross-platform applications for desktop, mobile, and the web from a single codebase.

Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK for building high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in record time. It comes with its own IDE, debugging tools, and much more.

Flutter was developed in May 2017. The programming language used here is Dart, which Google developed in October 2011. Dart is developed in such a way that it is considered to have a declarative and programmable layout, which is easy to read and visualize.

The current version of Flutter is 3.16, and the current version of Dart is 3.2.

Top Benefits of Flutter

Top benefits of flutter framework, which is a cross-platform app development tool

Here are a few benefits of Flutter that make Flutter any developer’s choice. These features help in developing innovative and engaging apps. Let’s look into the various features like:

  1. Single codebase

    There were multiple codes for the same application to run on different platforms like Android and iOS. Flutter has a single codebase, i.e., a straightforward code for all the platforms. For example, Flutter writes a single code for an application that runs on all platforms.

    Many developers faced complications while writing multiple codes for a single application, and then Flutter came up with this trendy feature. Writing code in a single code base is not that complicated.

    While getting your app developed, you can discuss your needs with the Flutter app development agency. Outsourcing Flutter app development with an experienced Flutter app development agency is a wise choice.

  2. Widgets

    Flutter widgets play an essential role in the design of the application. Widgets are the elements that are seen on screen. Widgets are dependent on codes.

    A widget tree in Flutter is the process of creating a user interface. The sequence of widgets decides the view on the screen. Most of the other app development frameworks don’t have this option. This feature helps in the development of applications and in following one of the Flutter app development trends like web and desktop Flutter app development.

    Widgets are of two types:

    The two types of widgets in Flutter are

    • Stateless Widgets- A stateless widget constructs a cluster of other widgets that more precisely define the user interface to explain a portion of the user interface.
    • Stateful Widget- Dynamic widgets are stateful widgets. Based on user interaction or data modification, they can be updated in real-time. Stateful Widgets can re-render if the input data changes or if the state of the widget changes because they have an internal state.
  3. Hot Reload

    The main aim of the hot reload is to save the state of output even if the code is edited during runtime. With the hot reload feature, no critical state is lost if the code is updated during the runtime. In other words, Flutter allows changing the code while the code is running. This makes it one of the favorite Flutter app development trends.

  4. Advanced API

    For a user, an app should have a better design and be user-friendly. Flutter has advanced APIs that help in faster, smoother animations.  HTTP and REST are advanced APIs; Flutter supports those two APIs.  Flutter provides the HTTP package to use HTTP resources.

  5. Easy Testing

    The applications that are built using Flutter are easy to test. Testing an application across all platforms is not necessary.
    Testing in Flutter has three stages.

    • Unit Testing- Unit testing tests a single method, class, or function. This testing aims to verify the correctness of a function. The confidence level of the application that would work is low with low maintenance cost. The dependencies are few, with quick execution speed.
    • Widget Testing – Widget testing tests a single widget. The main aim of this testing is to verify that a widget looks and works as expected. The confidence level is higher than unit testing. The maintenance cost is higher than in unit testing. The dependencies are more than unit testing. The execution speed is quick.
    • Integration Testing – Integration testing tests a complete app. This testing aims to verify all the widgets interact and perform properly. The confidence level is the highest of all. The maintenance cost is the highest of all. The dependencies are the most. The execution speed is slow.
  6. Best for MVP Development

    Flutter is one of the best platforms for building a Minimum Viable Product. Since Flutter is open source, low maintenance, easy to test, and has a single codebase, the development of an app does not take much time. Many developers prefer Flutter for MVP development as it saves time and capital.

  7. Google Support

    As Google’s product, Flutter is fully backed by Google. Google built Flutter to make aesthetic, natively compiled applications with multiple features. Features like code reusability and hot reload are standout features of Flutter. Google has designed Flutter so that even if you are planning to use Flutter for hybrid apps, it will be very cost-effective and time-saving. Flutter built Google Ads mobile application, and now it’s trying to build Google Pay 3.0.

  8. Cross-Platform Native Performance

    Flutter has this fantastic feature: even though the apps built are cross-platform, it gives a native performance, which means the application has no compromise in performance and design.
    Due to this feature, many big organizations like BMW have opted for cross-platform and come to the list of companies following Flutter app development trends. Flutter is one of the most popular cross-platform app development frameworks.

  9. Own Rendering Engine

    To increase efficiency and reduce design costs, every app must be rendered. Flutter does not need a rendering engine to render apps. Since it has its own rendering engine named Skia, it is a two-dimensional graphics library used to convert user interfaces into pixels. Many other frameworks need this feature. Hence, Some extra lines of code must be written to render. Flutter eliminates the extra parts.

  10. Games Toolkit

    Flutter has released a game toolkit with its latest release in May 2022. Now, expert flutter developers have an opportunity to build games. Since there is huge demand, many gaming companies may hire flutter developers now.

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How is Flutter setting up the app development trends in 2024?

After going through the features, it is time to know the “Why” of Flutter’s popularity. Why is Flutter gaining so much popularity, and how is it setting the trends?

If an application is built, it should be tested on various platforms. It takes more time to write the same functionalities in different languages, in addition to it that consumes more time.

There are some cross-platform development frameworks, but they do not give a native performance. Most developers use Flutter for startups because it’s open source. Flutter app development services offer mobile and web application development with cross-platform that can easily run on iOS and Android devices. Most popular apps were built with Flutter, like Google Ads, Google Lens, and others.

Dream11 is a startup company that used Flutter as its developing Framework. Some enterprises use Flutter for their app development.

Alibaba Group was an SME that used Flutter, and now, more than 100 million Android users are registered with Alibaba Group. More than 10 million users are downloading this app. From then on, Flutter for SMEs has been the best choice.

Flutter is used not only for developing mobile apps but also for building web and desktop applications. Read More about it in the Top Flutter app development trends section.

Flutter produces results quite quickly.

According to Statista’s report on Cross-platform mobile frameworks used by software developers worldwide from 2019 to 2021, Flutter is the most popular framework.

Top 10 apps developed with Flutter

Here are the top 10 apps that are developed with Flutter and are harnessing the benefits of Flutter.

Top 10 apps developed with Flutter

  1. Google Ads

    Google Ads is a mobile application built with Flutter. The user is not limited to only using the Google Ads mobile application at work. The features of the desktop version are also present in this. The user can access statistics and update bids and budgets in real-time. Users can also contact Google experts through this app.

  2. eBay

    eBay is a motor application in which we can buy and sell cars. Previously, the eBay company did not have an app. In 2018, they requested the building of an app for their company. The main reason to use Flutter is that the company needed the app within a year for both Android and iOS platforms, so developers used Flutter to fulfill the requirements from eBay.

  3. Hamilton

    Hamilton is a famous company; everyone is aware of it, and this was their official app. Hamilton decided to build an app so that they could entertain their fans in and out of the auditorium. The features of Flutter, like a single codebase, hot reload, and user interface, helped them to build their app as per expectations. This app has a karaoke feature in it, which allows people to sing their favorite songs with their voices.

  4. BMW

    Earlier, BMW was highly focused on the iOS platform. Later, they realized that they also needed their app to be run on Android. Also, they needed the same performance of their app, which was running on iOS and Android. So, the developers built the app using Flutter.

  5. CrowdSource

    Initially, CrowdSource used Flutter to overcome a challenging feature of ‘Smart Camera’. The Flutter development succeeded, and they gained confidence in the tool. So, they built the entire app using Flutter. The app was built very quickly with no significant problems.

  6. Reflecty

    Reflecty had only two engineers. The first version of Reflecty was built using a traditional cross-platform framework. Later, they found that there were a lot of differences between the Android and iOS platforms. They found a solution in Flutter. They were able to build an app for both Android and iOS in just 2.5 months.

  7. Push

    Push is wearable for athletes, and users constantly request an Android application. They were a small team; they wanted to build an app for Android and iOS users. So, they used Flutter to build their app.

  8. Google Pay

    Google Pay is a payment app. It allows users across the world to pay, save, and manage expenses. Google Pay migrated to Flutter mainly because it would enable fast and resource-efficient scaling.

  9. 4 Pics 1 Word

    Lotum’s flagship game, 4 Pics 1 Word, needed to be refreshed as the number of users increased. Initially, they maintained separate codebases for each platform. As the team grew, their development time went into troubleshooting, and hence, they faced major problems in either of their platforms. Their code was cross-platform, but their performance was not native. They required a cross-platform and native performance. Since Flutter is cross-platform and native performance and has a rendering engine, it helped Lotum overcome the problem.

  10. Dream11

    Dream11 is an app that allows users to select players and create their own teams in sports. The three-person Dream11 team opted to test Flutter when they realized they required a new multiplatform solution to create an innovative user experience. The team was looking for a framework that would help in developing both Android and iOS. Flutter helped them to build their app as per their expectations.

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Top Flutter App Development Trends in 2024

Now that you have gone through the features and why Flutter is trending, let us look at Flutter app development trends that are going to raise the bar in 2024.

  1. AI-powered Flutter Apps

    AI-powered Flutter Apps development

    The Flutter AI is gaining popularity in the era of generative AI. Tools like ChatGPT can quickly assist you in Flutter coding. Flutter AI uses natural language processing to create human-like chatbots. Applications reading user behavior and user data patterns and recommending content implement machine learning. Flutter apps are popular for their native applications, but Flutter for hybrid apps can help businesses who want to save costs and launch on multiple platforms. Flutter AI is continuously evolving the app world.

    Developers could also utilize machine learning algorithms to carry out prediction processes using end-user data automatically. AI-powered mobile apps using Flutter enable the analysis of current codebases, trend recognition, and production of code, along with functionalities to speed up development and reduce errors during the process.

    A fitness dancing app, Vivafit, uses Flutter AI to suggest workout plans, giving home fitness new heights. Google Lens is yet another well-known, well-used example of implementing AI and computer vision CV to identify objects or human faces to perform image-related searches.

  2. Web and Desktop Flutter Applications

    Web and Desktop application development using Flutter

    Another trend that will continue in the following years is the creation of Flutter web apps. Flutter, with its many benefits, is a leading framework of choice for developers. Flutter developers can create aesthetically pleasing, high-performing desktop and web applications.

    When creating web apps with Flutter, developers can reuse a large portion of the code as code reusability and make minor adjustments before deploying.

    The hot reload feature helps developers make changes in real-time. With all these features, productivity is highly increased and results in impeccable user experience. To make your web application engaging and dynamic, you can incorporate animations, transitions, and effects.  The seamless transitions not only help the user interface but are also cost-effective.

    The Flutter app development cost is competent when a comparative cost analysis is done. The best feature of Flutter Web is that you can use its configurable widgets and built-in plugins to create sophisticated and beautiful user interfaces. An everyday example of Flutter is Google Ads.

    Google Ads is a mobile application built with Flutter. Google Ads is available in both desktop and mobile app versions. The user can access statistics and update bids and budgets in real-time. Users can also contact Google experts through this app.

  3. IoT – Internet of “Flutter” Things

    The need for IoT connection with Flutter apps was evident in 2023 and is predicted to grow much more in the coming year. Flutter apps can interact with several smart devices, sensors, and other systems for monitoring and controlling linked devices and appliances, thanks to the Internet of Things.

    Cross-platform assistance is among the benefits of Flutter, which allows developers to host their IoT functions on any device. It helps in the development of software that provides intelligent systems—which may exchange information and actions with users—with real-time information. Even conglomerates also understood the importance of implementing cross-platform apps.

    BMW initially was focused on the iOS platform only. Later, they realized if they wanted to cater to a larger target audience, then it was necessary to target the Android platform as well. When the deciding factor became performance then, Flutter was the only choice they opted for.

  4. Wearables

    Wearables have established a distinct market segment. Because laptops and mobile devices lack sensors and scanning capabilities, they are now always needed. Wearable apps will accelerate the future technological revolution. Thus, it’s critical to employ a framework that improves the features’ seamless integration. Flutter’s flexibility and adaptability provide new possibilities for app creation, particularly in the wearable technology industry. To improve user experience, Flutter will soon extend its support to wearables like pedometers and wristwatches.

    In order to construct these intelligent wearables that can integrate Android platforms and provide customers with a seamless and engaging experience, businesses need to search for a Flutter app development company. One example of this is Flutter implementation in Wear OS.

    Wear OS is a popular wearable OS backed by Google, and Flutter’s native capabilities make it even more impressive for wearable app development.

  5. Instant Apps

    Flutter instant apps are destined to rise in demand since they load faster and have many versions for different OS to address memory and performance problems.

    Convenience will be a primary factor in 2024, particularly in the Flutter app development space. An immediate app is the most effective way to grow your business and build strong customer relationships. To use its features and content, you do not have to install an immediate program. With these apps, you may reduce space on your iPhone while still taking advantage of the features that make them useful.

  6. State Restoration

    You have probably noticed that sometimes when you open your background-running applications, they restart from the beginning. In other cases, you may lose everything you’ve written or scrolled to, or you may not end up where you left off.

    This occurs as a result of the mobile operating system terminating running applications to free up memory and processing power when they run in the background. This implies that although the application is launched as a new one, the last “state” is restored. Hence, state restoration.

    When the operating system terminates an application in the background, state restoration kicks in and lets the user continue with the experience and bring the application to its original state. This implies that the user may return to the same place.

    State restoration primarily helps in sensitive scenarios like booking tickets or transferring funds, making a payment, or entering the details in any form.

  7. Flutter Animation

    Flutter Animation

    Animation is a powerful way to make anything interesting. In the mobile and web app development industry, it is more so responsible for the smooth transitions and app interactions of the user. The animation package in the Flutter library is used to create eye-catching visuals.

    Different widgets and Tweens are used to create an impeccable user experience, making app development with Flutter an exciting avenue for the coming years. This is another reason for Flutter games gaining popularity, and 2024 is undoubtedly going to see a significant rise in this trend.

    When working with animation, hire Flutter developers who are creative and well-versed in the nitty-gritty of the Flutter animation package. Creativity is the cherry on top, which indeed makes the whole project a unique one.

  8. Null Safety

    Are you getting runtime errors but are unable to debug them?

    After lengthy revisions of code and multiple look-downs, you pinpointed the error.

    “In the source code – A method supposed to have an integer, having a null value instead of an integer.You got a Runtime error! 

    It is a very well-known scenario in the developer community and the irritation it creates. To avoid this, Null Safety was introduced in Dart 2.12 and Flutter 2.0, and since then, it has been a prime feature in Flutter Basket. Dart 3 has built-in null safety, which reduces the possibility of runtime error.

    It assists in the creation of reliable code and has been adopted by Flutter developers. Null Safety is proving to be quite helpful in Flutter apps since it can remove null references, which are one of the most frequent causes of crashes and issues.

  9. Flutter Apps for large screens

    The next big thing is developing apps for large screens. With the current trend of foldable devices in the mobile app industry, Android devices are booming, and the number of large screens is even higher. The number is 270 million large screens for Android devices, and it is increasing day by day. When considering the Android guidelines for large screens, there are three tiers.

    • Large screen ready
    • Large screen optimized
    • Large screen differentiated

    Flutter apps for large screens include tablets, foldable devices, and others. Flutter app development agencies are well aware of this trend, and a good one will integrate it into the application to keep you ahead in the game.

  10. FLUTTERing in the 2D game zone

    Gaming is the future. With AR/VR giving a new definition to gaming, it is also time for game development to take a step forward. Flutter game development in 2D is the latest update and is going to stay in 2024 and beyond.

    When we say flutter for gaming, it comes loaded with many benefits, such as being highly productive with the hot-reload feature. The other thing is that Flutter games load faster and perform well in comparison to others.

    A great benefit is Flutter is open-source and free to download and install. Flutter AR is another feature that gives gaming a new dimension. Flame engine came as a solution to the problems in the flutter-developed games. Features like the game loop, collision detection, gesture, and input handling set Flame as avant-garde for Flutter gaming apps.

    “Super Dash” is a prominent example of 2D flutter gaming that implements the flame engine to support gaming and animation.

It’s a Wrap!

If you want to integrate these trends into your application, then look for a strategic partner who offers Flutter app development services that provide app development with Flutter. The Flutter developers are skilled and experienced in accomplishing various projects in different industry verticals.

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Is Flutter good for app development in 2024?

When working with the Android and iOS platforms, Flutter excels. You won’t need to maintain two different files for the same outcome thanks to this one-time coding functionality. To mention a few benefits, it provides faster deployment, simultaneous app updates, a unified codebase for both iOS and Android, and higher efficiency.

What are the mobile app development trends for 2024?

Mobile app developments with Flutter are the biggest trend in 2024. Developers found Flutter has more benefits than other frameworks. Not only do developers complete their projects, but many companies are also hiring Flutter developers. Better versions of Flutter have been released with each update.

Which is the best technology to choose for mobile app development in 2024?

Flutter is the best technology for mobile app development in 2024. Flutter’s code reusability permits you to compose only one codebase and use it for portable Android and iOS as well as in any event, for web, work area and that’s just the beginning. Flutter app development in 2024 makes developing mobile apps quite faster and easier.

Is Flutter good for MVP development?

Being an open source, Flutter supplements MVP development. Flutter has become the trending source for MVP development. With Flutter expanding the speed of the development interaction, app development becomes improved. Without Flutter, developers need to natively develop their MVP apps for both Android and iOS systems.

What is the future of Flutter app development?

Presently Flutter is utilized for enterprise applications also. Developers are certain that the future of application improvement has a place with Flutter with the speed it is starting the precedent in portable turn of events.

Can flutter be used for developing web and desktop apps?

Numerous developers universally consider Flutter for web development because of the large number of highlights it brings to the table. Since its presentation, it has been productive in making app development more straightforward than local apps. Many developers use Flutter for desktop application development.

Which is a top flutter app development company in India?

SolGuruz is an app development firm, which consists of the top Flutter developers and one of the Flutter development agencies in the country. It is one of the top Flutter development company in India that can cover the whole Frontend, Testing and sectors with the help of some top-notch tools used by some of the biggest businesses in the world.

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