9 Reasons For Outsourcing Flutter App Development In 2024

Discover the benefits and key considerations for outsourcing Flutter app development. Get the best results for your app by outsourcing today.

By Paresh Mayani

Last updated on: January 1, 2024

9 Reasons For Outsourcing Flutter App Development

Flutter, a popular mobile app development framework, has gained significant traction since its launch in 2017. 42% of software developers are using Flutter. It’s because of Flutter’s ability to create high-performance, cross-platform applications. Yet, only some businesses have the expertise or resources to develop a top-notch flutter app on their own. This is where outsourcing flutter app development comes in.

With this blog, we’ll help you understand the benefits, factors, and best practices of outsourcing flutter app development. This will result in a successful collaboration with an outstanding team.

So, let’s get started!

Flutter For Apps: An Overview

Flutter is an open-source mobile app SDK developed by Google. Developers can use it to create attractive and high-performance apps for Android and iOS platforms.

It uses the Dart programming language, also developed by Google. It offers features like hot-reload, customizable widgets, and pre-built material design widgets.

One of the standout features of Flutter is its capability to create mobile, desktop, and web apps using one codebase. With this advantage, developers can create an application that works across various platforms. Ultimately, it results in less development time and cost.

5 Reasons Why Flutter Is Best For App Development

5 Reasons Why Flutter Is Best For App Development

  1. Cross-Platform Development

    Flutter allows developers to build mobile applications for both Android and iOS platforms. With this capability, developers can develop mobile applications without separate development processes.

    Flutter is one of the cross-platform development frameworks that helps save developers time and effort.  The result? Faster development and reduced costs.

  2. User Interface

    Flutter boasts a wide range of customizable widgets and motion APIs. They empower developers to create exceptional and responsive user interfaces. These widgets provide a sleek and seamless user experience that feels intuitive on both Android and iOS platforms.

    The widgets are pre-designed. Developers can change them according to the app’s requirements.

  3. Hot Reload For Streamlined Communication

    Flutter’s hot reload is among its most valuable features, as it allows developers to view any modifications they make to their code. Hot reload is a feature that helps streamline communication between developers and designers.

    Hot reload helps flutter developers:

    • Apply changes
    • Fix bugs
    • Creating UIs
    • Add features

    With hot reload, designers can visualize changes and provide feedback in real-time. They have the ability to change the code to reflect the changes.

  4. Personalization

    Flutter enables developers to create personalized and unique applications. The framework comes with an extensive range of tools. Developers create customizable widgets, animations, and transitions tailored to specific requirements using tools.

    Flutter makes it easy to build eye-pleasing and engaging apps. It does so while maintaining the brand identity.

  5. Community Support

    Flutter has a vast community of developers and enthusiasts. This provides a wealth of resources, support, and learning opportunities.

    The community shares:

    • Tips
    • Tutorials
    • Best practices

    Flutter app developers enjoy community tips to enhance app engagement.

9 Reasons For Outsourcing Flutter App Development in 2024

Reasons For Outsourcing Flutter App Development

  1. Access To A Pool Of Experienced And Professional Flutter App Developers

    Developing an application from scratch requires a lot of time, money, and effort. You don’t want to waste any of these resources if you don’t have to.

    Instead of hiring an in-house team or recruiting freelancers for each new project, you can hire a flutter development company. This option provides access to a pool of experienced and skilled developers. These developers can take care of any task no matter how complex it may seem at first glance.

    Developers skilled in Flutter can leverage its potential to develop top-notch mobile applications. Outsourcing to third-party developers also helps companies enjoy diverse talent present worldwide.

  2. Cost-Effectiveness Compared To Hiring In-House Developers

    Opting for outsourcing Flutter app development is a cost-effective alternative to hiring in-house developers. Outsourcing to a third-party means that businesses can avoid the cost of:

    • Hiring developers
    • Training developers
    • Retaining developers
    • Renting a space

    When projects are not in full swing, there are no salaries to be paid, and no resources are left sitting idle waiting for projects to start up again (or not).

    Outsourcing providers offer competitive rates and have teams of developers who work together. It helps reduce the general cost of development.

  3. Focus On Core Business Operations While Leaving App Development To The Flutter Experts

    Outsourcing Flutter app development allows companies to focus on their core business operations. By leaving the development of their apps to the experts, companies can save time.

    You can focus on your core business operations, like:

    • Product development
    • Marketing
    • Customer support

    This allows businesses to focus on what they do best — whether that’s providing services or creating products. All this while letting experts handle everything else.

  4. Ability To Scale Development Resources As Needed

    When launching a new product or service, time is everything! Waiting for your internal team to build everything from the ground up before launching your product into the market is not an option.

    Outsourcing Flutter app development allows companies to scale development resources as needed. Companies can work with a third-party service provider with a small or a large team. This depends on their project requirements.

    You can scale up or down the development resources as needed. There’s no concern about the expenses of recruiting and training in-house developers.

  5. Quicker Time-To-Market For App Releases

    Third-party service providers have streamlined app development processes. It helps them get apps to market at a fast speed. They have a team of expert flutter app developers.

    More experience = More efficiency = Quicker app development

    Hiring local resources may result in longer development times than anticipated. They might need training to become proficient with Flutter development tools like Xcode or Android Studio.

    By outsourcing, you can speed up the progress of your project. There’s less possibility of delays due to inexperience or miscommunication between team members. This will lead to quick time-to-market. Flutter is ideal for faster MVP development and then creating the final product. Releasing mobile apps faster than competitors gives a competitive edge.

  6. Access To The Latest Technologies And Development Methodologies

    Flutter is still a new technology (launched in 2017) and it is constantly evolving with time. This means that you will have access to newer versions of this framework as they become available. Developers enjoy developing Flutter apps using Google’s Dart programming language. With this approach, they have access to:

    • Latest tools
    • Libraries
    • Frameworks
    • Ahead-of-time compilations

    All this contributes to the development of high-quality Flutter apps.

    Flutter service providers often invest in training their developers in the latest technologies. It means they can offer advanced app development services beyond in-house developers’ capabilities.

    Outsourcing service providers also keep themselves up to speed with latest industry trends. They can tell their clients about the best technologies and methodologies to use.

    Take Your Business to the Next Level with Flutter App Development Services

  7. Improved App Quality Through The Expertise Of Dedicated Developers

    Outsourcing Flutter app development gives companies access to expert dedicated developers.

    When you get developers familiar with flutter with its capabilities and limitations:

    • They can create high-quality, eye-appealing, and performant mobile applications.
    • They can avoid roadblocks and challenges due to framework limitations by anticipating them.

    Outsourcing also allows developers to focus on app development only. It can result in improved quality compared to in-house developers. They might need to divide their time among several tasks.

  8. Flexibility In Project Management And The Ability To Adapt To Changing Requirements

    You may have an idea for an app. But, before you can build it, you will need a lot of things like user research, design mockups, and complex code that is hard to write yourself.

    An experienced team can create high-quality code with minimal oversight from your side. Experienced developers within the team can help you execute these tasks and so that you can launch your app sooner than expected.

    If there are changes in scope or requirements, developers who work on the project full time can adjust their workload. Companies can respond to changing business needs, and adjust their development strategy.

    You can enjoy flexibility, which is ideal for growth or changing business demands.

  9. Ability To Handle Projects And Divide Resources With Efficiency

    The days of a single developer working on a single application are long gone. Today, if you want to create a successful mobile app, it’s better when outsourcing flutter app development to a team of professionals who can:

    • Work together.
    • Help each other finish their tasks faster.
    • Work efficiently and better than any individual would be able to do.

    Outsourcing Flutter app development allows companies to handle many projects side by side. Third-party service providers can divide resources. This ensures that each project completes on time and within budget.

Outsourcing Flutter App Development Vs. In-house Development

Here’s a comparison between outsourcing flutter app development and having an in-house team.

Criteria Outsourcing Flutter App Development In-House Developers
Cost Outsourcing can be cost-effective due to fixed costs and no overheads. In-house developers are more expensive due to higher salaries, benefits, and overhead costs.
Expertise Outsourcing offers talent with diverse expertise, especially in emerging technologies. In-house developers may not have diverse expertise. They might need training in new technologies.
Time Outsourcing can provide faster development times. External teams have dedicated resources and experience. In-house teams may have other projects, leading to slower development times.
Scalability Outsourcing allows for easy scalability as external teams can ramp up or down. In-house teams may need more capacity and need new hires for large projects.
Quality Assurance Outsourcing can provide a higher level of quality assurance. External teams specialize in QA. In-house teams may have different levels of QA expertise or resources.
Risk Management. Outsourcing reduces risk as there is no responsibility for management. In-house development involves managing risks such as employee turnover and missed deadlines.
Flexibility Outsourcing allows for a flexible team and budget adjustments In-house teams may not be as flexible, leading to higher overhead and staffing costs.

Best Examples Of Apps Built Using Flutter

Best Examples Of Apps Built Using Flutter

Here are some examples of apps built using Flutter

  1. Alibaba– World’s largest Flutter e-commerce site with a responsive interface.
  2. Google Pay – A mobile payment app built using Flutter. It allows users to make purchases, send and receive money, and store digital payment cards.
  3. BMW – A car rental and sharing app built using Flutter. It enables users to locate and rent BMW vehicles from various locations.
  4. Spotify – A popular music streaming app built using Flutter. It provides a smooth and interactive user experience for discovering and playing music.
  5. Reflectly – A mindfulness and journaling app built using Flutter. It helps users manage stress and promote mental wellness. It does so through daily reflection and meditation exercises.

SolGuruz: Your Flutter App Development Outsourcing Partner

 Accelerate Your Business Growth by handing over your Flutter App Development to a Professional Flutter App development Agency

SolGuruz is your reliable and trustworthy Flutter app development outsourcing partner. We customize services to meet each business’s distinct requirements. Our team takes a client-first approach. This makes us understand their business goals, target audience, and expectations.

Here’s a detailed breakdown of the services SolGuruz can provide for flutter app development:

  • Custom Flutter App Development Services: SolGuruz can develop custom Flutter applications that are tailored to your business needs and requirements, with features such as real-time data sync, APIs integration, and custom widgets to provide an engaging user experience.
  • Cross-Platform Development Services: SolGuruz can develop cross-platform applications using Flutter that are compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, enabling you to reach a larger audience with a single codebase.
  • Hire Flutter Developers: SolGuruz offers flexible hiring models for skilled Flutter developers with expertise in building high-quality mobile applications. Their team can help you with the development process from start to finish, including project management and quality assurance.
  • Flutter UI/UX Design: SolGuruz can create visually appealing and user-friendly UI/UX design for your Flutter application, with features such as custom animations, intuitive navigation, and responsive layouts to provide an exceptional user experience.
  • Flutter for Web Development: SolGuruz can help you leverage the benefits of Flutter for web development, creating visually stunning and high-performance web applications with features such as fast load times, smooth animations, and responsive design.
  • Native Platform to Flutter Migration: SolGuruz can migrate your existing mobile application from native platforms such as Android or iOS to Flutter, helping you to take advantage of the benefits of Flutter’s single codebase, hot reloading, and fast development cycles.
  • Flutter App Maintenance & Support: SolGuruz provides ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure that your Flutter application is always up to date and functioning smoothly. Their team can help you with bug fixes, performance optimization, and updates to keep your application running at its best.
  • Flutter Version Upgrade: SolGuruz provides flutter version upgradation services to ensure that your Flutter application is built with the latest Flutter version. We can upgrade your app from Flutter Version 1 to the latest one.

We excel at the timely delivery of top-notch mobile applications. Our team provides innovative solutions. These ideas will take your business to the next level.

SolGuruz team builds scalable and high-performing mobile apps. With us, you will get exceptional services, timely delivery, and complete transparency.

Wrapping Up:

Outsourcing Flutter app development can bring several benefits to businesses. This includes cost savings, access to a diverse talent pool, and faster time-to-market.

Businesses can enjoy outsourcing by utilizing skilled developers’ expertise. This can streamline their app development process. Additionally, outsourcing allows businesses to focus on their core competencies.

Outsourcing Flutter app development boosts competitiveness in the digital age for businesses


How much does it cost to develop a Flutter app?

The cost of creating a Flutter app can range from $25,000 to $2,00,000 or more. This depends on the app’s complexity and the developers’ experience. Factors such as the design, platform integration, and testing also affect the cost. An experienced team can provide a clear project scope and budget estimate. This will avoid unexpected expenses and delays.

Which is the best flutter app development company in the USA?

As a premier custom software solutions provider, SolGuruz is renowned as one of the leading Flutter app development enterprises in the USA. Having accumulated several years of experience in developing top-of-the-line mobile applications, SolGuruz boasts an accomplished team of Flutter app developers, rendering them an ideal partner for businesses seeking such services.

How to find good Flutter app developers at a reasonable price?

Focus on seeking out developers with a proven track record and a portfolio of their work. You may also want to leverage your network and ask for referrals. Or, you could collaborate with a specialized and professional app development firm. Such companies boast a team of experienced developers and designers who can collaborate with you to create a top-tier app at a reasonable cost.

How can Flutter app development be beneficial for business growth?

Flutter app development can be beneficial for business growth. It allows businesses to build high-quality mobile applications fast and on a budget. Flutter’s hot reload feature enables faster development and iteration. This results in a quicker time-to-market. Flutter’s flexibility allows developers to create cross-platform apps. These apps work both on iOS and Android devices.

How can I get the best companies for Flutter app development?

The initial step is to compile a roster of firms that specialize in Flutter app development. You can leverage online search engines and recommendations to identify such companies. It is advisable to focus on enterprises with a robust portfolio of work. Subsequently, assess the credentials and expertise of the shortlisted companies. By reviewing them, you can assess whether they fit your business needs. Request a quote or a proposal from each company, and compare the costs, services, and timelines.

Is it better to outsource app development?

For many enterprises, outsourcing their app development requirements could be a superior alternative. It offers them the opportunity to tap into a vast pool of talent, cut down on expenses, and enhance operational effectiveness. So, businesses can concentrate on their core proficiencies, while leaving the technical aspects of app development in the hands of experts.

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