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25 Top UI/UX Design Trends to Look For in 2024

Dive into the creative and intuitive world of UI/UX designs and discover which are the best UI/UX design trends in 2024 that will top the charts.
top UI/UX design Trends

Another new year, and here we are with what’s new in UI/UX design trends.

In the last couple of years, the world has gone through a significant change due to the pandemic and changing global scenarios. Developers also came up with brilliant designs that grabbed many eyeballs.

Having an updated user interface makes your application or website stand out. Every new update is directed to simplify the challenges and enhance the user experience of a visitor. But with AI jumping into the mix, the design game has reached new futuristic heights. UI design system, along with CX(Customer Experience), now holds the control for any design to be a success.

Even if we talk statistically, a human only has an attention span of 7 seconds. That means developers have to work smarter to engage people into sticking with their design for a more extended period.

So, let’s dive into the latest UI/UX design trends that will help you meet your goals.

25 Latest UI/UX Design Trends in 2024

Let’s dive straight into the best UI/UX design trends to look for in 2024:

  1. Generative design (aka AI automation in UI UX Design)

    Generative design (aka AI automation in UI UX Design)
    AI plays an integral role in establishing your digital platform. The future speaks of artificial intelligence, and if you aren’t listening to it now, there are chances of your brand being pushed away by your competitors. If we talk about basics, artificial intelligence is made to mimic the human brain, which is faster and more accurate.

    Generative AI can be of great assistance in creative outputs. As a UI/UX designer, AI can assist you and render your creativity into a mesmerizing output that you can finetune according to your ideas. With the advent of AI, the trend has sped up the design process, and undoubtedly, in the coming year, it is going to pace up.

    One excellent design tool is Spline, which uses AI prompts to generate objects, animations, and textures. It assists the designer with the designing process, which in turn enhances designer productivity. Hire web designers who are creative and open to learning and implementing AI in the projects.

  2. Metaverse Reality

    Metaverse Reality Design

    Immersive Experiences through Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Extended Reality (XR)

    With Metaverse knocking on Gen-Next tech doors, the use of AR/VR and XR is taking us towards the design evolution. The virtual experiences are more and more fueled by creative design and interactive user interfaces. UI/UX design services offer tech like AR/VR to integrate immersive experiences into the application.

    Since the last decade, we have seen developers creating technology that’s totally out of the box, and AR/VR is one of them. This design trend promotes the use of realistic 3-D visuals in the real world.

    Many apps use augmented reality, and one of them is IKEA. It is a furniture store available both online and offline. So, if you want to purchase something, you can easily select an item of your choice and then scan the space where your item would be placed.

    The application will measure the chosen spot and refer to furniture that would complement the space. It also allows users to place the furniture on the surface using augmented reality. You can refer to the above video to have a look at what we are talking about here.

  3. Voice User Interface (VUI)

    Voice User Interface (VUI)
    A voice control option is becoming standard, not an extravagance. According to statistics, the majority of smartphone users use voice searches. In order to increase the number of users who can engage with their applications, many digital platforms now include voice control capabilities.

    A number of artificial intelligence technologies, including name, entity recognition, automatic speech recognition, and speech synthesis, are coordinated to create the Voice User Interface (VUI). Voice control search integration is substantially faster than typing and offers consumers a lot more versatility. This year, a lot more apps should include voice control functionality.

  4. Chatbot

    Chatbot Design
    Most applications now have a chatbot feature to help users with information that mimics human interaction. By the end of 2021, 80% of companies will use one or the other chatbot systems and direct their workforce into projects that require their efforts.

    Integrating such advanced technology helps minimize unnecessary investment in the workforce. Not only are brands willing to opt for a chatbot model, but people are also comfortable chatting like this.

    Users get instant responses, making it easier to move forward than waiting to connect to a person who would give them a similar answer. Opting for a chatbot is a win-win situation for both sides, and you should try it for your application or website as well.

  5. Bento Box, aka Bento Grids

    Bento Box, aka Bento Grids is one of the recent most UI/UX Design Trends
    Compartmentalization is not just limited to tiffin boxes; now, it is very much present in the design. Bento Box is a Japanese tiffin box concept that inspired the design theme or content organization approach. It is a grid concept that divides the content into different design sections.

    The Windows Phone Lumia is a classic and antique example of a Bento grid. Microsoft Windows is an everyday place where you’ll see bento-inspired grids. Apple is another example in the basket that uses bento grids for its content organization approach.

  6. GL/3D Design

    GL-3D Design is one of the recent UI/UX Design Trends
    3-D design trends were launched years ago but still haven’t gone out of fashion. It is primarily used in minor elements like buttons or icons with a solid background to compliment the design. Incorporating a three-dimensional structure makes the interface stand out and gives a much more realistic view of the web page.

    But the problem with 3-D designs still stands as it did years ago. The complexity of such elements makes the loading process slower, which is not suitable for a website or application.

  7. Adaptive UI

    Adaptive UI Design Trend
    Similar to responsive web design, adaptive design first determines the size of the device before displaying the information. Adaptive design, on the other hand, relies on a fixed layout; rather than rearranging the information according to the device’s size, it loads a customized layout for that particular device. It helps enhance the design system. A UI design system helps in establishing consistency throughout your product.

  8. Brutalism

    Brutalism or Brutal Design is the latest UI/UX Design Trend
    Brutal loosely translates to raw. When a bare, raw, and erratic design approach is used, it is Brutalism in design. The stark, objective, and frequently unusual aesthetics of this style are derived from architectural brutalism.

    This development will introduce modularity and the division of semantic components in 2024. You can experiment with scale differences in the pictures, text, and graphics. It helps add striking details to the design and gives a wholesome, raw look. Hire mobile app designers who can implement the latest UI/UX design trends and have proven expertise in them.

    Are you Curious about a web revamp with the latest UI/UX design trends like Brutalism

  9. Storytelling through Scrolls

    Storytelling is an art that, when combined with tech, can alter and impact the message it sends. Elements like correct typography, animated illustrations, bold colors, and transitions are used to make it more interesting. Telling a story through scrolling is an excellent choice to build a strong brand image that conveys your business goals and values. It keeps the user hooked for a good time and makes them feel like part of the story.

    Many developers are opting for storytelling to build empathy and bring emotions toward the brand. Storytelling is often part of the branding process, and experts feel its necessity in this competitive era.

  10. Big and Bold Typography

    Big and Bold Typography Design Trend
    Typography is nothing new. Bold TyPoGrApHy is a vintage style that designers frequently employ to draw user attention to convey important messages. It has always been a choice of artistic mind, but recently, it has become more popular. It is one of the best UI/UX design trends to conquer in 2024.

    The coming year is going to see a trend of typography usage to highlight design or essential elements. It is generally used in design for users to take action. The best use can be seen in the CTAs, logos, and other places. One relatable example of typography is the logo of IBM, which realizes the power of just plain, simple, and bold typography.

  11. Spatial Design

    With the launch of Apple Vision Pro, spatial design took over the future of UX design. Responsive web design, user interaction in different planes, and more realistic immersive experiences. Spatial design is more about creating familiarity with the known design elements to render a smooth user experience. It gave the visual design a new dimension.  Many more products that include spatial design can be expected in the years to come.

  12. Vibrant Colors and Gradients

    Colors play an essential role in sculpting brand values and persuading consumers to purchase a product. In a study conducted on the “Impact of color in marketing,” it was found that 90% of people make a perception about a product based on its color. This is all part of color psychology.

    Using the right color triggers emotions in our brains, which is essential for brands to create an emotional bond. 2024 is going to be about a vibrant color palette and gradients. You can ask your UI/UX design partner to play with subtle gradients or bold colors. Generally, subtle color combinations express a more formal setup, while bold color selection is more about showing vibrancy and a different choice.

  13. Minimalism- Less is More

    Minimalism design trend

    With the name, this trend says it all. Minimalism is all about using lesser design elements and making them functional. Decluttering the visual space is the main motto of this UI design trend. This automatically shifts the attention of the user to what is more valuable.

    With the use of negative space and bold color combinations, minimalism attracts user attention to the functional elements. With minimal color usage and design elements, the message is prioritized instantly.

  14. System Theme (Light mode / Dark Mode)

    System Theme - Light mode - dark mode

    With most of us spending our time either on mobile phones or laptops, having a dark theme is a need of the hour. We can confidently place this design trend as a necessity rather than just another creative element. Integrating a dark mode helps viewers in many ways, such as

    • It is safeguarding our eyes from harmful blue rays emitted by the screen.
    •  It is more eco-friendly as it consumes less power than any other design trend.
    • Due to its flexibility, it can be turned on and off as and when you require it.
    • Dark mode makes reading preferable at night without stressing much on the eye.

    When you consult expert UI/UX design services, specify your design needs in detail. As said, “ The devil lies in the details.” So it becomes an easy road for the web designer and you to get along with pre-discussion on design needs.

  15. Glassmorphism

    The Glassmorphism trend is back in town and was relaunched by Apple’s macOS Big Sur in 2020. It became popular with its use in iOS 7 or Windows Vista to interpret a sheer glass effect on the screen. The design is made through various translucent layers, making the elements shine.

    While building a Glassmorphism design, the developers must ensure the right color combination that does not fade out on the screen. If we compare it to the last time, Glassmorphism was in trend in the late ’90s. It has now seemed to evolve with better design elements and a great color palette to complement the look.

  16. Hyperrealism

    By employing this UI/UX design approach, you may produce user interfaces and experiences that realistically and intricately replicate real-world items and settings. Mock-ups, applications, branding, and other things fall under the application domain. Creating compelling and immersive user experiences is the aim here.

    By using methods like complex animations, 3D modeling, and photorealistic rendering, you may give consumers the impression that they are engaging with real-world items. The sensation of “I get what I see” that hyperrealism fosters strengthens consumer loyalty to a company.

  17. Skeuomorphism

    A design approach that mimics real-world objects in design. The simplest and most relatable example of skeuomorphism is “the Notepad icon.” When you open Windows, it helps establish relatability with the real-world notepad diary. By mimicking real-world objects, this concept facilitates first-time users’ understanding of the design better.

    In 2024, skeuomorphism is making a comeback along with flat design. It gives flat screens a layer of depth and aids in improving the designs’ visual aesthetics.

  18. Animations and Illustrated Animations

    The use of animation in applications or web pages can never go wrong. Whether it’s 2-D, 3-D traditional, motion, or custom, you will find the use of animation almost everywhere. These free-form animated designs build a comforting relationship with the visitor.

    Furthermore, adding animations to illustrations is becoming a lot more common on digital platforms. It’s like adding life to characters. These instantly capture the user’s attention and give the brand its personality. These animated illustrations are either made using a contrasting color palette or following a single color-design trend. If used properly, there is no way these design trends will let you down.

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  19. Micro-interactions

    As the name suggests, micro-interactions are a response to the user when they interact with an element. It is conveyed through a color change or with minimalistic animation. These UI design trends often go unnoticed, but they play a significant role in building an interface.

    Micro-interactions are triggered when you scroll, download, receive notifications (remember the bell ringing; that’s an interaction), swipe, socially share, and the list is infinite. These interactions inform the visitor that the task is generated and the results will load soon. Without this, most of us will be confused about whether the app is even working or not.

  20. Neumorphism

    Neumorphism UI design was also trendy last year, and you will indeed find its mention in many similar contents. It is an extension of skeuomorphism, where developers tried mimicking real-world elements into their platform. However, in Neumorphism, the developers try to add dimension and depth to major buttons and icons.

    These elements look pretty sleek and modern with a tint of realistic features. If not used properly, it can be a mess that compromises user experience and makes navigation tricky. Thus, it’s crucial to adopt the right color palette and typography that complements the design, not overshadow it.

  21. Isometric

    These designs are becoming extremely popular as they provide a premium texture even with the simplest elements. This design trend is made with a 3-D view in mind but on a two-dimensional plane. So, a visitor sees a photorealistic object at an angle.

    Brands mostly use isometric designs to build logos, icons, maps, infographics, typography, and many other elements. Incorporating isometric design is much more creative than a flat surface. It lets visitors visualize the story and keeps them hooked. You can use these design elements on the platform to convey information that requires them to see the tiniest details.

  22. Personalization

    Personalization is more of a necessity than just a UI design trend. Statistically, 91% of consumers want to shop from a brand that provides personalized offers and recommendations. And more so, brands have now understood this mindset. Thus, having a technology that interprets user data gives them an interface that offers content specially curated according to their needs.

    Most brands now take personalization seriously and try to be as personal as possible. One such prominent example would be YouTube; you must have often noticed you will get video recommendations for a category once you watch a video. Say you saw a “How to make a Pasta” video. Now you’ll get recommendations for different kinds of pasta and Italian cuisines.

  23. Accessibility

    Accessibility is a cornerstone of user-centered design, not just a fad. Designers will prioritize making user interfaces that are accessible to all users even more in 2024. To guarantee inclusion in UI/UX design, functionality like keyboard navigation, screen readers, and high contrast modes must be included.

    The additional advantage is that it is also helpful for disabled individuals, making electronic devices an extended help for them. While discussing your project needs, you can ask UI/UX design services to offer you such accessibility features in the application design.

  24. Passwordless Theme

    We all hate typing passwords, and sometimes,  remembering them becomes quite a headache. Here, you don’t have to add credentials while logging in to your account, as it is now replaced by a fingerprint sensor and face or voice recognition.

    Isn’t this a convenient option for almost everyone?

    Most applications have already integrated a passwordless theme. Nevertheless, if you face any issues while logging in to your account, there is always an option to attach a backup email or mobile number to get an OTP for authentication.

  25. Sustainable Design

    Sustainability in design?

    Sustainability is an environmental concept, and yes, it impacts the design aspects as well. Some of the trending UI/UX design trends that reflect green changes are the use of dark mode, energy conservation, minimalist design, and others.

    Concerns and discussions about climate change are growing daily. These days, it is hard to close the day without seeing a fresh story on climate change on our feeds. With the growing concern over climate change, a strong emphasis has been placed on sustainability in the most recent UI design trends.

    Utilizing eco-friendly color schemes, cutting energy use, and adding elements that promote environmentally responsible behavior are all parts of green design. This tendency fosters a favorable user perception in addition to being consistent with environmental values.

    A fitness software that gives users virtual trees as a reward for reaching fitness objectives and adds to a virtual forest that mimics actual environmental efforts is a straightforward illustration of the green design method.

How Can SolGuruz Fill in Your UI/UX Design Loopholes?

We believe good design is characterized by design approaches like

  1. Web and Mobile App Design

    The design of your interface represents your ideology. It is the first interface that the user encounters while exploring your web or mobile application. Impressive designs leave an impression on users for quite a while. Users accept cleaner and more user-friendly designs, so it becomes a good practice to adopt them.

    To give you a glimpse of what SolGuruz can offer you, take a look at our Dribble and Behance portfolio.

    Check SolGuruz's Behance Portfolio

    Check SolGuruz's Dribbble Portfolio

  2. Design Systems

    To maintain consistency among the digital products; reusable UI components are used throughout the design. In a nutshell, it is the design language of any company.

    By shaking hands with SolGuruz, you can speak a bold design language by coloring your digital products with our design system.

    SolGuruz Design System

  3. Responsive UI

    A responsive web design qualifies as a good design. Catering to the customer’s design needs while optimizing the interfaces makes a responsive design. Ensuring a seamless user experience by optimizing the interfaces to adapt irrespective of the screen sizes without compromising on the layouts and designs to cater to the best user experience.

    SolGuruz believes in experimenting with new approaches, and hence, our website design with a brutalist approach will speak for itself. You can check out our website design here.

Wrapping Up

These were the latest UX UI trends that will surely rock in 2024.

It’s not feasible to use all of them, but you can surely pick out those tastes that match your brand requirements. Also, take a look at the latest mobile app development trends in 2024 to learn more about what is new in mobile application development.

It’s best that you get help from a professional or Hire web designer or  Hire UI/UX designer from SolGuruz, who will help you design and build appealing, intuitive, and easy-to-navigate websites and mobile applications.

Do you want to Elevate your design game with SolGuruz by implementing the modern design and latest UI/UX Design Trends


What are the Key UI/UX Trends For 2024?

Some of the UI/UX design trends that are going to be big in 2024 are AI/ML assistance in design, Metaverse, 3D, Animations, and Illustrations. Others on the list are micro-interactions, personalization, and emotional designs.

What Benefits Do AI Design Tools Offer for 2024 Trends?

AI tools assist the web designer in increasing their productivity. The future of UX design is in implementing AI along with human creativity to lead the design game. AI provides benefits like automation, the creation of prompts, and the generation of repetitive tasks.

How is Sustainability a Factor in UI/UX Designs?

UI/UX design trends like dark mode are contributors to not only human health but to environmental health as well. The low energy consumption in dark mode is a great factor contributing to the environment.

Can AI Generate the Best UI/UX Design? Can AI Replace Web Designers?

Yes, AI can generate some of the best UI/UX design tasks with correct prompts from humans. AI surely automates tasks, but it cannot fully replace designers. It will assist designers in creating impeccable images and performing tasks.

What is The Future of Design In 2024?

With the upsurge in AI-powered tools, advanced technologies like generative AI, AR/VR/XR, or AI-powered VUIs are indeed making their place in the trending designs for 2024. Moreover, UX UI trends like minimalism or sustainable designs will be more popular as environmentally friendly designs.

What Are The UX Trends In 2024?

Some UX trends of 2024 that will make some noise might be accessibility, personalization, micro-interactions, and animations. Other noteworthy trends will be cross-platform designs that render platform independence for designs.

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