Top 16 Buy Now Pay Later Apps to Look Out for in 2024

The rise in consumerism has given positive traction to BNPL Apps. Explore the top buy now pay later apps globally if you are planning to get a BNPL app.

By Paresh Mayani

Last updated on: June 7, 2024

Top Buy Now Pay Later BNPL Apps in the world

“Imagine this is month end, and Nike Air has launched your fave sneakers.” The month-end reminded you of the account balance. Swipe to checkout; you can not pay in one go. No problem. BNPL app facilitated your desire, and in three days, you are flaunting the latest Air within your friend circle.

In this blog, we are going to take you through the length and breadth of the globe to list the top 16 players in the BNPL market. Biggest BNPL companies are redefining the rules of shopping and reshaping the fintech market. Let us unravel the secrets of BNPL apps and the nuances.

In a survey by Statista, the global BNPL transactions are estimated to grow to $450 billion by 2026. These stats are proof that BNPL transactions are going to be the future of the fintech market. Let us look at the top buy now pay later apps in different regions.

Top Buy Now Pay Later Apps in the USA

Here are the top picks from the USA. The BNPL transactions have significantly grown in America, giving rise to BNPL app development, and in competition, many BNPL apps have gained traction. Let us look at the most popular ones –

  1. Affirm

    Affirm - Buy now, pay over time

    When searching for top BNPL apps in the USA, Affirm is among the top apps in the USA in 2024. The most significant advantage of Affirm over others is that the BNPL platform has no fees. No means no fees at all. Not even for late payments. The interest rate is 0-10% and 36%. All these features make it more popular among the people. It is widely available. Suitable for large purchases, this BNPL software is among the biggest BNPL companies. It has partnerships with big names like Amazon, Walmart and Target.

  2. Uplift

    Uplift - Buy Now, Pay Later App

    The next on the list is Uplift. You are a traveller and upset that no BNPL app is meant for you. Uplift gives an airlift to your wandering dreams. Customers are never assessed fees by Uplift, including late fees and prepayment penalties. Nonetheless, you can pay interest ranging from 0% to 36% based on your credit history and the item you purchased. Uplift does not impose interest on top of interest when it comes to its loans; instead, it charges plain interest.

  3. Sezzle

    Sezzle - Buy Now, Pay Later App

    Enables clients to make purchases without worrying about paying excessive interest rates by dividing their purchases into four interest-free installments.

    It has an easy-to-use application process that makes it quick and easy for users to sign up and begin utilizing the service. During the application procedure, basic details like name, address, and birthdate must be provided.

    It does not carry out the conventional credit check. Thus, users with less-than-ideal credit are nevertheless able to access the platform. Rather, Sezzle determines a customer’s eligibility by a proprietary algorithm of its own. Customers find it simple to make their installment payments on time because of its automated payment system. The client doesn’t have to bother about manually making payments because they are automatically taken out of their account.

  4. Splitit

    Splitit - Buy Now, Pay Later App

    With Splitit, users may use their current credit card to divide purchases into interest-free monthly installments.

    It enables users to make payments with their current credit cards without obtaining a new credit line or credit check. It provides interest-free payment options, which makes it a more affordable option than credit cards with regular interest rates. Flexible payment plans allow customers to choose how many installments best fit their budget. There are different options to pay, like pay now, pay in three, pay in six, and pay in nine monthly installments.

    It is a helpful choice for both users and merchants because it is simple to include in online checkout processes. It is great for larger purchases.

    Splitit’s ability to let users pay using their current credit cards is one of its strongest advantages. Customers no longer need to apply for a new credit line or have their credit checked; due to this, it caters to a large consumer base.

Special mention: PayPal’s “Pay in 4” and “Klarna” are among the growing choices for BNPL apps in the USA. They are ranked among the “top BNPL apps in the USA.”

Top Buy Now Pay Later Apps in the European Region

We saw how the BNPL craze has impacted North America and especially the USA region. Here let us see the buy now pay later market in the European region.

  1. Klarna

    Klarna Shop now Pay later App

    One of the safest and quickly expanding BNPL payment alternatives is Klarna. Success has been paved with Klarna. It is one of the leading BNPL apps globally. The top BNPL solution presently dominates the market for payment apps. Users of both iOS and Android favor it. With its features like minimal $4.99 monthly fees and no interest fee, it is becoming popular day by day.

    Klarna has gained popularity and has become the top-rated app globally. Due to this, many investors are now ready to build a BNPL app like Klarna. With so many features and by adding a few more features, anyone can build their own BNPL app like Klarna. The easy way is to consult a BNPL app development company about developing your desired BNPL app.

  2. Zilch

    Zilch - Pay your way

    In the words of their CEO, Zilch makes a difference by making customers their merchants. It has two payment options: either you can pay in 6+ installments or pay in 1. When you opt for the “Pay in 1” option, you get 2% cashback in rewards. Another option is to spread your payment into six interest-free installments. Zilch offers flexible repayment options. Zilch has their own proprietary scoring system to assess creditworthiness. It is planning to expand and make its presence in the USA.

Top Buy Now Pay Later Apps in the Middle Eastern Region

The Middle Eastern region includes the Middle East and parts of Africa, especially Northern Africa, and it is called the MENA. Here are some of the well-known pay later platforms in the region.

  1. Tamara

    Tamara BNPL App - Shop & Split in 4

    A rapidly growing name in the Middle Eastern and North African region(MENA).  Interest-free buy now pay later apps for bills like Tamara and Tabby are the top BNPL platforms in the MENA region. It is available with a late fee payment of AED 25. It is available in Kuwait, KSA, and UAE. Tamara is Sharia-compliant.

    It has two or four interest-free installment payment options. Partnered with Diesel, THAT Concept Store, IKEA, and Farfetch-like retailers to boost the buy now pay later market.

  2. Tabby

    Tabby - Shop now Pay later App

    Tabby is a fintech service in Dubai that offers payment flexibility. You can pay in four easy, interest-free installments. When you are unable to pay the installments at a time, a late fee is charged to the customer. There is a late fee of Dhs 15. But the flexibility of payment and partnerships with big names like IKEA, Amazon, or Samsung, you name it, makes it a popular BNPL platform in the UAE region.

Top Buy Now Pay Later Apps in Australia and New Zealand

With such competition in the market, the list of buy now pay later companies is not short. The best one offering features to customers leads the global buy now pay later market. Here are a few BNPL apps from the Oceania region.

  1. Afterpay

    Afterpay - Buy now Pay later App

    It is one of the top BNPL apps in Australia. Globally this BNPL platform is topping the charts. It offers four interest-free installments to the customers. This implies that clients won’t be charged extra interest for spreading out the payment of their purchase over time. The Afterpay app gives clients a prompt decision on approval during the checkout procedure. Customers may easily and swiftly finish their purchases and don’t have to worry about forgetting their payment deadlines with an automated payment scheduler.

    A provision of late fees for payments that are not made on time which may promote responsible service use. The quick approval process is one of Afterpay’s top advantages. Customers may have to wait days or weeks to hear whether they are authorized for credit with alternative lending options – retailers like Old Navy, GAP, and Nordstrom partner with Afterpay.


    Laybuy - BNPL App

    Receive your purchase and spread the cost over six weeks’ payment” philosophy. LayBUY is booming not only in New Zealand but also in countries like Australia and the UK. You can associate brands like Nike, Amazon, and eBay with Laybuy. It is also associated with travel booking sites like

    Its Klarna-like features to track spending and discover purchases make it close to Klarna. But the “game-changer app”  has a different payment structure than Klarna. It has a built-in shop directory, i.e., the retailers’ site will open within the Laybuy app. On the checkout page, the details will come automatically with payment through Laybuy.

Top Buy Now Pay Later Apps in the Latin American Region

The Latin American region comprises countries with Latin culture, like Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, etc. The rise of BNPL apps globally has opened more avenues for BNPL app development. The Latin American countries are also a part of this BNPL trend. This section talks about a few BNPL apps in the Latin American region.

  1. Addi

    Addi Shop - Buy now Pay later app in Bogota

    Technology startup Addi works to advance and facilitate digital trade in Latin America. Addi intends to make it simple, quick, transparent, and easy for you to purchase what you want when you want by offering BNPL. The difference here is that with Addi, you can pay in three equal installments at no interest. The tech company only needs your ID and WhatsApp; it doesn’t charge interest or any other fees. The company is valued at  $700 billion and is growing in the Latin American region.

    A good thing about Addi is it reminds you about the payment. Another great thing is you can pay in advance whenever you can. It gives you total control over your payment and purchase, making the whole process a whole lot easier.

  2. NELO

    Nelo - BNPL App in Mexico

    Former leaders of Uber’s foreign expansion team created the firm Nelo. Early in 2021, it started providing BNPL services to Mexico. It has raised $20 million to assist it in moving closer to its eventual objective of expanding throughout Latin America. The Mexico City-based startup has already gone online with more than 100 shops, including Ben & Frank and Steve Madden. Customers can make purchases from retailers, including Amazon, Mercado Libre, Telcel, Netflix, and Spotify, by using the Nelo app.

Top Buy Now Pay Later  Apps in the African Region

The African region holds the potential to be a greater economy with its vast market. The fintech market in Africa is tapping into the resources and getting some positive results. The BNPL app development market is growing speedily, making Africa a great place for fintech investment.  Some BNPL Apps in the region

  1. CredPal

    CredPal - Buy Now Pay Later BNPL app in Nigeria

    It is from a Nigerian fintech company, but the features make it a globally well-known BNPL platform.

    It is a BNPL app with features like payment, savings, budget, soft loans, virtual cards, and much more. CredPal can be used to streamline payment processes and enable speedy transactions. A significant way CredPal stands out from the rest of the competition is a credit score builder, i.e., using the virtual CredPal card, you can build your credit score. This is available for both online and offline purchases.

    Another stand-out feature is it has four types of savings options with which you can save your money.

    When we talk about the payment methods, it offers two payment options: pay in 30 days or spread the payment over two to six months. If you opt to pay in 30 days, then a 0% interest rate is applicable on all eligible payments. The BNPL app ensures convenience along with user benefits like discounts, cashback, and rewards.

  2. Motito

    Motito PayLater App in Ghana

    The app offers small businesses interest-free credit options.

    Motito is a business that specializes in offering substitute financing options. Peer-to-peer finance, buy now, pay later (BNPL) credit, and a self-financing option that locks in rates are just a few of the services the company provides. These services are mostly intended for people who want to finance the acquisition of necessary assets.

Top Buy Now Pay Later Apps in the Asian Region

Asia has a great workforce that shapes the market and opens new opportunities for growth. The fintech market is getting traction in this region. Listed here are a few BNPL Apps from India

  1. Simpl

    Simpl - Shop Now Pay Later App in India

    A stunning thing about BNPL platforms is that they provide a one-click credit facility, which eases affordability. This is the case with the Simpl BNPL app. It connects you with 26,000+ brands, and the goods are just one tap away.

    Additionally, Simpl has a 15-day cycle and allows you to transact with many merchants. It has a default spending restriction at first. Still, one of the best things about the Simpl app is that it updates its restriction on a regular basis based on a few variables. These include your spending patterns, profile strength, and frequency of repayment. The most crucial element is paying bills consistently and on schedule. The limit will gradually rise if you pay your bills on time.

  2. LazyPay

    LazyPay - Loan App and Pay Later in India

    Credit in 90 seconds.” As attractive as it sounds, when you get the credit, it becomes more exciting. There are no hidden fees or charges for payments made on time. The installment options are available in three, six, nine, and twelve months. Other than BNPL services, they provide instant loans of up to 1 Lakh INR for larger purchases. Indeed, you can get lazy in your pay now option and opt for multiple pay later options. Regular payments of installments positively impact your credit score. While developing such a BNPL app, there are some key features that you should keep in mind.

How to Choose the Best Buy Now, Pay Later App

Now that we have seen, there are so many BNPL apps in the market, even in different regions. But how do we know which are among the best pay later apps?

Here are a few pointers to help you make the decision – 

Partnership – Generally, there is a partnership between the BNPL companies and retailers. Choose the one that has a partnership with most of the retailers. Another tip is to opt for a BNPL card company that has a partnership with your regular stores.

Credit score check – While applying for a BNPL card you might be thinking whether or not it will affect my credit score? Worry not! For buy now pay later no credit check is required. 

Choosing the most accepted – It is wise to choose the one that is most widely accepted on multiple stores or brands. It saves you from the hassle of applying for other BNPL cards while saving on money and time. 

Know about the credit limit, fees and Interest rates – Mostly the credit limit varies from company to company. If you are clear why you are taking the BNPL card then knowing the credit limit helps your shopping experience. 

Fees is another point to keep in mind while opting to buy now pay later options.Interest rates are some tricky things. Know the interest rates and how they will apply on your payments. 


When the competition is between affordability and savings, affordability wins.

Whether it is online shopping or offline shopping, you don’t mind buying products that are affordable. You either spend your money and buy things or do not spend it at all.

When you choose to buy now pay later for bill payment, you choose convenience and affordability over tradition. While deciding on a BNPL app development company, do not let convenience, security, and many other factors be an afterthought. 

Choose a company like SolGuruz, to learn about which other features can be incorporated into your BNPL app. They are experienced in developing BNPL apps and understand the market needs and your business needs. We provide customer-centric solutions that are tailor-made according to your requirements. Developing a BNPL app needs expertise in app security since it deals with sensitive details and financial details of the customers and companies. Our developers are well trained with mobile app security protocols to deliver a safe and secure BNPL app. 

A Buy Now Pay Later - BNPL App development case study


What Makes 'Buy Now Pay Later' Better Than Credit Cards?

The biggest advantage is that BNPL apps facilitate affordability for customers. BNPL apps have interest-free installments, and some even don’t charge late fees. You can divide the payable amount into equal interest-free installments, which makes the payback process more convenient than that of credit cards. For larger purchases, the instant soft loan helps, whereas, for credit cards, you need to have the purchase within the limit.

What Are the Challenges with Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL)?

There are a few challenges with BNPL, such as the lack of a recovery mechanism. Finding out the creditworthiness is also a difficult thing. That is the reason some BNPL apps like Zilch have their own credit scoring system.

What is the Purpose of Pay-Later Applications such as Simpl and LazyPay?

LazyPay and Simpl are very popular BNPL platforms with which you can buy now pay later anywhere. They enable easy credit and instant loans without any hassle.

Why Should All Individuals Try the Buy Now and Pay Later Apps?

These options are hassle-free. Some apps offer instant loans and credit facilities. Some buy now pay later apps can positively increase your credit score. Some of the biggest BNPL companies are investing in this trend which encourages convenience.

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