Maximize ROI: Understand Dev Shop and Choose the Right One

The blog talks about the basics of a dev shop and types of dev shop. There are various factors to keep in mind while choosing a dev shop for your next project, which are discussed in this blog. Understand the benefits and choose wisely.

By Satendra Bhadoria

Last updated on: January 12, 2024

Maximize ROI - Understand Dev Shop and Choose the Right One

The software development market has been increasing in recent years.Despite the temporary challenge of COVID-19, the market recovered on its growth trajectory. Conglomerates like Adobe boost this traction by allocating 2.5 billion USD for software products.  In a report by Statista, it was found that the application development market is set to achieve steady growth of 7.04% annually by 2028 – the best time to invest in this market and multiply your business revenue.

One aspect of maximizing ROI is increasing the revenue with the least effort made and using technology. But use your money wisely. Michael Siebel(CEO of YCombinator) rightly said, “A higher development cost will not be necessary to ensure higher development speed. The cost is a variable factor.” Inputting loads of money neither ensures quality nor speed. Dev Shops stand their ground with faster deliverables, quality outcomes, and efficiency.  So, when you are planning to double your ROI, considering web development agencies is an intelligent choice.

What is a Dev Shop?

Dev shop is another name for a development shop, or you can say software development shop or web development shop. The dev shop provides services ranging from development to updating apps and websites or even integration into the present system.

Why Dev Shop?

Simple reason – “Speed.”

A simple reason clients reach out to dev shops is their delivery speed. When working with small dev shops, you are guaranteed efficiency, delivery speed, and eventually reduced cost.

The biggies also promise better efficiency and quality products, but the delivery time is competitive, and dev shops win the race when time and cost are considered. Prominent software development companies have a formal system. Only after getting approval from the superior things are processed. This time keeps getting added and eventually causes a time delay in the project. This impacts the delivery speed, time, and, of course, the cost. The longer the time, the higher the cost.

Services typically offered by dev shops

  • Dedicated SaaS development services,
  • MVP development for startups,
  • e-commerce and marketplace development,
  • UX/UI product design and system architecture design,
  • Web development,
  • Mobile development,
  • Cloud development and DevOps,
  • Project management,
  • Other bespoke software development services.
  • Custom WordPress development service

How does it work?

Often referred to as “dev shops,” software development shops are multi-service software development companies. Websites, web-based apps, and native apps are the three alternatives. The development could be built on top of pre-existing components or from scratch.

Teams of specialists in software engineering, software design, product management, and other domains that are critical to having in a team to achieve your objectives for software product development are employed by developer shops.

They have a vast clientele from every industry sector, which enables them to adapt to your specific requirements and deliver the most incredible products.

Types of Dev Shop

  • Full-Service Dev Shop

    A dev shop offering complete services from scratch is a full-service dev shop. The end-to-end service starts from the planning or ideation phase to deployment or maintenance. A significant benefit is giving a holistic approach to the projects with all the phases developing in one place.

  • Specialized Dev Shop

    As the name suggests, these types offer specialized services in specific domains or industries. The deep expertise helps in bringing tailored solutions, and targeted focus helps in increased efficiency. For instance, you can hire Flutter app developers with dev shops offering Flutter expertise and get a brilliant app.

  • Onshore vs. Offshore Dev Shop

    This type of web development company is categorized on a location basis.

    Onshore Dev Shops are your local shops either in the same country or the same city. One benefit is you can meet in person with the people and discuss the needs and planning of the project. This ensures that trust builds up and that collective brainstorming positively impacts the project.

    Offshore Dev Shops are the dev shops or app development agency located outside your country, may be out of your region. They are dispersed around the globe, generally on different continents. When you decide to hire offshore developers, it offers a vast pool of talent to hire from and multiple other benefits. Hiring offshore software development also cuts the cost. A prime factor in reducing the cost is location. Regions like North America(U.S.) have higher development costs compared to Asia or Southeast Asian Developers.

Benefits of a Dev Shop

  1. Cost-Efficiency and Budgetary Considerations

    You can hire web developers who are knowledgeable and skilled to finish projects in a matter of days rather than months by selecting dev shops. This is one of their most significant benefits since, as experts tell us, hiring a team of five freelancers can take up to six months. However, in this scenario, all participants are hired at once, regardless of how many are required.

    For instance, at SolGuruz, we can put together a team in two weeks or in a matter of days if necessary. It depends on the client’s requirements and business needs. Therefore, use the six months to construct the application so that you can get into the market more quickly and start turning a profit.

  2. Access to a Diverse Pool of Expertise

    The developers at dev shops pass through rigorous selection procedures.

    And, of course, the experience that accompanies it. When you hire experienced web developers, they know how to write effective code with their vast working experience on a wide range of projects in a wide range of industries. In order to stay competitive, they also swiftly take up new programming tools and cutting-edge technology.

    Furthermore, organizations with a lot of expertise may rapidly and effectively integrate themselves into the project, saving the customer time and effort. For instance, by establishing a round-the-clock schedule for our clients in the US and Europe and fostering direct client-developer connections, SolGuruz managed to reduce the project cost by 20%.

    Additionally, dev shop employees are exposed to a wide range of industry verticals and project kinds. Thus, you can relax knowing that a talented pool of developers is working on your project. Their success is directly proportional to their skills.

  3. Accelerated Development Timelines

    One smart move to accelerate the timeline is to hire web developers from a dev shop. Project deadlines are frequently shortened when a specialized team leads the way because of their exceptional experience.

    Additionally, a software development shop brings in improved procedures and approaches, doing away with the trial and error that could cause internal teams to lag. Furthermore, internal resources can be diverted to essential business operations through software development outsourcing, increasing overall productivity.

    This leads to the best possible use of resources in terms of both personnel and money, as well as a smooth development process that advances the company while reducing costs and optimizing results.

  4. Flexibility and Scalability

    The developers working on the project are talented and flexible. They have varied project experience and work on different teams. Scaling becomes more accessible with dev shops. They create effective software solutions that are planned with the client’s future objectives in mind. If the client decides to enhance the solution in the future as they grow, it is readily achievable.

Working with a Dev Shop May Include These Technologies

There are different technologies used in designing, developing, and other phases of a software development cycle. A mix of programming languages and frameworks are used to complete the task. The different technologies used by web development company are front-end, back-end, Mobile App Development, AI/ML, and Cloud.


The client side of the software development phase comes under front-end tech. Frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue are utilized in a variety of applications, along with languages like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

  1. Angular

    It is a typescript framework that is open-source and backed by Google to change the world of development. It works on the MVC architecture(Model-View-Controller) that helps facilitate web-based applications. If you want to build impressive single-page applications, then avail the angular app development services from the dev shops.

  2. ReactJS

    The most sought-after framework and the winner of the most popular frontend frameworks used by developers. This meta community-backed framework is also open source and a Javascript-based framework. This technology supports the web and mobile development. Hiring React developers who are skilled in web and mobile app development can give your project a boost.


The frontend solutions’ technology and those utilized to produce the server page differ significantly. The most often utilized languages for these kinds of tasks are C#, Python, and Java.

  • Django

    It is a free, open-source framework that facilitates the rapid, low-code construction of back-end applications. It is a Python-based web development framework that is among the more traditional ones out there. Several built-in functionalities are available for developers owing to its “batteries-included” approach. Efficient database interactions are enabled by the ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) architecture of the framework.

  • Ruby on Rails

    Ruby on Rails, also referred to as Rails, is a server-side framework for web applications. Convention takes precedence over configuration, shortening the development cycle.

    This method streamlines the procedure, facilitating the quick construction of applications. Rails is praised for its rapid development capabilities and ease of use. It incorporates RESTful application design, encouraging web architectural best practices.

  • Node.js

    Another excellent framework for developing high-performance web applications is Nodejs. It can be used as a frontend or even as a backend framework. It has a “single-threaded event loop” architecture that enables handling multiple clients at the same time. It is often preferred in developing applications like chatbots where multiple client handling is required.

    One of the services offered by dev shops is Nodejs development services, which can be implemented in developing streaming apps like Netflix. With more and more streaming apps, real-time apps, and IoT applications carving niches in the market, the future belongs to Nodejs.

Mobile App Development

  • Flutter

    Flutter is an open-source UI toolkit designed by Google. It is used in developing native apps. Known for facilitating swift development and crafting expressive user interfaces, it utilizes the Dart programming language to offer an elastic and user-friendly structure.

    This makes Flutter easily comprehensible and accessible to developers. The one codebase method, which enables simultaneous development for the iOS and Android platforms, is its most noteworthy feature. If you are looking to develop a stunning native app in Flutter, it is a good idea to hire Flutter app developers who have expertise in native app development.

  • React Native

    Meta community’s React Native makes it easier to create native apps with React and JavaScript. Its significant live reloading feature dramatically accelerates the development cycle.

    The component-based architecture of this framework encourages code reuse between Android and iOS, increasing developer efficiency. React Native is a popular choice for software development frameworks due to its robust community support and comprehensive library of pre-built components. Dev shops offer React native app development services if you want to develop a high-performance, cross-platform native mobile application.


Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML) have drastically upturned the different aspects of software development. Natural language processing (NLP) helps in understanding human language, interpreting and responding in a human-like manner.

The analysis of your choices through ML and giving recommendations based on your choices make it more personalized. AI helps generate the code, assisting software developers with multiple solutions for a single problem. Automation and optimization are the biggest advantages of implementing AI/ML.


The various cloud computing structures, such as IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, are used in diverse ways by dev shops—the application of infrastructure for virtual computing to support projects (IaaS) using platforms for application development, design, and deployment, as well as providing PaaS to support future scaling. Finally, Software as a service (SaaS) includes various project management tools, CRMs, and other tools.  Executing programs without servers to distribute and manage resources with ease. These are the various ways that cloud computing is being used in development shops.

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What is the Cost of Hiring Developers from the Dev Shop?

You might argue why “this or that” format is quoting low and why dev shops are quoting a high price.There are several factors included while preparing the cost of any project.

Factors like developers’ per-hour time, UI/UX design, QA testing and maintenance, and many more factors. When you hire web developers from an app development agency, they are accountable for the website or web application they develop. While discussing, you can ask about the maintenance after the completion of the project. Some dev shops offer the facility of post-maintenance as well.

For instance, you can always argue about the low cost charged by freelancers. But you can’t keep any freelancer accountable for anything in your website or web application, for that matter.  Some other factors are type of application, complexity level, app size, functionalities, and location, and all these factors have a significant impact on the development cost of any project.

A comparative chart is shown, taking into account the “type of app/software,” just to give you an idea of how the cost varies.

Type of Software Description Range in $
Simple App Basic web application development and design 5000-15000 USD
Complex/ Professional App Multiple pages with intuitive designs. Features like payment gateway, cart selection 15000-50000 USD
Enterprise App (Highly customized) Complete website or internal networking systems for large corporations >50,000 USD

The above chart is an approximate range of how the type of apps can impact the overall cost of the project. The final cost is always based on the project needs and client requirements—a detailed conversation about what can be done in the planning phase of your project.

Why are Dev Shops Costly?

The next obvious question.

You must comprehend the business strategy and operational procedures of dev shops to understand why the cost is higher. Regardless of the project availability, they employ developers full-time. Dev shops must, therefore, raise their fees for projects in order to make up for the losses they suffer during downtime or when they don’t have any active projects to work on. This ensures not only the security but also the quality. A secure developer is more efficient than an insecure one, and this indirectly affects the project quality.

How do You Choose the Right Dev Shop to Maximize ROI?

  1. Background check

    Once you narrow down the prospective partners, the next obvious step is to complete their background check. The ground check includes looking up their portfolio and checking the reviews on trusted sites like Clutch, Bark, and others.

    One good tip while researching for the company is to contact and talk to previous clients to get an idea about their work. Another one is cross-checking the previous works, like websites or apps they have worked on, and analyzing how close it is to your expectations.

    At SolGuruz, we take pride in our clients speaking for us. We encourage this way of getting feedback, so rather than being satisfied with the site’s brief and to-the-point reviews, we get you connected individually with our clients (with their consent) to talk about our work and the outcomes.

    Verify any relevant experience. Seeking a company that has previously created an implementation strategy for someone else makes sense if you need assistance with something similar.

    You would then be aware of their area of expertise, efficacy, and strength. You could get in touch with them and schedule a consultation if you are pleased with the portfolio.

  2. Asking questions

    Many non-technical founders may find hiring a web development company intimidating because asking questions and looking incompetent is one of their primary fears.

    Well, as they said, it is good to ask questions. From a founder’s point of view, if you are investing much of your time, energy, and money, it is good to get a clear understanding of anything and everything that is involved in the process.

    Understanding the tech stack and architecture your product will be built with from the beginning is essential to running a successful business. You can engage a temporary technical consultant to assist you in making tech decisions if you need help comprehending the technical language.

    You must discuss this with the outsourcing provider; schedule several meetings in advance.

    Jumbled About Which is the Best Dev Shop for Custom Web Development Services

  3. Previous Work Experience

    Check a web development shop’s client list and project portfolio to see what areas of expertise they specialize in. These will highlight their advantages and efficacy and enable you to determine whether their body of work aligns with your requirements.

    IT firms typically publish their finished projects on their websites, along with details about the problems they solved and how they solved them. This will assist you in assessing the usability and usefulness of their projects and determining whether the web development shop agency can meet your needs. Additionally, you will learn about the company’s background in a specific field.

    You can judge a dev shop by the people who work there. As a result, you should also find out about the developers’ prior employment history and level of skill before hiring them for your project. Check if their understanding of web app development and design development technology, in particular, aligns with the specifications of your project.For instance, if you are looking for online web app development, by looking at the portfolios or case studies done by the company, you can gauge the expertise of the dev shops.

  4. Cost Comparison

    “Quality needs time and money.”

    High-quality web development services are expensive. Years are spent by developers perfecting their talents so that they can make websites that are visually appealing, work efficiently, and turn visitors into customers.

    Dealing with a development shop that offers low prices will almost always result in you having to spend more for a different team to make the necessary corrections. You usually get what you pay for, so if you want a fantastic website, be ready to set aside a respectable amount of money.

    Another cost-saving tip is comparing the price and the quality. There are many dev shops that complete tons of projects with no particular quality standards at a low cost. Then, you pay for debugging, quality testing, and maintenance. It is wise to ask the dev shop in the background check round for the quality standards.

  5. Updated Knowledge of the Latest Trends

    Not only is your website a marketing tool, but it’s also an excellent tool that can help turn visitors into prospective customers (primarily if you work in e-commerce).

    To do this, you must confirm that the development business you are considering is in trend with the newest developments in web design, internet marketing, and programming. This demonstrates that creating apps involves more than just coding and structures—it also involves client journeys and marketing.

    Suppose you want your new website to be designed around current systems. In that case, it is highly encouraging that the web development business you have chosen can incorporate all third-party systems into it.

  6. Communication and Organizational Skills

    Communication plays a significant role and hence a mention in the list. Communication that is straightforward and transparent is essential when working on a project. How a web app development company treats its clients speaks a lot for them. A competent software development shop will behave more like a cooperative team than one that you are in charge of.

    A good web app development agency will attempt to assist at every level of the development project without requiring instructions from you.

    Being a good listener is again a must-have in the dev shop you are looking for. The process of developing software can be made simple by understanding the client’s requirements and paying close attention to details.

    Pay attention to, comprehend, and evaluate your company’s objectives before making recommendations and offering solutions to create a visually appealing and valuable website.

    It is also crucial that they are capable of handling any problems that may arise because you will probably run across problems along the route. A professional web development shop should also be able to communicate openly with your team regarding the project’s status and any issues or roadblocks they encounter during the process.

How can SolGuruz Assist in Ensuring the Success of Your App?

SolGuruz is a marketplace that assists owners of small and medium-sized tech companies in hiring developers from development firms. To get started, simply reach out to us and outline your idea. You will receive the profiles of developers who may be hiring in the near future in a few hours. We maintain a large pool of skilled developers. Our agile development approach is something we boast of and take pride in.

We believe in delivering fast with quality.

We use cutting-edge technologies to give your project an outstanding feel and ease your software development journey.

Start your Seamless Software Development Journey Today!


The amount of attention to detail, expertise, and money used in its development separates an excellent website from a bad one. For this reason, in choosing to create a website, always err on the side of caution and collaborate with a seasoned and respectable web development firm (also known as a “dev shop”) that employs the right individuals with the required training and experience.

Once more, you always get what you pay for with such companies. You make the most of your money when you work with the correct company.SolGuruz boasts ample experience in working on many projects in various industry verticals. By aligning the right project details with the right software development company you can ensure success.


1. What are the Benefits of Hiring a Developer from a Dev Shop?

There are multiple benefits of hiring from a dev shop, like cost-effectiveness, faster delivery, faster time to market your product, and many others.

2. How do I Choose From Onshore or Offshore?

This depends on your budget, type of project, whether you want to meet and discuss in person or not, and the collaboration you require. Both have their own benefits.

3. What are the Services Offered by a Dev Shop?

The various services offered by a dev shop are web development, webflow development services, cloud development, and mobile development, and plenty of other services. You can consult the dev shop for detailed information on what type of services they offer and which one is suitable for your project.

As a Co-Founder and COO at SolGuruz, Satendra is a thought leader who brings extensive experience in product management to the table. With a proven track record of working closely with startups and enterprises, Satendra is dedicated to helping businesses achieve their goals by developing and implementing effective product strategies. At SolGuruz, we believe in delivering a combination of technology and management. Our commitment to quality engineering is unwavering, and we never want to waste your time or ours. So when you work with us, you can rest assured that we will deliver on our promises, no matter what.


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