SolGuruz 2023: Echoes of Evolution

Let’s take a look back at how SolGuruz evolved in 2023 – our journey to striving for excellence and towards stable growth.

By Paresh Mayani

Last updated on: April 15, 2024

SolGuruz 2023 - Echoes of Evolution

2023 was all about getting Bigger, Bolder, and Better.

A Big SolGuruz House, Bolder web design, and even better customer experience and project completion.

Looking back at the past year and feeling just like a WoW!!!

Yeah, that is how the year began with smiles, hopes, and determination.

Gazing into the future,  there are Fluttery butterflies, focused Dart goals, Reactive Actions, and an AI aspiration to achieve them.

Started the year by giving a Brutal design punch to our Website. We took an unconventional approach by prioritizing eminent visuals and simple navigation. The “Bold and Brutal” design received appreciation and enthusiasm. We are committed to pushing our boundaries and taking new leaps, ready for new commitments and new advancements for the coming years.

SolGuruz Website revamped with Brutal design

SolGuruz saw many design marvels, and a lot more will unfold in 2024.

We grew bigger by focusing on quality and stable growth. We strive to become even more prominent by creating a niche for ourselves in the years to come.

SolGuruz House – A Stable Growth Towards Success

SolGuruz realizes that the ultimate power lies in the “Team”.

SolGuruz House - Office Photos

So, providing the team with a spacious hub that is well-loaded with tech amenities was the most significant leap towards the future. The capacity exceeds 120 members, and cutting-edge technology is used to bolster the premise. This enhanced workspace gives our employees room for celebration, fun, and brainstorming. The open environment fuels efficiency and out-of-the-box thinking while motivating them with great quotes.

“SolGuruz House” is instead a “Products Studio” where we are innovating the solutions for multiple products for our clients. In keeping with our style of building “Products” for the clients, yes, we consider every project as “Products.” With that mindset, we always wanted to give our employees a better infrastructure so that they could craft the best products with industry-level standards and practices.

Tech Brilliance & Benchmarks – Adding two more B’s in the League

When we say “Engineering Quality Solutions” we mean 

  • Delivered custom software solutions to the world’s 4th largest diamond manufacturing company.
    • Our brilliance knows no boundaries; indeed, our clients got featured in Shark Tank USA and Shark Tank India.Shark Tank USA and Shark Tank India Featured startups
    • Milestone achieved – An app in the SME domain that we built using Flutter, React, and Node technologies has crossed the 1M+ downloads mark.
    • As if this was not enough, we collaborated with the world’s 3rd largest IT services company and delivered a Generative AI-powered mobile application.
    • Delivered a mobile application that is managing 100,000+ downloads to a leading newspaper in India.Jalso Gujarati Music and Podcast Application
    • As the year’s end approached, another achievement awaited us. We were excited about the Twin Win that Clutch awarded. SolGuruz was awarded the “Clutch Champion 2023” and “Clutch Global 2023”.SolGuruz Clutch Awards - Clutch Global and Clutch Champion 2023

Our engineering capabilities and deliveries speak louder than words on Code quality and performance monitoring tools like Codebeat, SonarQube, Codemagic, Lighthouse, Sentry, and not limited to these.

PageSpeed Insights

Delivering Excellence in

Various offerings in different fields are

  • Web Development Service
  • Mobile App Development Service
  • Cloud Services
  • Maintenance & Support Services

This past year, we have catered solutions to multiple businesses, but for the time to come, we are stepping into the future and “AI-fying” our solutions.

Ingenious Tech Triumphs in 2023

We established our credibility in various projects in multiple industries.

With AI leading the market space, AI projects like our AI-powered language translator app, AI-powered voice Bot, and AI-powered voice assistant apps were the talk of the town. With the threats of new diseases, the healthcare sector is on its toes, and so are we. We catered to projects like healthcare staffing applications to better equip the organization with a  systematic approach. Various projects in the  Gems and Jewellery industry kept up the name of SolGuruz, showcasing our talent and depicting our stable growth. Industry verticals were many, but our approach is and will be to grow steadily into a “better” brand in the industry.

Big “Thank You”

An honorary mention goes to the founding heroes of SolGuruz – the first 10 believers who became the architects of “SolGuruz”.

SolGuruz - First 10 believers Retrieving memories!

Your hard work paved the path for the future of SolGuruz. All the long client calls, late-night working hours, optimal coding standards and architecture practices, Pixel-perfect UI/UX design, and extra efforts are not just moments but the very essence embedded in the walls of SolGuruz. You have laid the foundation for the larger team to follow in your footsteps.

SolGuruz Team at DevFest Ahmedabad 2022 event

SolGuruz Team attending a DevFest Ahmedabad event in 2022.

What began as a bunch of people transformed into a dynamic team. Through collaborative dedication and spirit, the team kept growing, achieving more targets and

SolGuruz - Christmas Celebration 2023

And this is us in 2023.

soaring to new heights. Not just getting big, but getting bigger with expanding our capabilities and horizons. SolGuruz’s commitment to “Engineer Quality Solutions” with passion and love remains unwavering and is further strengthened by the growing team. The expertise of each team member contributes to our shared success.

Yes, We Are Growing!

While showcasing stable growth as the team grew, room for newer departments and skill sets was created. This led to the newest additions to SolGuruz as

  • Sales Department
  • Business Analysis Department
  • Marketing and Digital Marketing Department

These new additions made the process more streamlined, business propagation became more manageable, and broadcasting our ideas became better.

As we said – Bigger, Bolder, Better!

Our 6 Core Values

Our values and principles guide us. If our values drive you, then we should be together.

SolGuruz - Core Values

All Work No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy

A healthy work-life-fun balance is needed to enhance creative outcomes and nurture innovations – a fun company retreat to dull all the stress voices and sharpen the fun voices.

A 5-star rated team deserves 5-star treatment, so we took our team on a 2-day trip to a 5-star resort in Udaipur.

The Fun n Frolic Continues

All the celebrations at the office space fill the environment with more open and friendly cultural vibes.

SolGuruz Photos of Diwali celebration, Christmas celebration, Uttarayan celebration, and other celebrations, GDG Ahmedabad DevFest 2023 Tech event

Embracing the Future 2024

With the new year, we are ushering towards newer avenues and armed with the tools to make you AI-ready for the future. SolGuruz expert services in the following domains:

  • Generative AI Development – A futuristic service accommodating your business services with artificially intelligent features to respond to your clients with immediate solutions, enhancing their customer experience.
  • Prompt Engineering Services – Prompt with flair to gain AI-efficient results in your business.
  • Startup & IT Consultancy Services – Assisting the startups for better product success to sustain and lead the market.
  • Product Development Consulting Services  – We help scale you faster with the product discovery phase to the development consultancy for getting your ideas to life. While following market research, competitor analysis, and finding out unique value propositions, product architecture, product design, and product strategy, you can leverage the faster time to market your product.
  • Flutter App Development Services – For a stunning cross-platform application, no framework works better than Flutter – Experience SolGuruz’s flutter app development services to know the difference.
  • MVP Development Services – Building a viable product for the market while incorporating client needs is a necessary phase of product building. Shaking hands with professionals makes it easier.
  • App Modernization & Digital TransformationUpgrading the existing systems with the power of new tech to enhance the CX, taking organizations to a more automated environment to make them digitally robust.

Extending sincere appreciation to our partners, clients, and the fantastic SolGuruz team. Together, we have accomplished a number of noteworthy ‘firsts’ that have paved the way for an exciting future.

Innovation and SolGuruz go hand in hand!

Embracing the future with AI forging the path and using our intelligence, passion, and love to engineer quality solutions as always.

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Written by

Paresh Mayani

Paresh is a Co-Founder and CEO at SolGuruz, who has been exploring the software industry's horizon for over 15 years. With extensive experience in mobile, Web and Backend technologies, he has excelled in working closely with startups and enterprises. His expertise in understanding tech has helped businesses achieve excellence over the long run. He believes in giving back to the society, and with that he has founded a community chapter called "Google Developers Group Ahmedabad", he has organised 100+ events and have delivered 150+ tech talks across the world, he has been recognized as one of the top 10 highest reputation points holders for the Android tag on Stack Overflow. At SolGuruz, we believe in delivering a combination of technology and management. Our commitment to quality engineering is unwavering, and we never want to waste your time or ours. So when you work with us, you can rest assured that we will deliver on our promises, no matter what.


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