Why Should You Have A Mobile App For Your Real Estate Business?

Here, you will find the reasons for the need to have a mobile app for real estate business, which will bring more customers. Read to know more.

By Satendra Bhadoria

Last updated on: June 6, 2024

Why Should You Have A Mobile App For Your Real Estate Business

Can you remember the first time you started using a mobile phone? Do you remember it having internet access? And what was the purpose of using a mobile phone? People used to operate mobile phones in earlier times for contacting people.

Nowadays, they use it for various functions, available through technologically advanced applications. In the real estate business world, the launch of mobile apps has increased a lot of user traffic. Since it has become so easy to search for a property, using real estate apps has given a comfort zone to the customers.

Customers are now happy and content that they can do everything related to property search sitting at their homes.

How Mobile Apps Changed Real Estate Business

As we have seen, mobile apps have changed everyone thoroughly in our day-to-day life. This even includes the real estate industry. Launching mobile apps has increased the real estate business and has taken it to another level. This includes higher customer traffic as well. The apps bring a lot of customers. Not only do these apps increase customer reach, but they also boost client-brand relationships.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, or a tenant, these apps are the perfect marketplace for everyone together. These apps are the best place to bring everyone together and make it even more convenient for real estate businesses to flourish.

Mobile apps help us in many ways. But imagine how easy it is if you get to search a property by simply sitting at your home. You will get to see all the property details by sitting in your comfort zone. And not only that, you will get to choose and select your property from a wide range of properties available.

Mobile apps have changed our lives, and the real estate industry is no longer minor. They have made it convenient for users to another level. The apps ask you basic questions and, based on that, they give comprehensive search results. You can compare the properties and then choose according to your demand.

What’s with searching properties?

What about buying a house? Those were the days when you used to run after a broker to get your dream house. Remember how difficult it was to track your broker and go after him in order to search a property? In addition to this, you had to pay a significant chunk of money to your broker as they showed you the properties. Nothing comes for free, after all.

The good thing is it is time to forget these old-school techniques; we all have moved so far ahead in digitalization that our wishes have turned into clicks now. Nowadays, we are so technologically advanced, and our obsession for digitalization has made us come into the world of applications.

Real Estate Mobile Apps

Real estate mobile apps

As we were discussing, we have applications for everything nowadays. From shopping groceries or clothes to ordering food, everything is app-based now. From education to shopping, everything has moved digitally. So why not businesses? Real estate businesses have globally made a name of their own after introducing mobile apps for their websites. The web-based mobile apps have really turned the story for real estate businesses. They have become so strong and have a market then so well using their apps that now there is no look back for these real estate industries.

  • Real estate is a significant player in this. With several industries like healthcare, retail, and logistics going digital, the real estate business was no less. Real estate applications came into the picture just after everyone focused on web-based solutions.
  • The need for real estate companies to go digital was when the entire generation was moving ahead with technology. In the 2000s, when the world was just changing and going digital, real estate companies also felt the urge to move digitally.

How it all started

The first real estate app was launched back in 2001 in New York. Slowly after that, there was no look back for the real estate businesses. The need and the success developed within a few years, and there were more competitive applications in the market.

  • When all businesses were going digital real estate that contributes half of the economy had to go digital and launch their apps. The applications have also contributed to the growth of the global economy.
  • Although the downloads are free at times, they charge a very minimum cost for downloading and using their applications.

Why Mobile apps for real estate business

Back in 2000, when people were transforming technologically and also becoming technologically independent, real estate companies knew this was the best time to come out with their applications.

Need for mobile apps

Real Estate Businesses started understanding the need for launching an app based on their business. They started launching mobile and web-based applications. Real estate companies were offline earlier; they hired brokers based on locations. The companies had tie-ups or acquisitions with buildings and housing complexes. The hired brokers were given some of the buildings under the to-do list, and they had to show those properties to their customers and manage the business from there.

Once someone opts to search any properties, they have to contact the real estate companies on the customer’s part. After they contacted the companies, they would have assigned a broker, and after some time, the broker would have contacted the customer and showed him properties physically. This was the business model in which companies earlier used to function. As the world moved digitally, the need for building an application-based Real Estate Company came in.

The companies had a direct way to interact with their customers. They understood the customer’s needs through their interactive applications and then provided the best solution with the help of their search engines. This not only saved time but also increased the accuracy of the business.

The mobile apps that the companies launched were very well-versed and catered to the customer’s exact needs. Understanding what a customer needs from the mobile application was the need of the hour.

Real estate companies journey towards building mobile apps

As soon as the real estate centers understood the need for building a mobile and web-based application, they came out with a lot of planning. They started building a blueprint of their applications. What exactly do they want their customers to do when they open their app or what questions do customers need to answer in order to get the best results.

These were decided, and a blueprint of the app was created. After creating the app, they approached the software companies, which hired app developers to build several apps. The software companies charged nearly $10000-$40000 from the real estate companies to make the applications. They built web-based and mobile-based apps for real estate companies based on their requirements.

App Development Company and their role

Real Estate App Development Company

Behind every successful app, there must be a great team working behind it. This is no different in the context of real estate companies and their apps. The real estate companies appoint software companies to build their app. In return, they will pay them and their developers. The software companies generally sign a contract with the real estate industry. This contract includes the tasks of the company. These include the app that they build, the launching of the app and also the after service. Once the app is launched and the real estate business starts using it, the software company that makes the app provides them service after some months. The app, after initial deployment, may face some challenges which need to be solved by the mobile app development company and their team.

Launching of the real estate mobile app

Real Estate Mobile App Launch

As an app gets launched, companies train their real estate company employees to use the app with the help of the software company. The interactive app was built so that the real estate company could answer every customer’s needs.

The app asked basic questions like the customer’s name, background, and contact number. It also asked the customer to enter details about the type of properties that they are looking for. Whether the property is for residential or non-residential uses, whether the property is for purchase or rent purpose, the size of the property, the area in which it is located and so on.

After answering these basic questions, the customer is guided to the next page. The next page shows all the search results based on the customer’s entry. In the background, the customer details are saved in a database, and the search engine optimization customizes the choices entered by the customer and brings the results.

The search results displayed contain some of the properties that match with the entries made by the customer. After seeing all the entries, the customer chooses the best that suits him. The apps are so advanced nowadays that they show the details of the properties and show the images. The customer gets every detail of the property, starting from the price to the number of rooms and the size of the apartment. The images of the property are also available.

  • The apps also give an option of booking a site visit. This means the customer can book a visit to the property they have finalized with the help of a few clicks sitting at their comfort space.
  • Once they book a visit, they are redirected to a broker’s contact, who in return gives them further details about the property and availability.
  • The broker informs a particular time, and if it is feasible for the client, the customer can visit the property and finalize it.
  • A Real Estate mobile app has come in helping the customer go digital even while searching for a property.

The other side of the story

Real estate business app marketing

If you are on the other side of the business and own the real estate business. Then till now, you have a fair understanding of why launching an app is equally important nowadays. If your real estate business has recently started, do not forget to launch the web and mobile-based application before going public.

If your business is recent, then having a mobile application much beforehand is what is suggested. Once your app is famous and starts gaining customers, automatically, your business will rise, and you will get more traffic with your business. Every business nowadays has gone online with the help of its mobile apps. Mobile applications have helped entrepreneurs grow to the next level. In a world where technology plays a huge part, it is imperative for businesses to be technologically sound. And to add to this, it is vital for businesses to move online and market themselves.

Marketing a business is equally important as marketing the application. If you think marketing offline is all as properties need to be visited before purchase or rent as a real estate business company, then you are wrong. Before a property is booked, there are a lot of steps.

  • The selection of the property is the biggest struggle, and here your mobile app can come to the rescue.
  • Giving your customers the comfort of choosing a property from online is the biggest confidence of any real estate business.
  • Once you win the customers online with a user-friendly interface and application, you can be assured they will add up to your business and help you take it to another big level.

Real estate companies have come a long way from starting their businesses offline to launching mobile apps and creating a marketplace online for property-related searches; they have seen a lot in this market. Nowadays, there are many types of applications that cater to the high rise demand for online property search.

  • As we have seen in this article, some of the applications and their success stories have been published. In order to run a real estate business in the current time of technology and digitalization, one needs to have a mobile app. The importance and the need for having an app are all that we have discussed so far in this article.
  • Real estate businesses have grown globally. People have decided to go online with their search when it comes to property search. This need for people for digitization has helped many companies expand their brands and engage with more customers.


Seeing the need for this business, many startups have come up with launching a mobile app based on real estate business. Companies are also coming up that do not have any physical or offline existence and operate entirely online through their mobile or web-based applications. SolGuruz has a team of professional mobile developers who create intuitive software solutions that complement our clients’ visions. So, if you want a good and effective real estate mobile app, get in touch with us.

Real estate web and mobile app development case study

Real Estate App Development FAQs

How much does it cost to develop a real estate app?

Building a real estate app would cost between $10,000- $45,000 approximately. This broad scope of cost shows the involvement of the features in the app. The more features your app will have, the higher the cost of the app will increase.

How do you create a real estate app?

The real estate companies visit the app-making companies and give them their requirements from the app. The app company already has a specified team dealing with this, and they check the requisites, give a budget, and start developing the app for the company.

Which is the best real estate app development company?

Deciding the best app will depend on your expectations from the app and who is providing these in your budget.

How much does it cost to hire a developer?

The software companies mainly do the hiring process for developers. Then, client companies work with them to get access to high-quality professionals. The company hires developers at different costs. If the developer is a fresher, then he will be getting paid somewhat around $8000, and if the developer has prior experience, then the payment varies from different ranges, depending on the expertise of the developer.

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