How to Choose the Right UI/UX Design Partner

Finding a partner is difficult, whether it is for life or design. This guide is all about the benefits, the traits, and the tips for looking for a great UI/UX design partner.

By Lokesh Dudhat

Last updated on: January 12, 2024

UIUX Design Partner agency - Decoding the Process

“ A good UX is good business.” 

How? Let’s see…

Taking you back to the black and white screen when computers with separate CPU boxes were present. The only graphic was in the name of the Mario game. Other online portals were verbose and were a combination of two colors – either green & white or black & white. The era of 80s and 90s. Nostalgia!

Coming back to Netflix, Uber, Candycrush, or Call of Duty. High performance, higher graphics, and user experience ah!!!

It won’t be an exaggeration if “addictive” is used to describe the experience. Any app you pick today, even the most basic one, will surprise you with its stunning UI and help you navigate your way through.

Some applications are so brilliantly packed with UI that you won’t need any text for instructions, like different gaming apps like Subway Surfer or CandyCrush. When you work with a UI/UX design partner, it takes no time to convert those website visitors into actual customers. Capgemini has found in a survey that 80% of users are prepared to pay more for improved user experiences. In a report by Statista, it was found that the app subscription revenue has grown to 13.5% and will grow more by 2025. Increasing revenue shows that more and more people are satisfied with the experience and interface and are willing to pay for continual service. That is the magic of a perfect UI/UX design company.  

Why does the business need a UI/UX Design partner?

One thing that stands out for good websites is the user experience.

Amazon, Netflix, or any big name conquer the market by catering to visitors with an excellent user experience. User experience and user interface have a significant role in turning visitors into actual customers. This question particularly bothers companies when large budgets are involved. The idea of having to cover the cost of an entire team may sting. However, it has its benefits.

If it’s a one-time project, one designer might be sufficient, and you might hire them on a contract basis. But, if you frequently require design assistance for complex jobs, working with a UI/UX partner is the ideal option. Then, the speed will be impacted, and an individual designer will need a significant amount of time. In contrast, a UI/UX design agency might deploy a dedicated team to the project if need be.

It calls for UI/UX design and development services that can deliver projects on time, under budget, and with strategic business knowledge. Forbes mentioned a well-designed user interface could boost a website’s conversion rate by 200%, and a better user experience could increase it to 400%.

A UI/UX design partner will offer you experience, efficiency, and engagement. Accountability is another benefit that UI/UX design services company can offer. Engaging with a UI/UX design partner offers numerous benefits of its own. To begin with, you get to collaborate with an experienced design team and acquire collective expertise. Strategic advice from skilled people who have years of experience working on different projects is another benefit that more experienced designers are able to offer. Additionally, UI/UX design agencies have expertise working with clients in a variety of sectors and industries to provide solutions.

Benefits of UI/UX Design Partner

  • Better Accessibility

    With mobile surfing becoming more and more popular, bandwidth-optimized websites need to reach a substantial portion of the market. Today’s internet users vary in terms of age, lifestyle, level of IT expertise, and devices and browsers they utilize. Because of this, companies must embrace responsive design, which functions across all device kinds and user types.

    By working with a UI/UX design studio, you can ensure that your website fulfills user needs and offers perfect browsing experiences. By increasing client engagement and satisfaction it eventually leads to financial success.

  • Faster time to Market

    The faster your product is ready, the quicker it will reach the target audience. Seasoned UI/UX design services company reduces the time to design and offers you more time to take your product amidst the audience and gain valuable feedback. The wise choice is to implement UI/UX design and development services to fast-track the project, with customers evaluating the ideas.

  • Expertise

    It is no news that experts are masters in their fields and pros in work. The expertise is reflected in all the areas. When you work with a UI/UX design agency, an entire team dedicately works on the projects with varied expertise to ensure the best outcomes for the project and deliver creative designs.

  • Brand Recognition

    Marketing is making a brand through a story.

    To stand out from the competition and leave a lasting impression on customers, you must have an intuitive interface that communicates your company’s vision. The UI/UX plays a vital role in establishing a brand. The colors used, the gradients, the logo, and many other things shape a brand identity.

    Creating a solid brand identity is essential, even if your product or service is unique. When looking for a web designer for hire, keep in mind their mindset aligns with your project.

  • Time-saving

    Design is more than a quick work that needs to be completed. Designers translate this labor-intensive, experience-based method onto the canvas and assist you in realizing your ideas.

    If you want your product on schedule and save some time, it is beneficial to hire mobile app designers who are creative and cautious of the clock.

    The reason is that they have talented and knowledgeable designers on staff who have handled projects just like yours in the past. They are, therefore, a perfect fit for your product design project because they are already aware of the most recent developments in your industry and its trends.

     The UI/UX designer must be observant enough to keep a check on the clock and wallet.
    Furthermore, a UI/UX design agency may offer you a full range of UI/UX design and development services, including web/app design, re-design, product design, creating design systems,  wireframing, prototyping, and UX research.

Hire UIUX Designers to transform the look of your mobile and web app

Essential Traits of UI/UX Design Partner to Look For

  • Creativity and a Keen Eye for Details

    A prerequisite for any UI/UX designer is a creative mindset. As a client, your top priorities should be innovation and authenticity while looking for the ideal UI/UX design partner for your design projects, as they will contribute original and creative ideas.

    Hire web designers who are creative thinkers and offer original design ideas to set your project apart from the competition and draw in users. They are the experts in design who understand the mathematical principles underlying every element of a design, including typography, color schemes, spacing, and more.

    Therefore, you may receive from them a design solution that precisely aligns with your product concept, the product industry, and the intended consumer base.

    Ultimately, you do want your ideal UI/UX design agency to deliver you a visually polished interface that is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

  • Great Communication Skills

    Communication is essential. Thus, it’s critical to evaluate a partner’s professional tone and communication style when seeking a digital product design partner. It will guarantee that you have a trustworthy ally in design that you can rely on.

    In order to keep the other party respected and valued in the industry, professional communication and demeanor are essential. When we use the term “professional attitude” in this context, we mean having a positive outlook on hearing what other associates have to say, considering that, expressing your viewpoint, and then reaching a consensus without undermining anyone’s moral principles.

    Professionalism is all about working together to find a solution that works for everyone. Clients should always come first, after all. Therefore, when choosing your perfect design partner, search for companies that prioritize their clients.

  • Previous Work Experience

    “Actions speak louder than words.”

    Previous experience demonstrates the types of projects accomplished. Different projects need different expertise; for instance, a podcast mobile app solutions project will require equal contributions from a seasoned UI UX designer along with an open-minded developer who can develop the app. On the contrary, a language translator app would need an able developer with a hint of UI/UX design for the appealing visuals.

    It provides a sense of what the UI/UX design partner has experience with, as well as its skill set and methodology. The work speaks for itself, giving you, as a client, a glimpse of what you can get.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect UI/UX Design Partner

  1. Preparing and Evaluating Project Needs and Requirements

    Work on your end – One thing you need to prepare is a list of – “What things do you want?”

    Another is to assess the UI/UX design partner through their previous works, their approach, their understanding of the task, and how well they comprehend your needs and accordingly suggest some changes or advancements.

    Then, make a list of design firms that fit your criteria.

    Choose a design firm that has experience similar to your needs or who has worked on similar projects before, as they might know the things in and out and how to avoid obvious problems.

    Don’t spoon-feed. Challenge them – Once you have gauged the design firm and their abilities, challenge them to their creative limits. This will render a creative solution.

    Therefore, you must first be clear on your end and produce a primary demand document that includes the following before contacting any UI/UX design agencies:

    • Objectives of your design project;
    • Target industry and audience;
    • Scope of the project;
    • Special skills required;
    • Available and required materials;
    • References – those you like and want your design to look like;
    • Dos and Don’ts – if any;
    • Timeline and budget.

    So, these criteria will help you narrow down your list of UI/UX design agencies to target.

  2. Looking at Client Reviews

    After the portfolio, what you want to know is the story from their client’s side. You can do this by checking out their written and audio/video testimonials. To be more sure and convinced about this part, it’s advisable to check for their video testimonials, which will help you determine the genuine experience they have gotten during the collaboration.

  3. Understanding of design tasks

    Good designers are clear with clients’ business goals, and clarity breeds excellent designs.

    When you come across great designs, often we underrate the UI UX designer’s clarity of the business objectives. While looking for an app designer for hire, assess their understanding of your business goals to align the final design with your vision.

    Additionally, instead of merely treating the meeting as an interview, if the UI/UX design partner is organizing their ideas to offer quick fixes or try to turn it into a two-way dialogue, then stick to them.

  4. Design Tools and Latest Trends

    Even if there are a ton of functional design tools on the market and a variety of UI/UX design techniques used by professionals in the field, you should be aware of the tools used in the design and market to stay ahead in the game.

    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Adobe Cloud, Figma, Sketch, Invision Studio, Zeplin, and many more are among the widely used design tools. Agile, Lean, DesignOps, Minimalist, and many more design techniques are widely used to create user interfaces and user experiences.

    Knowledge of tools will help you in assessing your UI/UX design partner, their approach, and their working style. This will assist you in choosing an effective UI/UX design partner who will provide best-in-class design solutions before the deadline.

    Tools are the means by which you create memorable user experiences, and the latest UI/UX  trends in UI/UX design are the latest shifts in the design community that are all the rage. 3D designs, custom digital illustrations, and the use of AI were some of the trends that were successful in 2023 and are likely to be a success in 2024. Along with these, different color gradients will rule the market again. Metaverse and AI are a few of the UI UX trends in 2024 that will make a significant impact.

How can SolGuruz be a UI/UX Design Partner in your Business?

Research by Forrester found that every $1 invested in the UX will turn out to be a $100 return. Many of our clients have experienced the same. SolGuruz believes in providing value for the investment.

As a client-focused design firm, we take great satisfaction in offering user-centric design solutions that enable our clients to dominate their respective markets and optimize return on investment.

To guarantee that the design is perfect and smooth, we pay close attention to detail and adhere to the most important current market trends. SolGuruz prioritizes on-time delivery while placing the highest importance on the needs of its clients.

SolGuruz - UIUX Design Agency


Why has Facebook surpassed Orkut? Why Instagram is at the top of the charts in social media platforms? There are “n” number of examples where you have seen that better UI/UX is the future. Needless to say, these are the businesses making good money. These businesses don’t operate UI/UX on their own. They have a UI/UX design partner to make them shine and enhance customer experience(CX).

Opt for a UI UX design agency that has a proven record with designs and produces high-quality outputs. SolGuruz has a proven track record, and we take pride in delivering some of the best UI UX designs, which are applauded by many. We have a user-centric approach that revolves around your needs. Combining creativity with tech is our forte to create the best of CX.


What is UI/UX Design?

The process of organizing a user’s interaction with a product is called user experience design. Making these digital and physical products and services accessible, rational, and enjoyable to use is the aim of user experience design or UX design. User Interface (UI) design is the user-focused method used to create a digital product’s visual appearance to make it visually appealing. Expert UI/UX designers design the user interface (UI) of a website or application. The application’s graphical layout is called an interface. Hire a UI/UX designer from a UI/UX design studio to gain expert advice & resolve your design problems.

How do you Become a UI/UX Designer?

There are two options to become a UI/UX designer: either you can become a self-taught designer using tools and resources, or you can find a mentor who can teach you the skills. Eventually, you can be a freelance designer or join any UI/UX design services company to gain experience.

What are the Different UX/UI Services Offered by UX/UI Partners?

The different UI UX design services are mobile app design, responsive web design, product design, UI/UX design audit, Web/App re-design, wireframes, prototyping, multiplatform designs, and consultancy.

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Written by

Lokesh Dudhat

Lokesh is a Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at SolGuruz, a senior technical consultant with over 10 years of experience in exploring the horizon of the software development industry. He has worked closely with startups and enterprises, mentoring them in engineering their tech solutions. With a hands-on experience of 10+ years as a developer, he has delivered solutions using a wide range of technologies such as iOS, Android, Angular, Node, RTC, React, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Python, and many more. At SolGuruz, we believe in delivering a combination of technology and management. Our commitment to quality engineering is unwavering, and we never want to waste your time or ours. So when you work with us, you can rest assured that we will deliver on our promises, no matter what.


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