18 Top UI/UX Design Trends to Look For in 2023

Discover the latest UI/UX design trends for 2023 and enhance the user experience of your app or website. Simplify challenges and stand out!
18 Top UI-UX Design Trends to Look

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    Another year and we are back with a new set of UI/UX design trends.

    Last couple of years, the world went under a major change due to the pandemic. Developers also came up with brilliant designs that grabbed many eyeballs.

    Having an updated user interface makes your application or website stand out. Every new update is directed to simplify the challenges and enhance the user experience of a visitor.

    Even if we talk statically, a human only has an attention span of 7 seconds. That means developers have to work smarter to engage people into sticking with their design for a longer period.

    Thus, following the latest new UI/UX design trends will help meet your goals.

    18 Top UI/UX Design Trends to Look For in 2023

    Let’s dive straight into it:

    1. Glassmorphism

      UI/UX Design - Glassmorphism

      The Glassmorphism trend is back in town and was recently relaunched by Apple’s macOS Big Sur in 2020. It became popular with its use in iOS 7 or Windows Vista to interpret a sheer glass effect on the screen. The design is made through various translucent layers, which adds debt and makes the elements shine.

      While building a Glassmorphism design, the developers must ensure the right colour combination which does not fade out on the screen. If we compare it to the last time, Glassmorphism was in trend, in the late ’90s. It has now seemed to evolve with better design elements and a great colour palette to complement the look.

    2. Isometric

      UI/UX Design - Isometric
      Isometric designs are becoming extremely popular as they provide a premium texture even with the simplest elements. This design trend is made, keeping a 3-D view in mind but on a two-dimensional plane. So, a visitor sees a photorealistic object at an angle.

      Brands mostly use isometric designs to build logos, icons, maps, infographics, typography and many other elements. Incorporating isometric design is much more creative than a flat surface. It lets visitors visualise the story and keep them hooked. You can use these design elements on the platform to convey information that requires them to see the tiniest details.

    3. Neumorphism

      UI/UX Design - Neumorphism
      Neumorphism UI design was also very popular last year, and you will surely find its mention in many similar contents. It is an extension of skeuomorphism, where developers tried mimicking real-world elements into their platform. However, in Neumorphism, the developers try to add dimension and depth to majorly buttons and icons.

      These elements look pretty sleek and modern with a tint of realistic features. If not used properly, it can be a mess that compromises user experience and makes navigation hard. Thus, it’s crucial to adopt the right colour palette and typography that complements the design not overshadow it.

    4. Dark theme

      UI/UX Design - Dark mode

      Source: NFT Marketplae Application in Dark Mode

      With most of us spending our time either on mobile phones or laptops, having a dark theme is a need of the hour. We can confidently place this design trend as a necessity rather than just another creative element. Integrating a dark mode helps viewers many ways, such as:

      • Safeguarding our eyes from harmful blue rays emitted by the screen.
      • It consumes less power than any other design trend.
      • Due to its flexibility, it can be turned on and off as and when you require.
      • Dark mode makes reading preferable at night without stressing much on the eye.
    5. Passwordless theme

      UI/UX Design - Passwordless theme
      We all hate typing passwords, and sometimes remembering it becomes quite a headache. Here, you don’t have to add credentials while logging in to your account; as it is now replaced by a fingerprint sensor and face or voice recognition.

      Isn’t this a convenient option for almost everyone?

      Most applications have already integrated a passwordless theme. Nevertheless, if you face any issue while logging in to your account, there is always an option to attach a backup email or mobile number to get an OTP for authentication.

    6. 3-D design

      UI/UX Design - 3D design
      3-D design trends were launched years ago but still haven’t gone out of fashion. It is primarily used in minor elements like buttons or icons with a solid background to compliment the design. Incorporating a three-dimensional structure makes the interface stand out and give a much realistic view of the web page.

      But, the problem with 3-D designs still stands as it was years ago. The complexity of such elements makes the loading process slower which in no case is good for a website or application.

    7. Micro-interactions

      UI/UX Design trend - Micro interactions

      Source: Dribble: Micro-interactions

      As the name suggests, micro-interactions are a response to the user when they interact with an element. It is conveyed through a colour change or with minimalistic animation. These UI design trends often go unnoticed, but they play a major role while building an interface.

      Micro-interactions are triggered when you scroll, download, receive notifications (remember the bell ringing, that’s an interaction), swiping, social shares, and the list is infinite. These interactions inform the visitor that the task is generated and the results will load soon. Without this, most of us will be confused about whether the app is even working or not.

    8. Illustrated animations

      The use of animation in applications or web pages can never go wrong. Whether it’s 2-d, 3-d or traditional, motion or custom, you will find the use of animation almost everywhere. These free-form animated designs build a comforting relationship with the visitor.

      Furthermore, adding animations to illustrations is becoming a lot more common on digital platforms. It’s like adding life to characters. These instantly capture the user’s attention and give the brand its personality. These animated illustrations are either made using a contrasting colour palette or following a single colour-design trend. If used properly, there is no way these design trends will let you down.

    9. Artificial intelligence

      UI/UX Design - Artificial Intelligence
      AI plays an integral role while establishing your digital platform. The future speaks of artificial intelligence, and if you aren’t listening to it now, there are chances of your brand being pushed away by your competitors. If we talk about basics, artificial intelligence is made to mimic the human brain that is faster and more accurate.

      Currently, artificial intelligence is focused on offering a personalised interaction like the one with Google’s G-suite app, where you can send automated replies to regular emails. This helps maximise efficiency and cut out irrelevant information.

    10. Augmented Reality

      Since the last decade, we have seen developers creating technology that’s totally out of the box, and augmented reality is one of them. This design trend promotes the use of realistic 3-D visuals in the real world.

      Many apps use augmented reality, and one of them is IKEA. It is a furniture store available both online and offline. So, if you want to purchase something, you can easily select an item of your choice and then scan the space where your item would be placed.

      The application will measure the chosen spot and refer to furniture that would complement the space. It also allows users to place the furniture on the surface using augmented reality. You can refer to the above video to have a look at what we are talking about here.

    11. Voice Control

      UI/UX Design - voice control
      Having a voice control feature is not a luxury anymore. Statically, more than half of the total smartphone users are engaging in voice searches. Many digital platforms now come with a voice-controlled function to allow more people to interact with their applications.

      Voice User Interface (VUI) is made by coordinating several artificial intelligence technologies like name, entity recognition, automatic speech recognition and speech synthesis. Integrating a voice control search gives users a lot of flexibility and is much faster than typing. We are expecting that many more applications will have a voice control feature this year.

    12. Air gesture Control

      UI/UX Design - Air Gesture control

      If you think touch screens are a big thing, then think BIGGER.

      We are now talking of air gesture control which uses the movement of your hand to act. Air gesture control is gaining control in different industries, including mobile phones, automobiles, healthcare, and manufacturing.

      Big companies like Samsung have integrated air gesture control into their devices, claiming to be much easier and faster than touch. However, the response turned out to be a little different.

      Most users didn’t find it faster or feasible; they complained that the control is much slower than touch. But this is not the end, right?

      We are waiting to see some significant development here in the next few years and that might change people’s opinions.

    13. Inbuilt Chatbot

      UI/UX Design - chat bot
      Most applications now have a chatbot feature to help users with information that mimics human interaction. By the end of 2021, 80% of companies would use one or the other chatbot systems and direct their manpower into projects that require their efforts.

      Integrating such advanced technology helps minimise unnecessary investment in manpower. Not only brands are willing to opt for a chatbot model, but people are also comfortable chatting like this.

      Users get instant responses, making it easier to move forward than waiting to connect to a person that would give them a similar answer. Opting for a chatbot is a win-win situation for both sides, and we think you should try it for your application or website as well.

    14. Asymmetric Design

      UI/UX Design - Asymmetrical design
      Asymmetric designs are the best way to turn eyeballs; these UI trends were all over the internet last year. Here, developers have to think outside the traditional grid method and push themselves to draw unbalanced proportions with optimum uniqueness.

      You can use multiple rows and columns of different sizes that are messy to give out a bold look. Developers can also optimise their spaces to create a design pattern that builds a focal point on the interface.

    15. Storytelling

      Storytelling is an art that ten folds when combined with correct typography, animated illustrations, bold colours, and transitions. Storytelling is an excellent option to build a strong brand image that conveys your business goals and values. It keeps the user hooked for a good time and makes them feel like part of the story.

      Many developers are opting for storytelling to build empathy and bring emotions towards the brand. Storytelling is often part of the branding process, and experts feel its necessity in this competitive era.

    16. Advanced Personalisation

      Personalisation is more of a necessity than just a UI design trend. Statistically, 91% of consumers want to shop from a brand that provides personalised offers and recommendations. Thus, having a technology that interprets user data gives them an interface that offers content specially curated according to their needs.

      Most brands now take personalisation seriously and try to be as personal as possible. One such prominent example would be Netflix; the platform closely looks at users’ activity and presents show recommendations that match their tastes.

    17. Realistic Design

      A design trend that would never go out of fashion will definitely include realism. People are bored seeing similar cartoonist faces and interacting more with designs that give them a real feel. While building up a digital platform, ensure that you use visuals that feel real to the eye.

      Flat designs are history now; you cannot just use random photos and wish visitors to like them. You can thoroughly research your target audience to understand what designs they want to see in your application.

    18. Right Colour Palette

      UI/UX Design - Right colour palette

      Source: Dribble: Online Grocery Store Application color palette

      Colours play a major role in sculpting brand values and persuading consumers to purchase a product. In a study conducted on “Impact of colour in marketing”, it was found that 90% of people make a perception about a product based on its colour. This is all part of colour psychology.

      Using the right colour triggers emotions in our brain, which is essential for brands to create an emotional bond. Ask your developers to play with a splash of colours that create a magical video.

    Wrapping up.

    These were the 18 latest UI trends that will surely rock in 2023.

    It’s not feasible to use all of them, but you can surely pick out those tastes that match your brand requirement. Also Do take a look at Latest mobile app development trends in 2023, to know more about the trends in mobile application development.

    It’s best that you take help from a professional or Hire Android developers, Hire iOS Developer and Hire UI/UX designers from SolGuruz, who will help you in designing and building appealing, intuitive, and easy to navigate websites and mobile applications.

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