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The 10 Best Free Music Streaming Apps for Your Phone

Here is an exclusive read to help you learn about the top 10 free music streaming apps, including their features, pricing, and other details.
The 10 Best Free Music Streaming Apps for Your Phone

The accessibility of free music has dramatically improved throughout the years. Now, with the help of a free music streaming app, you can find almost any music globally.

Music Streaming Apps like Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, etc. have revolutionized the music streaming business, making it possible to listen to millions of songs from any device, anywhere in the world. However, suppose you’re paying for a membership to one of these applications. In that case, you should know that many alternatives don’t cost a dime.

What are Music Streaming Apps?

The basic principle of a music streaming app is that a streaming service sends data to a streamer in tiny increments, allowing the user to get pre-buffered audio a few minutes or seconds before the song starts playing.

Streaming technology allows for continuous playback without downloading and storing content on the user’s device, so long as the user has a reliable internet connection. This innovation, and the streaming industry as a whole, emerged in reaction to music pirate websites of the late 1990s and early 2000s.

The 10 Best Free Music Streaming Apps for Your Phone

Number of subscribers in the music streaming apps

As of the end of the second quarter of 2021, the total number of subscribers to music streaming services throughout the globe was 523.9 million, up from slightly under 487 million at the end of the first quarter.

Did you know that of the 27% growth in music retail sales in the United States, 84% came from streaming services?

The premium subscriptions business is estimated to be worth $4.6 billion annually, with Spotify and Apple Music accounting for more than two-thirds of that figure. In addition, for the first time, over 80 million paid memberships were registered, indicating the market’s popularity and low barrier to entry.

We at SolGuruz have extensive expertise in developing music streaming apps from scratch. Our portfolio has many examples of comparable projects.

Let’s check out the top 10 best free music streaming apps for your phone.

Top 10 best free music streaming apps

  1. Spotify

    Spotify is one of the world’s most widely used music streaming applications, with millions of users. You can tune into their preferred music, albums, podcasts, and more.

    They have a vast library of songs. You can use the Spotify app to stream music for free. Still, if you want to skip the ads or save songs to listen to later, you’ll need to subscribe to one of Spotify’s paid Premium tiers.

    The free version includes advertisements and a mobile app where your music remains on shuffle indefinitely; the app’s premium version costs $9.99 or $12.99 on the App Store.

    This music streaming application can be used on Android, iOS, and web platforms.

    Why Spotify?
    One of the best parts about Spotify is that anybody can create and share their playlists, allowing their friends to listen to the same music on their own devices.

    Several push notifications may be enabled inside the app, informing you of events such as the release of a new album by an artist you’re following or updating a playlist you’re subscribed to.

    Build Popular Music Streaming App Like Spotify

  2. Pandora

    There’s a reason Pandora has so many users. One reason is that it is often considered the most incredible music streaming app. You may quickly and easily discover new music comparable to your favorite songs in this manner. You may customize the app’s music recommendations based on your listening ratings.

    Pandora offers their streaming services for free – Other options include the ad-free Plus ($5) and the Premium ($10) subscription tiers. Consequently, Premium has garnered many more customers and offers more customization options than its rivals.

    This music streaming application can be used on Android, iOS, and web platforms.

    Why Pandora?
    It’s easy to use and helps you find new music that you may like, depending on your tastes. Pandora has released several new features that aren’t half awful to compete with Apple and Spotify.

    Thumbprint Radio is a prime example; it’s a radio station tailored to your tastes based on your prior music preferences on Pandora (much like Spotify’s Discover Weekly).

  3. Tidal

    Tidal is well-liked by music lovers because it provides high-quality, almost lossless recordings; yet, the service did not previously have a free tier. However, with the release of Tidal Free, customers in the United States now have access to Tidal’s library of over 90 million songs, but at a reduced quality of 160 kbps and with fewer ads.


    The monthly fee is $9.99, or $19.99 for enhanced audio quality.


    This music streaming application can be used on Android, iOS, and web platforms.

    Why Tidal?
    Tidal, now partially owned by Jack Dorsey’s Block, has recently made some significant modifications, the most notable being the addition of a free tier, which is aptly named Tidal Free. Lossless playback is included in the basic $10 Tidal HiFi plan and the more expensive $20 Tidal HiFi Plus plan.

  4. iHeart

    Although it no longer carries the word “Radio” in its title, iHeart remains one of the most popular music streaming applications because of its ability to play a wide variety of radio stations, both nearby and online. Regarding podcasts, iHeart is just as extensive as any other music streaming service.

    iHeart provides its streaming services for free but costs $9.99 per month for its plus version.

    This music streaming application can be used on Android, iOS, and web platforms.

    Why iHeart?
    You may search for stations, browse genres including the 80s and 90s hits, alternative, Christmas, classical, rock, oldies, and more, and even listen to podcasts based on the songs you enjoy.

    In addition to using one as a regular alarm with a built-in schedule and snooze function, you can also program a personalized preset of your preferred stations. Set a sleep timer in the iHeartRadio app to automatically turn off the radio when a particular amount of time has passed.

  5. TuneIn

    Check out TuneIn’s free music app if you’re a radio fan who prefers the portability of a smartphone. Tune Regardless of where your travels take you, you should always tune in to local radio stations.

    Enter the artist’s or song’s name to get a complete list of U.S. radio stations that play only that artist or song. Pressing a button on your smartphone will allow you to listen to that radio station. TuneIn is a music streaming service that also features podcasts and live sports broadcasts.

    However, it is a free app, just like every other in the list; the Premium version is $7.99/month after a 7-day trial or $69.99/year after a 30-day trial.

    It is available on iOS and Android.

    Why TuneIn?
    TuneIn, like iHeart, focuses primarily on the radio. This music streaming app provides access to an extensive library of radio programming, from local stations to national and international discussion shows, music channels, news broadcasts, and sports coverage. There are over a hundred thousand radio stations, and your favorite will be kept in a separate section.

  6. YouTube Music

    If you want to listen to music for free, you can’t do better than YouTube. You can find videos of every band in history on YouTube. Official music videos, live performances, and even occasional local bands may be found on this site.

    In addition to all of that, you can create playlists, get suggestions, and much more. Lots of individuals listen to their favorite songs on YouTube regularly.

    The ad-supported free version has no cost to users. You may skip the ads and listen to songs without the accompanying music video with Music Premium ($9.99 per month). Even when the screen is off, the music will keep playing. In addition, there are plans designed specifically for families and students.

    This music streaming application can be used on Android, iOS, and web platforms.

    Why YouTube Music?
    YouTube Music does away with the concept of playlists in favor of well-managed radio stations that play nonstop and are often updated. Another feature that adds to its value is the capability to compile music videos from YouTube into playlists.

  7. SoundCloud

    When it comes to foreign music, SoundCloud plays a significant role since it has the most extensive library. You’ll never run out of things to listen to since people worldwide use SoundCloud to share their music and seek exposure. As you use the platform, it will become smarter and smarter, using machine learning algorithms to refine its recommendations for you.

    With a paid account and subscription, you may skip the previews, listen to the full tracks without interruption, and even listen when you’re offline.

    This music streaming application can be used on Android, iOS, and web platforms.

    Why SoundCloud?
    SoundCloud is the best place to discover new, unreleased, and user-created music. At the same time, other applications provide access to mainstream and popular music. Popular among those looking to share their home-recorded tunes or find new, unsigned talent.

  8. LiveXLive

    As the successor of LiveXLive, LiveOne is a North American service for streaming music that blends audio with (sometimes live) video.

    Listen to free music from a broad range of genres on several different stations. In that regard, it is analogous to a “green and black” Pandora box. The premium edition has more functions, although the standard one is sufficient for most uses.

    Even more so than your typical on-demand or radio station streaming service, the emphasis here is on live performances. The potential exists, but it must be developed further. We also don’t like the Google Play subscription support, and you must pay via your carrier or a credit card inside the app.

    LiveXLive is Free with ads, and the premium version costs $3.99-$9.99 per month.

    LiveOne apps work on your phone and tablet, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

    Why LiveXLive?
    You may browse a list of stations based on the genres of music you’re interested in streaming, such as alternative, hip-hop, and relax. You may personalize your radio experience by using Fine Tune Station to play more of your preferred artists and songs, as well as those currently trending and just released.

  9. Deezer

    One of the best free music applications is Deezer, which has been around for a long time. For free, you may use Deezer’s FLOW function to explore new music and create custom playlists and mixes based on your listening habits. It also allows you to create endless playlists and even mash together songs from different artists.

    Suppose you’d like access to premium features like better quality audio, offline playback, and Android Auto compatibility. However, there does seem to be some roughness in the application.

    You can use Deezer for free; the premium versions cost $9.99-$14.99 per month.

    It is available on iOS and Android.

    Why Deezer?
    Deezer is the first music streaming service to let customers upload their playlists from rival services for free. It also has a few other unique features.

  10. Jango Radio

    Regarding free music applications, Jango Radio is somewhat of an unknown. There’s music from well-known acts as well as up-and-coming musicians. In contrast to other services, this one lets independent musicians pay to have their music played. Thus the music you hear may have been paid for.

    This is how Jango generates its operational money, which enables the service to remain ad-free. On the plus side, the service is ad-free and might serve as a valuable tool for broadening one’s horizons.

    Jango Radio is a completely free music streaming app.

    This music streaming application can be used on Android, iOS, and web platforms.

    Why Jango Radio?
    We’ve said that Jango’s primary function is to provide personalized radio stations based on your previous search activity and likes. But Jango goes much further with this concept. Jango allows users to create personalized radio stations based on their musical preferences if the service’s suggested stations don’t suit their listening habits. Up to 10 artists may be added to the station here.

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These are the top music streaming applications for mobile devices right now. Your choice will depend on factors like your preferred language and cell network.

Audio streaming applications have become more popular since they allow users to listen to high-quality music without wasting valuable storage space on their mobile devices. Consult a top mobile application development company like ours to build a feature-rich music streaming app.


Can you name the most famous music streaming service?

Spotify is the world’s most popular streaming platform, with 350 million users and 150 million subscriptions.

In what ways may a music app be useful?

The primary function of a music streaming app is to play songs stored in the service’s databases, allow users to create their playlists, and provide recommendations for other songs they may like.

What variables influence music streaming?

Cost, available media, usability, societal trends, gender, and age are all examples of such variables.

How to build a music streaming app like Spotify?

To build a free music streaming app like Spotify, it is important to consult a mobile application development company like ours. We help you with ideas, an MVP, and an agile development process that helps you with the final application. For costing or features, connect with our business team.

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